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In this video, you will learn the different types of destiny lines and what they mean. The Hindu method mainly divides them into 6 different line types, and the Western method refers to it as the opportunity line. Not like the money or wealth line as it is often misunderstood. Have your palm reading and astrological chart read / Whatsapp – +91 788 774 7656 See the full course: learn the basics of palmistry in 90 minutes! Have your palm reading and astrological chart read about Dr. Sagar Patwardhan Dr. Sagar is a trained Ayurvedic Medical Doctor (BAMS) and after practicing medicine for over a decade, he found his inner calling, which was palmistry and astrology. The first Palm reading of his that he did was more than fifteen years ago and since then he has seen the hands of more than 50,000 people and has studied more than 80,000 astrological charts. His method of combining the two sciences makes his reading more accurate, as many people have experienced over the years. His predictions are quite direct and he will deliver things as they are, without any contamination to make things better or worse than they are. In addition to this vocation, he is interested in the spiritual path and is an ardent follower of his guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the path taught by The Art of Living. Due to his hectic and busy schedule, it is now difficult for him to be personally available to all his clients, so it is best if you prepare your questions as thoroughly as possible and clear his doubts in time. have your consultation by e-mail or by phone. Through Date with Destiny, we try to share Dr.’s years of personal experience in these two sciences so that people can gain a deeper understanding of palmistry and astrology. By using them, one can learn to live in harmony with oneself and with others, gaining a deeper understanding by accepting and knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses. These two sciences are often misused and misunderstood, and one should not become dependent on this information, but simply take these indications for what they are. Film by Nikhil Kripalani Recommended books for in-depth learning of palmistry are: Manual of Palmistry by Rosa Baughan Palmistry for Pleasure by Per Hogseth Palmistry by Johnny Fincham Palmistry for All, Science of Palmistry by Devacharya Palmistry by William Benham For inquiries please contact with me on WhatsApp +91 788 774 7656 or

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Palmistry - 7 Types of FATE LINE and their Meaning
Palmistry – 7 Types of FATE LINE and their Meaning

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Palmistry – 7 Types of FATE LINE and their Meaning.

ayurvedic palm reading.

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32 thoughts on “Palmistry – 7 Types of FATE LINE and their Meaning | Summary of information about ayurvedic palm reading most complete

  1. Vicky C says:

    A fate line starting from the mount of moon indicates that the person derives his work life balance from people. Such people are good at schmoozing. Also there might be chances of public scholarships. It also describes that the person has chosen a profession based on his inner drive.

  2. Woyibla Tube(ወይብላ) says:

    What about if fate line arises from life line and goes to saturn ?pls explain it

  3. Stephanie Bishop says:

    I'm also a palm reader n ice been learning more n more I've been reading palms since I was 22 n I'm going to be 42 I just thought it was very interesting and was always in the library and I love to read so I started picking different books they had n learned on my own but as I did more research n started reading my own Palm more n learned new lines n what they represent because I only studied certain lines when I was 22 but I'm learning more and more everyday I enjoy reading palms

  4. Kanchan Jaiswal says:

    Please make a video on ,three branches from fate line ,one is going on Jupiter 2nd one is going on sun and the third on is going on Saturn.

  5. S says:

    Can you please check mine! It’s like none of the above. It starts an inch above the bracelet area and ends 1 c/m before reaching heart line. It is small. And there is a cross on my life line by then bracelet, after which the life line starts.

  6. Faheema Al Saleh says:

    Can you read my palm because I have never seen any headline mixed with a fate line, and I don't know how to read mine

  7. Down2MarsWoman says:

    Thank you. My fate line breaks up then disappears but I have very prominent mounts. You are very thorough. Love your videos

  8. leesunji leesun says:

    I have question dr. Is it required to read your left hand? I don't have fate line in left but there is fate line on my right hand

  9. Rose says:

    LOL wow mine is all broken just like you said. I'm 49 now and I have been successfully working very hard and I have been through very hard times with divorce and things in my life. So I can see that in my life.

  10. Therapy Through Cards says:

    I would love to learn palm reading. How many months or years does it take to master it? Btw, I also do readings, let me know your thoughts in one of my videos.

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