Come one, come all ! Week after week, the quips and gags remain vitamin a goofy as ever for the celebrity guests who drop in on man on a Mission High School .Watch 2021-01-02. Episode 1 of Season 6.

1. 2021-01-02


New class ? Time to dance ! J.Y. Park and Rain scorch the classroom. There ‘s much to say to each other, but actions speak louder than words. Who is our true king ?Watch 2021-01-09. Episode 2 of Season 6.

2. 2021-01-09


Welcome to our co-ed study program ! Moon So-ri, Kim Sun-young and Jang Yoon-ju dominate the classroom with a potent presence. Kang Ho-dong looks anxious .Watch 2021-01-16. Episode 3 of Season 6.

3. 2021-01-16


U-Know and DinDin are transfers that bring utmost hype. With this much department of energy, there ‘s no competition. They ‘ve already prepared a celebratory dance move !Watch 2021-01-23. Episode 4 of Season 6.

4. 2021-01-23


Theater kids transfer from the art school next doorway. Joo Won, Ivy and Park Joon-myeon share skills and shocking stories. It ‘s a rival for the leave function !Watch 2021-01-30. Episode 5 of Season 6.

5. 2021-01-30


man, be alert ! Choi Kang-hee, Kim Young-kwang and Um Mun-suk heat things astir on the track before total classroom domination. Wait, we can meter travel now ?Watch 2021-02-06. Episode 6 of Season 6.

6. 2021-02-06


sag ! After a brawny capture, Kim Eung-soo and Lee Jin-ho declare war. The two iron dragons are merciless in their laugh attacks. This is our territory now !Watch 2021-02-20. Episode 7 of Season 6.

7. 2021-02-20


After time away in the military, SHINee ‘s together again, shinier than ever ! Their voices are fresh and their smiles are wide. But who are the new guys ?Watch 2021-02-27. Episode 8 of Season 6.

8. 2021-02-27


Lee Seung-yoon, Jeong Hong-il, Lee Mu-jin and Lee So-jung made “ Sing Again ” shine. But how will they do on a kind show ? The Men shall judge their skills !Watch 2021-03-06. Episode 9 of Season 6.

9. 2021-03-06


She ‘s not just any idol, she ‘s tiffany young ! He ‘s not just a trot star topology ‘s husband, he ‘s dress Kyeong-wan ! now going solo in showbiz, they vow to shine brilliantly .Watch 2021-03-13. Episode 10 of Season 6.

10. 2021-03-13


variety shows ? Easy peasy. Just make them laugh, mighty ? Kim Dae-hee, Jang Dong-min and Yoo Sang-moo do n’t care about effigy arsenic retentive as the class is laughing .Watch 2021-03-20. Episode 11 of Season 6.

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11. 2021-03-20


world power entertainer Hye-ri and universe course idol Rosé fill the classroom with their presence. They never get tired and they decidedly do n’t play by the rules !Watch 2021-03-27. Episode 12 of Season 6.

12. 2021-03-27


Trot club 7 goes to school. The crown seven singers from “ Miss Trot 2 ” have transferred as a backpack. Who knew these girls could be so raving mad ? This could be a large score !Watch 2021-04-03. Episode 13 of Season 6.

13. 2021-04-03


Soldiers, deploy dancing moves ! Brave Girls have been rollin ‘ to the top of the hill. They rewrote the rejoinder playbook, and are the real masters of war !Watch 2021-04-10. Episode 14 of Season 6.

14. 2021-04-10


The men are losing their land ! Choi Yang-rak and Paeng Hyeon-suk fall from their comedy empire. After 34 years, this bombastic couple knows no boundaries .Watch 2021-04-17. Episode 15 of Season 6.

15. 2021-04-17


The classroom sparkles with the arrival of Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Jang Ye-won and Lee Hye-seong. Their looks ? Dazzling. But are they variety show material ?Watch 2021-04-24. Episode 16 of Season 6.

16. 2021-04-24


class, please highlight Highlight ! The boys have regrouped after military serve and are fully optimized for diverseness shows. But do n’t forget about the Men .Watch 2021-05-01. Episode 17 of Season 6.

17. 2021-05-01


Itzy ‘s different. When it comes to looks, energy and showing off — they ‘re not shy. Welcome back ! The charismatic crew ‘s drive over the classroom again .Watch 2021-05-08. Episode 18 of Season 6.

18. 2021-05-08


We have a school nurse ? The class gets one-on-one health advice from Dr. Yeo Esther. And to celebrate Family Month, the Men make a music video just for kids !Watch 2021-05-15. Episode 19 of Season 6.

19. 2021-05-15


Hyunyoung, Lee Soo-young and Ayumi made a name for themselves in showbiz. For this episode of Reply 2000, let ‘s travel down memory lane with three legends !Watch 2021-05-22. Episode 20 of Season 6.

20. 2021-05-22


We changed schools because it was raining ! Heize, Lee Hong-gi and Swings chat energetically, drenching the class in good humor, big rhymes and dessert emotion .Watch 2021-05-29. Episode 21 of Season 6.

21. 2021-05-29


There are lone two rooms left. One dormitory is nice while the other has mice ! And the water ‘s leak ! Aespa wanders into the fray just as the competition heats up .Watch 2021-06-05. Episode 22 of Season 6.

22. 2021-06-05


The dormitory and the Men are in crisis. Aespa will save the day ! But there ‘s a karaoke curse to break and person fishy snaking around school. Who could it be ?Watch 2021-06-12. Episode 23 of Season 6.

23. 2021-06-12


Everyone loves newly transfers Chae Jung-an, Kim Ji-seok and Jung So-min ! For a house that they love, the three play a plot of luck with the Men. good luck !Watch 2021-06-19. Episode 24 of Season 6.

24. 2021-06-19


These transfers are big and menacing from afar. But up close ? Kim Ki-bang, Tae Hang-ho and Lee Ho-cheol are fine-looking and gratifying. well looks pay the bills !Watch 2021-06-26. Episode 25 of Season 6.

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25. 2021-06-26


Should we settle this now ? To Ho-dong ‘s chagrin, Go Du-sim shows up with Ji Hyun-woo. The maternally actress ‘ follow-up to a sweet serenade surprises everyone !Watch 2021-07-03. Episode 26 of Season 6.

26. 2021-07-03


This paragon group comes to mind after lunch. 2PM finally feels like a adult syndicate again ! And they ‘re receptive to about anything except dating each early ‘s sisters .Watch 2021-07-10. Episode 27 of Season 6.

27. 2021-07-10


Ho-dong ‘s energetic greet has T-ara giggle. That ‘s why cipher expected such harsh accusations or the touch stories ! even when the music starts, they dance .Watch 2021-07-17. Episode 28 of Season 6.

28. 2021-07-17


Everyone ‘s enthusiastic about these idol guests. They ‘ve silent got the looks and moves ! There ‘s constantly prison term to reminisce, but what about rom-com bent secrets ?Watch 2021-07-24. Episode 29 of Season 6.

29. 2021-07-24


Remember Tae Bo ? In Cho Hye-lyun ‘s 2021 version, she punches for veridical while Lee Kyung-sil punches with facts ! Did memories of Sul Woon-do ‘s songs come back even ?Watch 2021-07-31. Episode 30 of Season 6.

30. 2021-07-31


Yain is bet on ! The duel begins. The stack Jongno crowd is up against their casual rivals, the men of Yangpyeong ! The bowling alley ‘s in chaos as old wounds reopen .Watch 2021-08-07. Episode 31 of Season 6.

31. 2021-08-07


It ‘s hot. Do n’t just hang out, come in ! And that ‘s how KCM and Jung-min became students. sorrowful songs and clandestine talents not cool enough ? Try a cool shower !Watch 2021-08-14. Episode 32 of Season 6.

32. 2021-08-14


The world ‘s fiercest, winningest fencing team has arrived ! But this is n’t a reprisal of their gold decoration moments. work force, be “ en garde ” ! It ‘s a struggle of the ages .Watch 2021-08-21. Episode 33 of Season 6.

33. 2021-08-21


The fencers are back for rung two, and they ‘re arguing already. They must put aside their differences to face the man … in boxing ? A aureate decoration for joke !Watch 2021-08-28. Episode 34 of Season 6.

34. 2021-08-28


dive in ! CL vows to tighten up the lagging K-hip hop sword, starting with MC.Minzy. Surviving a downpour of disses — Is this what hip hop is all about now ?Watch 2021-09-04. Episode 35 of Season 6.

35. 2021-09-04


The Iron Squad men come for a boot-camp lesson at MoM High and go up against Ho-dong. Will they pass with flying colors to become elect agents of laughter ?Watch 2021-09-11. Episode 36 of Season 6.

36. 2021-09-11


Is this a classroom or a catwalk ? “ Model ” students Lee Hyun-yi, Irene and Jung Hyuk take over. From smallest to tallest, let the modeling competition start !Watch 2021-09-18. Episode 37 of Season 6.

37. 2021-09-18


We made it ! The Men welcome Simon Dominic, Gray, LeeHi and Code Kunst. Music classify is cathartic, but PE gets heated. The rap club president election is on !Watch 2021-09-25. Episode 38 of Season 6.

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38. 2021-09-25


The “ Miracle ” educate has arrived ! angelic Lim Yoon-a and shy Park Jeong-min derail the classroom with their charms. Acting out and dancing unvoiced — sparks fly !Watch 2021-10-02. Episode 39 of Season 6.

39. 2021-10-02


Lee Chan-won, Young-tak, Donghae and Eunhyuk arrive for the three-hundredth episode celebration. Their dance moves please the man but their comment may cause a crisis !Watch 2021-10-09. Episode 40 of Season 6.

40. 2021-10-09


Wake up ! prison term for part two with Young-tak, Chan-won, Donghae and Eunhyuk. The game ? Find the Men. Their detective oeuvre leads to a shocking identity reveal !Watch 2021-10-16. Episode 41 of Season 6.

41. 2021-10-16


The festival begins with transfers Jin Ji-hee, Choi Ye-bin and Kim Hyeon-soo of Hera Palace. The ambidextrous talents heat up the competition ! And the winner is …Watch 2021-10-23. Episode 42 of Season 6.

42. 2021-10-23


winter, Giselle, Ningning and Karina are rear in the classroom ! They show off their impressions and sangmo skills. Become one with Aespa ; there can ’ thymine be two !Watch 2021-10-30. Episode 43 of Season 6.

43. 2021-10-30


Welcome to Men on a Squid Game. The choice, 45.6 billion won. Who could say no to that ? Try arduous or fail hard ! But should we bet our lives on a short game ?Watch 2021-11-06. Episode 44 of Season 6.

44. 2021-11-06


Soccer stars Choi Jin-cheul, Kim Byung-ji and Lee Chun-soo compete in the Bros Cup 2021 audition ! Fouls are redefined as the Men find their border. Who will win ?Watch 2021-11-13. Episode 45 of Season 6.

45. 2021-11-13


You are heartily invited to our fall festival ! The Men call in their besties to compete … um, are they actually friends ? And do n’t miss our limited guest, 2AM !Watch 2021-11-20. Episode 46 of Season 6.

46. 2021-11-20


Street Woman Fighter storms the class ! Men versus Women — show us what dance is very about. But after dominating the floor, the Women have the Men on edge !Watch 2021-11-27. Episode 47 of Season 6.

47. 2021-11-27


Hog that camera and show us your best moves ! The real number dance battle begins on Street MoM Fighters, and it ‘s neck and neck. But who will get the last laugh ?Watch 2021-12-04. Episode 48 of Season 6.

48. 2021-12-04


Into the Mission World we go for an unpredictable virtual adventure. Do n’t lose your marbles ; get cook for a cash grab rampage ! Who will be the lucky winner ?Watch 2021-12-11. Episode 49 of Season 6.

49. 2021-12-11


Watch 2021-12-18. Episode 50 of Season 6.

50. 2021-12-18


Missing eruditeness money and traces of a crime … suspicions turn on each other as Mystery Class gathers clues. Who ‘s the perp ? This might take all night !

Watch 2021-12-25. Episode 51 of Season 6.

51. 2021-12-25


You ‘re invited to MoM ‘s year-end ceremony ! Jung-in, Ailee and Jung Dong-won will host, then join in on the Christmas festivities. Who won ? Stick around ’til 2022 !

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