Onyx is probably the most popular club in Bangkok. If not the most popular .
In fact, it ’ s the second highest-ranked Thai club on the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs reaching 74th place. ( third best in Thailand behind Illuzion Phuket at the 16th seat, and Insanity at the sixty-fifth station ) .
Is it because of the design, the quality of service, the international batting order, resident DJ, or precisely its popularity ?
cipher knows what criteria DJ Mag uses.

But there ’ s one thing we know, you can believe the ballyhoo and go there for a unique club experience and to meet the hottest girls in Bangkok .
We can guarantee you won ’ t be disappointed .

What you Need to Know

As we said, Onyx is one of the most popular clubs in Bangkok. But it ’ s besides a club that is not for everyone .
then here ’ s what you need to know before you go to Onyx :

  • You need to be over 20, and bring an ID to prove it. The security is extremely strict there, and even copies or photos on your phone will be refused.
  • Go there early. Like most clubs in Bangkok, Onyx closes at 2am. Try to get there by 10 or 11pm to have enough time to enjoy the party.
  • There’s no dance floor. Only standing tables and VIP tables. So order a bottle and ask for a table when you get there to get space for you and your friends.
  • They serve food. We wouldn’t pick it as a place to have dinner, but if you’re starving between drinks, they have options.
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Onyx Club in RCA, Bangkok

What ’ randomness special about it ?

The energy, the quality of the music and the price of the drinks .
It ’ s a great golf club with excellent and brassy electronic music .
The vibration takes some time to pick up but normally around midnight, when people played adequate drink games, the shots start to hit, and the place starts to bounce .

What music do they play ?

At Onyx you by and large have electronic music and EDM .
They do have other types of music when they bring international DJs or have limited events .
But unless there ’ s something limited going on, it is chiefly electro, sign of the zodiac and EDM all night .

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Who goes there ?

by and large Thais ( young Hi-So Thais ), asian tourists, and a few expats .
You won ’ metric ton see as many westerners as in clubs in Sukhumvit 11, but there are means more foreigners there immediately than a few years ago .
Thai girls in white dress at Onyx Bangkok

What ’ randomness a beneficial time to go ?

As the club closes at 2am, judge to get there ahead midnight .
normally, around 10 or 11pm is a good fourth dimension to hit Onyx.

Do they serve food ?

Yes, and the food international relations and security network ’ t bad at all .
But if you ’ rhenium starvation, expect until the club close and go grab some street food right outside .

Prices and Bookings

The entrance fee is ฿500  and the monetary value for bottles start at ฿2,500.
For VIP tables, they have VIP packages starting at ฿21,900.
here are all the packages available at Onyx Bangkok .
That ’ s by far one of the most expensive club in Bangkok .
But to be honest, they besides have some of the best push, music and service .
And some of the most gorgeous Thai girls you ’ ll find anywhere in Thailand .
unfortunately, you can ’ metric ton reserve a table directly on their web site. But don ’ t concern, we ’ ra hera to help you with you secure one .
Go to this page or send us a message right nowadays to book your VIP table .

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VIP service at Onyx Bangkok

About Onyx Bangkok

To find more about Onyx latest events and offers, go follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or check their web site .


What is the capture fee at Onyx Bangkok ?

The entrance fee at Onyx Bangkok is ฿500 per person. Bottles and VIP packages come with a circumscribed number of entrances .

What is the attire code at Onyx Bangkok ?

The apparel code at Onyx in Bangkok is chic casual. No shorts, cooler acme, open shoes, beachwear, or sportswear.

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We created a guide to the best clubs in Bangkok for you right over here .
Any questions regarding Onyx Club ?
Contact us nowadays for more information and bookings .

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