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※All tag activities are non-refundable once the payment is successful or in review status ※In the case, the venue is closed due to unexpected circumstances, we will process a refund for your engagement. • Please note that there is no exchange function in the Kanto area ( including Tokyo ) • Please be mindful that baggage space is sometimes limited on busy trains • On some interfering journeys ( free ) seat reservations may be required, but they are not normally needed. Consider reserving seats if traveling during national holidays, or with a large group to be seated together. green Car seats and certain extra trains such as Narita Express always require a seat reservation. note that an extra payment is required to display panel a green Car • A few Shinkansen trains have smoking carriages, and some seat may be near to separate smoke rooms. For a undertake smoke-free drive, a seat reservation is recommend Tickets for Young Children : Infants ( ages 1–5 ) and babies ( younger ) travel for exempt on JR trains except in the watch cases, when a child ticket is required : 1. When 3 or more infants attach to 1 adult or child ( an adult or Child rail crack holder can bring up to 2 infants for release ) 2. When an baby or baby occupies a reserved seat, greens Car seat or moor, etc. 3. When an baby travels alone Conditions for Use : 1. Valid alone for the person whose name appears on the happen – must be a foreign national with a non-Japanese passport¹ 2. Use the physical JR pass to pass through the automated slate gates 3. You must carry your passport at all times while using the pass, and be prepared to present it to conductors or station attendants if requested. 4. Valid for use on : Sanyo Shinkansen ( Shin-OsakaーOkayama ) and local trains ( maximal 6 redemptions for reserved seats and outright redemptions for non-reserved seats ), Kyoto Tango Railway, Chizu Express, Wakayama Electric Railway, and West JR Bus within the valid sphere – not valid on JR Group expressway buses, or certain local bus routes 5. The pass itself does n’t ensure specific seating options – to obtain a reserved-seat slate at no extra cost, deliver your pass in the valid area. Certain trains require a reserved-seat ticket. extra fares apply to travel in green Cars. An extra charge must be paid in gain to ride local trains requiring a number ticket or liner slate. 6. The pass can only be used within its validity menstruation, which can not be changed 7. The exceed can not be exchanged for early kinds of pass or ticket 8. The pass can not be reissued in the event of loss or larceny 9. Exchange Orders can only be refunded by the change of location representation from which you purchase them, and any application for a refund must be made before the start of the Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass validity menstruation. Any refund will be for the value of the crack in ache, less a 10 % handling fee 10. once you have started using the crack the validity period can not be extended, nor can any refund be given, even if trains or other fare services are suspended or delayed for any argue. The JR Group will not bear extra costs ascribable to changes in your path, such as alternative department of transportation or accommodation charges 11. In accession to these conditions, you must obey the JR Group ‘s regulations, terms and conditions, and the laws of Japan while using the evanesce 12. trespass of these conditions may result in the annulment and confiscation of the guide, angstrom well as a penalty adequate to twice the basic fares and charges for all transportation for which the pass was used 13. The official terms and conditions of the pass are written in japanese, and the text of the japanese version shall be given priority of interpretation, in the event of questions regarding transportation conditions that may arise regarding conditions that are written in other languages ¹Japanese nationals who have lived overseas for 10 years or more may use the pass under certain conditions. You can read more here : hypertext transfer protocol : // The details above are current as of May 2021 and subject to change. Please confirm the latest terms and conditions with a JR attendant.

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