Are Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise a thing? The heiress sparked rumors after posting a TikTok hugged-up with a man who appeared to be the Top Gun: Maverick actor, but eyes can be deceiving!

The video surfaced on June 14, 2022, and depicts a man who sounds like and appears to be Cruise in a closet dressing room. As he slips on his blazer, he calls out to Hilton, “Paris, I don’t want to be late for this premiere. We gotta go.”

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The heiress emerges in a full-length embellished sparkling gown, responding, “We should always be fashionably late … it’s your night.”

The two then stood together in front of a mirror. “Do you think people are really going to believe that we’re a couple?” Hilton asks. “I think most people will believe anything,” the man responds, hugging her waist from behind.

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“Story of my life,” says Hilton.

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Though the uncanny resemblance had social media users fooled and confused, the man featured is actually Cruise impersonator Miles Fisher.

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Before finding out it was only a dupe, Twitter hilariously erupted with reactions to the possible “love connection.”

Of course, we all know that in real life, Hilton is happily married to Carter Reum—but this was a masterclass in trolling.

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