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I am presently trying my hands on colorful eyeshadow palettes. Sometime back, I was among those who prefer muted earthy toned eye shadows. But, I had recently grown new love for bright colored eye apparition. today, I am reviewing NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette. Read on to know how it fared ?

product description :
We named this solicitation the Ultimate Shadow Palette because that ’ s precisely what it is–a pro-level palette packed with 16 high-performance eyeshadows in a rainbow of tone-inspired shades. available in four striking color combinations–Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm, Bright and Smokey/Highlight–each set features a graphic shuffle of velvety-rich textures and mesmerizing finishes that range from mattes and satins to shimmers and metallics .
Price and Quantity: 1725 INR for 13.28g

My Experience with NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette:

Let ’ s start the product review with the packaging of the product. The eye shadows come in a hearty plastic palette. The pallette is glossy black in color. The screen of the palette is transparent from its center, that helps to see all the shades from external. The diaphanous assign of the hat besides bears the trade name ’ s tagline in bare white fonts. This lid shuts tightly making an audible click sound and ensures that the hat will not open while carrying round. The back of the palette bears a label, that indicates the product name. once, you will peel of this tag from the bottom correct corner, it reveals a label bearing the ingredients number .
The palette is not very big and can be easily accommodated anywhere in makeup pouch. There is no mirror and applicator attached with this palette. Though, the promotion looks dainty but the fictile body of these palettes is little bum and it gets grating very easily. The eye shadows in the palette are arranged in 4 rows. Each row bears four shades of center shadows. Hence, the palette contains four beautiful eye shadows .
This rate of eye darkness palette from NYX comes in four variants namely, the brights, cool neutrals, warm neutrals, smokey and highlight. I had picked up the form Brights, as I am indeed much obsessed with such bright colored eye shadows. This roll is credibly the cheapest victim of the Viseart Eye Shadow Palettes. This palette is a perfect gull of Viseart Editorial Mattes Eyeshadow Palette. The brand has copied their box excessively. The Brights Ultimate Shadow palette has about the same image of mattes and shimmers. Out of these 16 shades, 7 shades are shimmery and perch of them is flat. But amongst those 7 shimmery shades, only three shades looks shimmery on the eyes. Rest of them look shimmery in the pan alone and then looks felt on the eyes. This is decent ! I prefer flatness shadows, and if I ever want to add spark to my bright eye looks I can good top it with some glitter .
now, let ’ s hash out each of these shades one by one .
1. The first shade in this palette is a shimmery shade. This is a pink red eye shadow, having finely milled golden color shimmers in it. These shimmers are not much noticeable on the eyes and make this eye darkness look about matte. The pigmentation of this shade is slenderly low and requires multiple swipes to show the colors nicely.
2. The moment shade in the palette is a bright fuchsia pink felt eye shadow. The hot tap eye darkness is perfectly matte and barren from all the shininess or shimmers. The pigmentation of this discrepancy is full.
3. The third shade in the first row is a kind of neonish orange eye shadow. It is again a matte eye tail, that is wholly barren of all kind of shimmers. This shade has an average pigmentation. Though, the color needs multiple swipes but it gets build up nicely.
4. The last tad in the inaugural row is orange brown kind of shade having yellow hue. This is besides felt eye shadow. The pigmentation of this shade is dear and builds up nicely on the eyes.

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5. This tad is the first shade of second row. This is a bright shimmery purple eye shadow. It contains very finely milled purple colored microshimmers, that gives a courteous satiny complete to this eye shadow. This ghost is amazingly pigmented. Two swipes are good enough to intensify the color and define the eyes.
6. future to the violet eye apparition comes a bright pink purple eye shadow. This version has golden shimmers in it. But, these shimmers are not noticeable at all and give a perfective velvet felt ending to the eye shadow. It is amazing in terms of pigmentation.
7. This shade is flat petal tap shadow. This pinko eye shadow is beautiful and subtle for everyday function. It is perfectly flatness and it does not have any shininess or shimmers in it.
8. The last eye apparition is the second base row is lilac in color. It besides sets to a satiny felt coating as there is no shininess or shimmers in the center apparition. The discolor looks pretty on the eyes. But, being a faint shade, the eye shadow is slightly unmanageable to build up and make it look noticeable on the eyes .
9. The ninth shade is present in the third row. This is a beautiful shimmery cobalt blue eye tail, that looks 100 % flatness on the eyes. It is beautiful nuance to create blue smokey eyes.
10. This shade is the best and most front-runner of mine. This one is identical placid and has excellent wages. It blends very well with the early shades and looks therefore dreamy on the eyes. This one has a nice velvet matte finish.
11. adjacent to the blasphemous is a bluish green green eye shadow. It is high pigmented and it sets to a adorable aglitter coating. The color pay off of this eye tail is precisely wow. It gives rich and opaque discolor, in just one swipe. The eye shadow has finely silver shimmers in itn that gives it a nice shimmery polish.
12. This is end shade is the one-third row. It is flatness sea green or pastel fleeceable eye shadow. Being a pastel shade, the discolor is slightly unmanageable to buildn as the color becomes dull upon blending. therefore, multiple swipes are required to make the semblance of this eye shadow expression vibrant and bright .
13. This shade is an highly pigment flatness grass green eye trace. The pigmentation is estimable and therefore is easier to build up the color on the eyes.
14. The second shade in the last row is lime greens eye trace. It is a shimmery version, having finely milled silver colored shimmers. The finish of this eye shadow is shimmery but it does not look chunky or gaudy. The color is easy to build on the eyes.
15. The irregular last shade of this palette is beautiful mustard jaundiced eye shadow. The coating is absolutely matte. The shadow is free from shimmers and glitters. This one besides wins in terms of pigmentation, as it is very easy to build up the color on the eyes.
16. last but not the least. The last nuance of the palette is bright lemon yellow eye shadow. This shade besides bears silver shimmers and gives a aglitter coating to the eyes. The formula is decently pigmented and it is quite easy to build up the color .
The texture of the eye trace is adorable. It super balmy and smooth. All the shades are balmy and well blend-able. It glides like a dream on the eyes, without causing any tug or perpetrate of the finespun eye area. Though, these eye shadows are in powderize form but the recipe in non-chalky and there is no major fall out issues with this shade. They about feel very satiny while applying and blend .
Though, most of the shades are matte in nature but there are a few shimmery variants besides. But, there is no dangerous fall out issues. The colors are superintendent smooth and blends seamlessly. The pigmentation is besides big. All the shades impart nice opaque color to the eyes. The colors are well buildable with a few swipes. only a few lighter shades require besides many swipes, to make the color pop nicely. The eye tail lasted on my eyes for a good 5-6 hours, without using a primer underneath. so, using a effective eye flat coat underneath will decidedly enhance the persistent might .
overall, this is my current favorite eye trace palette. This is a perfective option to create bold and dramatic eye looks for parties and weddings. If you besides love to create dramatic eye looks, this is something that is a must have for you. besides, buying a palette is constantly a cheaper option than buying individual eye darkness shades. so, this one is a great deal in every view .

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Pros of NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette:

• Nice packaging.
• Beautiful vibrant shades.
• Both shimmery and matte variants.
• good pigmentation.
• Color is buildable.
• Smooth texture.
• Glides like a dream.
• Easy to blend.
• Blend seamlessly.
• Has satiny finish.
• Non-chalky.
• No major side effect issues.
• Lasts pretty long.
• Easy to remove .

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Cons of NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette:

• No applicator.
• No mirror.
• Palette gets grating.
• A few shades have relatively lesser pigmentation.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase NYX Ultimate Brights Shadow Palette?
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