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“Kodachrome” by Paul Simon Listen to Paul Simon: Subscribe to Paul Simon’s Official YouTube Channel: Watch More Paul Simon Videos: Follow Paul Simon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Spotify: YouTube: #PaulSimon# Kodachrome #OfficialAudio Kodachrome Give us those beautiful bright colors Give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world is a sunny day

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Paul Simon - Kodachrome (Official Audio)
Paul Simon – Kodachrome (Official Audio)

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Paul Simon – Kodachrome (Official Audio).

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  1. Lisa Thomson says:

    I am an Australian, Paul Kelly, Paul Simon and Paul McCartney are my my male music wordsmiths, i still think think getting Kodachrome into a song was a dare from Paul S friend… thoughts?

  2. Mark Weintraub says:

    Now this record brings back memories of the year of 1973, like this:::
    Kodachrome, Nancy Stuber, Convalescent Hospital for Children, the home visits, out with Dad in the car on Saturday morning, going over to the factory and listening to the Muzak for a while, with Bill Burton and the Muzak orchestra, going to see Steve at his trailer, and also seeing Nancy Stuber, lunch at the Arrows, but not the
    drive in, because the call microphones are very loud and harsh, a chocolate milkshake, a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, cottage cheese, and strawberry shortcake, getting a new radio, which is a GE FM/AM Accent Line portable radio with Duracell batteries, a notebook and some pens, and some Road Runner and Tweety Bird comic books, that have the
    black and white kitty and the yellow bird in them, singing its heart out in its miniature willow frame cage, petting our kitty Suki,and she puts her soft little pink and white nose out to kitty kiss you, Gloria Barbaro,
    Tabby and her kittens, etc.
    -Mark Weintraub.

  3. Lisa Koumrian says:

    I adopted my first cat from shelter and was driving him home and this was on the radio (top 40) He lived 20 years. RIP Carbon! 😼

  4. Sweet Pea says:

    For some reason I like to crank this song for roadtrips/long drives. On a beautiful day!! Everyone singing!!

  5. αɴαнαтα love says:

    i remember when this song would come on the radio at the photo lab i worked at. it made me feel like i had a theme song.

  6. Eric Foster says:

    I’m 34 so I didn’t hear these songs until way later than a lot of people here in the comments. Regardless, this is my absolute favorite Paul Simon song. When I first heard it I played it over and over at least 15 times. It’s got such a good vibe that made sense to me at the time. Especially love the double time part at 2:38

  7. Bill Lumburgh says:

    as a kid, I remember this song, as well as a Stevie wonder song, being played on the radio a lot

  8. xjr1300nut says:

    This song always reminds me of my uncle Les, he was a great fan of Simon and Garfunkel and would play this every time I visited.
    He was a very clever man with a kind heart and a great taste in music, he helped me an awful lot over the years with my many super up cars and other projects, he and my Aunty certainly were my second parents, miss them lots.

  9. ILLIFIED77 says:

    My dad who just died made me listen to this all the time. I will miss him. Thank you Paul for keeping his memory alive ❤️

  10. Brian6587 says:

    Kept having this song play in my song today!. Really love the song! Don't know why. Love that first line. "When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School" "It's a wonder I can think at all".

  11. Top Dawg says:

    When ever I think of how we were raised to be stupid I think of this song. Poor world of morons still happy morons mostly

  12. Brian Peterson says:

    Amazing how music effects memory, life is too short. These days are gone forever and today has no idea how great music was back then

  13. cliffedward says:

    I'm 77and the first line of this song were never truer.
    I think of all the crap I learned in high school. History,Biology, Chemistry,French,Latin, Bookkeeping. None of these were used in my post school years.
    All you really need are the basics, reading,writing and arithmetic to get you through life.

  14. Theodore Radford says:

    I can't compete with Ralph Bishop, but my mother told me around 1976 that Paul Simon was the greatest American songwriter ever.

  15. michael murray says:

    I think Central Park was a Great Concert but I was waiting for them to break out in a slap fight any moment.There was some kind of problem between them years ago.I don't care what it was I just want to hear the Music.

  16. Kyle Toune says:

    Good ol roger hawkins. Just a few songs he played drums on this song. Old time rock and roll- Bob Seger
    Respect- Aretha Franklin
    The staples singers- Ill Take You There
    Wilson Pickett- Mustang Sally.

    What a career

  17. Walter Shumate says:

    Well okay but you got to develop it yourself. Remember when you took that last dirty roll down to photomat and they wouldn't develop it for you?

  18. Difrancis G A says:

    Todas os albuns me encanta de Paul, mas esse ritmo é tão maravilhoso!!! Coisas da juventude e é bom também levar dentro de si uma eterna juventude que é uma pessoa alegre,divertida e que sabe viver a vida como realmente teria que ser. Amo! Obrigada meu amigo por nos alegrar.⚘💃🕺❤ A vida não teria sem amor.

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