Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) is pleased to announce the new Micro Four Thirds System compliant Compact System Camera, OLYMPUS PEN-F, scheduled to go on sale on Friday, February 26, 2016. This camera features 20 Megapixel Live MOS sensor in a sophisticated range finder style camera body, along with powerful 5-axis image stabilization, and the new Monochrome and Color Profile Control which allows you to enjoy an analog photographic techniques such as selecting, developing, and printing film in a digital format.

Main Features

  • 1.

    A design with dateless smasher and excellent operability

  • 2. New 20 Megapixel Live MOS detector and 5-axis VCM prototype stabilization for the ultimate trope choice
  • 3. Monochrome and Color Profile Control give the photographer complete exemption of saying
  • 4. 2.36 million department of transportation built-in Electronic Viewfinder for focusing on shooting
  • 5. Super-fast answer for comfortable fritter, such as the shortest handout time lag*1 of any Compact System Camera

Sales Outline

Category Product Name MSRP Planned Launch Date
Micro Four Thirds compliant interchangeable lens camera Olympus PEN-F
Body (Silver/Black)
Open price February 26, 2016
Olympus PEN-F 12mm f2.0 Lens Kit
Body (Silver/Black)
+ M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f2.0*2

*1 As of January 27, 2016. When using the mechanical shutter .
*2 The lens color is black careless of consistency color
The Olympus PEN-F is the latest compendious System Camera born from a fusion of up-to-date digital technology and the craft handed polish for 80 years of television camera manufacture. It bears the name of the universe ‘s first half-frame SLR, the Pen F, with a classical yet modern beauty, all right texturing, and superb controls along with a high-definition built-in electronic finder.
The newly developed 20 Megapixel Live MOS detector and the latest TruePic VII visualize processor bring out the amazing double timbre of the Zuiko Digital lens. besides, the knock-down 5-axis VCM prototype stabilization provides the best blur-free double quality in any situation.
The new Monochrome and Color Profile Control offers a way to truly delight adding a film photograph touch to images while looking through the finder as you select a film character, develop, and then print images just the way you like. This new sport makes this the perfect television camera for those who love to create original photograph as you envisioned .

Main Features Details

1. A design with timeless beauty and excellent operability

The delicate, modern body channel and silhouette are inherited from the universe ‘s first half-frame SLR television camera Pen F and a button and dial layout is optimized for easy mathematical process while looking through the finder. This is rightfully the beautiful design of a dateless crop finder style television camera.
The top and front covers are made of magnesium, and the bottomland cover of the soundbox and machine dials are made of aluminum. Thorough attention is given to detail throughout the television camera to the point where screws can not be seen from the outside. The buttocks of the LCD monitor besides features the lapp celluloid leather as that used on the camera body for a eat up equal that provides a unite feel.
The simple controls are achieved with the new exposure compensation dial and four customs positions added to the mode dial for instantaneous access to settings registered .

2. New 20 Megapixel Live MOS sensor and 5-axis VCM image stabilization for the ultimate image quality

The combination of the excellent trope quality of the Zuiko Digital lens, the new 20 Megapixel Live MOS detector, and TruePic VII image processor that brings out the best of the lens and image detector leave in the ultimate image quality. The low passing filter-less construction of the 20 Megapixel Live MOS detector achieves high solution and a low sensitivity ISO LOW mode equivalent to ISO 80.
additionally, the powerful 5-axis VCM ( Voice Coil Motor ) image stabilization provides up to 5.0 steps*3 of shutter speed for the earth ‘s highest*4 level of compensation performance. This construction lets you capture clear images of night scenes and other abject light locations with minimal noise without raising the ISO rush.
In-body effigy stabilization besides makes it possible to use older lenses with the same effects for blur-free, stable images in the finder when shooting. By having the in-lens persona stabilization and in-body visualize stabilization oeuvre in concert, it is compatible with new engineering, 5-axis synchronize IS, which enables more knock-down trope stabilization*5.
senior high school Res. Shot, which provides high-resolution images that go beyond that of full-frame SLRs can now capture 50 Megapixel equivalent images. With this you can capture extremist high-resolution images that reproduce every detail of subjects such as architecture and works of art .
*3 CIPA guideline compliant, when correction is carried out on two axes ( yaw and pitch ). Lens : M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 EZ
Focal length : f=42mm ( 35mm film equivalent f= 84mm)
*4 As of January 27, 2016. Except for 5-axis synchronize IS .

3. Monochrome and Color Profile Control give the photographer complete freedom of expression

The new Monochrome and Color Profile Control gives you the opportunity to experience finder shooting where you can shoot as if you ‘re using a film camera, choosing a film type, developing shots, and printing them to capture the accurate photograph just as you envisioned. This process is different from using photograph editing software after shooting, letting users apply and check effects while controlling with dials and levers to create their own original images.
Both functions feature presets designed with the trope of classical film effects. In addition to shooting at those settings, you can besides customize settings by adjusting them to achieve your optimum craved photograph.
The Creative Dial is positioned on the front of the camera for accessing these functions with a single writhe of the dial. With this dial you can besides access Art Filters and Color Creator for assistant in exemption of aesthetic saying .

New feature 1) Monochrome Profile Control
In monochrome shooting you can combine 5 tone effects such as Color Filter effect, Shading effect, Film Grain effect and Highlight & Shadow Control. These features allow a variety of monochromatic expressions possible.
In addition to default settings (preset 1), there is also the Classic Film B&W (preset 2) for a monochrome film effect with high contrast, and the Classic Film IR (preset 3) for an effect that looks like infrared film.
New feature 2) Color Profile Control
When shooting color photos you can adjust the color saturation of 12 colors in 11 steps. This can also be combined with Highlight & Shadow Control for an expanded range of expression. Photographers can use these features to capture photos with an ideal color palette.
In addition to default settings (preset 1) there is also the Chrome Film Rich Color (preset 2) which provides slightly deeper tones in images, and Chrome Film Vivid Saturation (preset 3) which gives rich colors with high levels of color saturation to images.

4. 2.36 million dot built-in Electronic Viewfinder for focusing on shooting

This model is equipped with a built-in 2.36 million department of transportation high-definition OLED electronic finder with a 100 % field of watch and a enlargement rate of 1.23x ( 35mm equivalent : approx..0.62x ). It provides clear watch without aberrations tied at the edges.
S-OVF ( Simulated OVF ) can be used to expand the dynamic range and provide an visualize merely as you see it.
The blow up display function and the Focus Peaking, which offers 3 levels and 4 colors, help to enhance lens focusing to senior high school levels of preciseness .
*5 When using M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f4.0 IS PRO ( as of January 27, 2016 )

5. Super-fast response for comfortable shooting, such as the shortest release time lag*1 of any Compact System Camera

The shortest*1 spill time lag of any Compact System Camera at 0.044 seconds, and the 1/8000 secant. high-speed mechanical shutter provides accurate performance for capturing photograph opportunities.
Shutter functions can be selected according to the scene, such as Silent mode*6, which is useful for shooting in situations that need complete hush. Anti-Shock mode*7 is available for situations where you want to prevent shutter stimulate.
The AF Targeting Pad supports comfortable shoot by letting you set the focus from 81 focus points on the rear monitor while looking through the finder. Face priority AF and Eye precedence AF can detect and continue adjusting the focus on faces or eyes for easier portrait shoot .

Other Features

  • Vari-angle monitor offers shooting from a variety of angles
  • Highlight & Shadow Control can now adjust midtones
  • Lens information for lenses without electronic contacts can be registered and recorded in Exif info of recorded images, such as lens name, focal length, and aperture value
  • AF Target Spot Metering links AF Target and the metering area
  • Live Composite lets you capture movement of light as solid light trails
  • 4K Time Lapse movie with 4 times the resolution of traditional movies
  • Focus bracketing mode changes the focus location while capturing multiple images during sequential shooting
  • High-speed sequential shooting: 10 fps with the mechanical shutter, 5 fps with C-AF, 20 fps with Silent mode*8
  • Live View Boost 2 makes it possible to focus and compose shots while checking stars in Live View
  • Powerful 5-axis image stabilization provides high-quality OM-D MOVIE
  • Olympus Viewer 3 Ver. 2.0 image editing software can now process High Res. Shot RAW images
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Olympus Image Share smartphone app enable remote shooting and image transfer with a smartphone

*6 Switches to electronic shutter when in manipulation
*7 When the first-curtain electronic shutter is used. When the shutter-speed is faster than 1/320 securities and exchange commission, it automatically switches to mechanical shutter
*8 When using Silent H+ mode

Optional Accessories

External Grip, ECG-4

Metal External Grip, ECG-4 lets you hold the television camera more well. The battery can be replaced without removing the handle from the television camera. A quick shoe compatible train is equipped on the bottom for direct connection to a compatible tripod oral sex .

Premium Leather Series

premium quality made-in-Japan leather accessories are available in a limit quantity. The two-tone brown and black coloring design fits any situation, from casual to formal. The genuine leather will change and develop its own personality as it ages .

Premium Leather Shoulder Strap, CSS-S120L PR

This television camera strap features high-quality actual leather with two-tone blueprint. Its 30mm width and thickness help reduce shoulder striving. A special sewing method is used to keep the sew sections of the two-toned leather hard so far ductile .

Premium Leather Wrapping Cloth, CS-48 PR

This epicurean wrapping fabric is made of nicely textured actual leather. The size is perfect for wrapping the entire camera with a large lens attached, with attention to detail including fabric thickness and sewing .

Premium Leather Camera Bag, CBG-11 PR

This is a compress, smart actual leather television camera bag. It was produced under the direction of AJIOKA Co., Ltd., a japanese leather manufacturer with 99 years of history, with through attention to details such as pockets, shoulder pad, and shoulder strap. not only can it be used as a television camera bag, but it can besides be used as an everyday udder with its excellent plan .

Genuine Leather Body Jacket, CS-47B

This is a genuine leather body jacket for the Olympus PEN-F. Shooting is possible even with the jacket attached to the television camera, and it helps protect the bottomland of the camera from bumps and scratches. The color and shape are designed to give a coordinated feel when attached to the camera.

Sales Outline for Optional Accessories

Product Name MSRP Planned Launch Date
External Grip, ECG-4 15,000 yen
(16,200 yen incl. tax)
February 26, 2016
Premium Leather Shoulder Strap, CSS-S120L PR Open price February 26, 2016
Premium Leather Wrapping Cloth, CS-48 PR Open price February 26, 2016
Premium Leather Camera Bag, CBG-11 PR Open price February 26, 2016
Genuine Leather Body Jacket, CS-47B 6,000 yen
(6,480 yen incl. tax)
February 26, 2016

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