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Consider us kinky, because we just can’t get our precious little bodies out of this amazing adult store! Among the guests is a middle-aged man in a funk band who isn’t too happy about us approaching him on his walk, a young college student who has just moved to a new state to live with his boyfriend of a year, and a very insightful woman who has a lot of wisdom about dating and relationships. Recorded 04/10/22 in West Hollywood, CA. Head on over to earn money by downloading the Versus app! Go to to get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp. Go to to get free honey. Go to to get 50% off your first order and free shipping. Go to save $10 on your first purchase. Go to and use the code OUT to get a free 60-day trial. ▶ JOIN OUR PATRON for WEEKLY bonus content (includes all of our live shows!) ▶ GET PRODUCTS (T-SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS, STICKERS AND PINS) 🎵 Myles Phillips aka Me The Guy Insta/Twitter/TikTok: @metheguy_ Submit your song themes to PodcastButOutside! (Try to keep them to 40 seconds max) 🎥 Cam George Instagram: YouTube: 🖌Intro and Exit hosted by Tom Bosko ▶SEND US STUFF LIKE MILK OR SWORDS! Podcast but out PO Box 27052 Los Angeles, CA 90027 ▶ WE’RE IN ROCK’S TEETH TOO! ▶ If our appearance bothers you, you can listen to our voices only on: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Stitcher: Google Podcasts: ▶ FOLLOW THE POD! Insta: @PodcastButOutside Twitter: @PodButOutside TikTok: ▶ FOLLOW ANDREW! Insta: @andrewmichaan Twitter: @andrewmichaan TikTok: @andrewmichaan ▶ FOLLOW COLE! YouTube: @Cole Hersch Insta: @cole.hersch Twitter: @colestwitt3r TikTok: @cole.hersch ▶ New episodes every Wednesday! ▶ Old episodes every last Wednesday! 👔Inquiries:!

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Outside An Adult Store Again ;)
Outside An Adult Store Again 😉

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Outside An Adult Store Again ;).

storyworth com home.

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  1. Syetactic says:

    In the last interview they were so close to talking about polyamory. I think nonmonogamy is going to take over in the future for all the reasons they stated

  2. JGamingX1800 says:

    50:15what a gem of a quote!!! This hit hard I’m learning that same lesson now! Not falling into losing myself with whatever comes next!

  3. R M D says:

    Dude imagine the guy in that pink car just pulled over and put tge head phones on. I am new to watching this pod cast. Dude remenber the two Eray pop ups and the zoom in on the tree with the wind sound effect ahhhahah. BYe

  4. tehbeetus says:

    Love PBO, but the ads are getting worse and worse 🙁 I know they need to make money, but please don't do a split read, or do some at beginning and at end. Or even possibly make them a universal time limit so we can skip them easier on spotify

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