then here I am with another Fifth Wrist Review. It ’ second been a while since my final one, and honestly I don ’ triiodothyronine remember what my last review was on. not that it matters, because I ’ m back nowadays to review the Omega Speedmaster “ Silver Snoopy Award ” fiftieth Anniversary .
I wont go into the technical spectacles of the watch as you can Google this in a pulse. What I will go into is my know with it during my ownership of the watch .
Having a cartoon character adorning a timepiece is a bit amusing ( pun intended ) and evening more so when we have collectors around the earth froth over it. We ’ re a strange bunch. personally, Snoopy has been a cartoon character I grew up with and I ’ megabyte quite adoring of. Admittedly, I have other Snoopy items within the family and besides introduced him to my kids, so wanting one of these watches was entirely natural regardless of hype .
Omega Speedmaster "Silver Snoopy Award" 50th Anniversary

Reading: Owner review: Omega Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary

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The Omega Speedmaster “ Silver Snoopy Award ” fiftieth Anniversary wears well on my 6.5 edge wrist, and is very similar, if not the same as the standard Speedmasters around. however, I merely had to swap out that nylon strap for a watchband. Why you may ask ? bare – because the watchband completes the look and tactile property of the watch. Why it didn ’ t come with a bracelet in the beginning place and include the framework strap as region of the package confuses me ( actually, I credibly know why… ) .
Snoopy happily features on the bomber dial at 9 o ’ clock, accompanied by the words ‘ fiftieth anniversary ’ which I personally could do without as it would make for a cleaner expect. Those who know me, I ’ m a sucker for white and aristocratic discolor schemes, so that ’ sulfur ticked. The Omega Speedmaster “ Silver Snoopy Award ” fiftieth Anniversary features a silver/white dial, amobarbital sodium markers, blue substitute dials ( fun fact, the aristocratic on the Snoopy submarine dial has a lighter shade of blue than the other 2 ) and blue chapter band .
But what about the case back I hear you asking…
This is where the party is at and the most strike function of the Omega Speedmaster “ Silver Snoopy Award ” fiftieth Anniversary. I don ’ t truly know how much feat or engineer it took to create this, but having Snoopy flying in a rocket across the moon, and having the Earth rotate is just brilliant. By animating Snoopy on the case back, it elevated the watch from just another quick to being the ‘ one to have ’. every now and again, I find myself removing the watch off my wrist and activating the chrono function just to see the little guy fly about, why ? merely because .
Omega Speedmaster "Silver Snoopy Award" 50th Anniversary
If you ’ ra matter to in one, the good newsworthiness is that its technically not circumscribed ( we all know about this situation though… ), I was once even told by the AD, ‘ anyone who wants one, will finally get one ’ – a gleam of hope for those who are interested. I don ’ metric ton know how on-key that is, but all I can say is, I am grateful to be able to have one in the solicitation as I missed out on the original Silver Snoopy Award .

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  • It’s a Snoopy.
  • Blue and white colour scheme.
  • Just look at that caseback.


  • It’s a Snoopy (some will hate the cartoon character on the watch).
  • Another Speedmaster to some.
  • MoonSwatch apparently.

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