( pssst. check your receipt after purchasing for a surprise ! )

⟡ Please read entire description below before buying.

ⓦⓐⓡⓝⓘⓝⓖ :
→ Extremely detailed & delicate design. Sharpen cutting blade before printing this project
→ Large intricate files take longer to load, bind, & edit in Silhouette Studio and Design Space. Let it load and BE PATIENT ♡
→ If you are having fuss weeding some of the more detail designs, try rearward weeding !
→ If you are having trouble getting your charge to load in a timely manner, please haunt to using the PNG


→ Customize your own Starbucks cup right at home plate ! This digital file will make decorating your cup easy and cheap.


→ Colours displayed in mockup images are showing potential vinyl patterns. actual files are black so you can cut on whatever material you choose !
→ All of the items in my shop are digital products and available as an clamant download. You will not receive print materials in the mail.
→ This file is pre-layered by color

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→ 1 𝘀𝘃𝗴 ( Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, Brother Scan N Cut, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Sketch, Affinity, Make The Cut, Canva, Gimp, Visio, Inkscape, etc. )
→ 1 𝗽𝗻𝗴 ( Procreate + ^ )
→ 1 𝗱𝘅𝗳 ( Silhouette Studio Basic, AutoDesk/AutoCad, Cheetah3D, CorelCAD, Serif DrawPlus, CADEMIA, Microspot, etc. )


Once you make your purchase, Etsy takes over the order. Etsy will send you an electronic mail with a download link ( check your spam or trash ! ) or you can download the charge good from your profile on Etsy.com.

→ Log in to your Etsy bill
→ Click on “ You ” ( top right )
→ Choose “ Purchases and reviews ”
→ Find the order. Click on “ Download Files ” ( to the right of the order )
→ The file will go to your “ Downloads ” folders
→ If the file is not available to download however, your requital is inactive pending, BE PATIENT ♡

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→ Commercial license included in price
→ You may not under any context re-sell this file digitally
→ For personal use, please habit code ‘PERSONALUSE ‘ when checking out to get personal use price ( people caught using this code but selling the coordinate files will face consequences )
→ For both licenses, you must accredit “ 2Milk1Sugar ” wherever you are marketing on social media ( Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Instagram, Tik Tok, Etc. )
→ You may not use my images or descriptions to sell your products
→ You may not re-sell these files as digital items, prints, bundle them with other products or share the file in any other direction, including claiming it as your own or offering it for dislodge or for sale on-line
→ Commercial licenses are not assignable or refundable

By purchasing this file you accept these terms and conditions.


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→ This is an aesthetic piece, it is created and designed in Adobe Illustrator consequently lines, shapes or designs are not meant to perfect.
→The logo on these Starbucks cup is egg-shaped – NOT round. Make sure to place your design precisely as the file appears. If it is turned slightly, it will look as if it is not fitting correctly.
→ The Starbucks logo is NOT INCLUDED in this plan.
→ Unfortunately, I can not issue refunds on digital designs due to the nature of the intersection, but I will constantly go above and beyond to make sure you are quenched with your purchase. Please be sure you know how to use these files before purchasing.

2 milk 1 Sugar

FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE TERMS OF service : Please see my FAQ on my Etsy home page. Because I have thousands of files and listings to maintain, the terms of serve in my FAQ supplant anything in product descriptions .

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