I ’ ve had enough of harsh facial cleansers !
I ’ m talking about those that dehydrate your skin, leaving behind a close and dry sensation after washing .
unfortunately, I have excessively many experiences with cleansers that may be low-cost but appear to be drying out my skin. Because of them, I have been investing excessively much clock time and money trying to find a cleansing agent that works for me.

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NIVEA Pearl White Super Mousse review: Does it work?

The product dispenses fat and dense foam. You can see how much dense and finer the foam particles are compared to conventional cleansers ’ .

And if you ’ ve been wondering how to choose a good cleansing agent, here ’ s a tip : Always look out for the one that can offer you dense foam .
The reason why we need dense foam in cleansers is because it ’ s the foam that does the work. Density in foam is an reading that the foam particles are bantam enough to penetrate more profoundly within pores, to remove impurities and dirty thoroughly .
This diagram will be able to explain it clearly what I meant :

Besides providing a more thorough cleanse, firmer and denser foam besides makes the cleansing routine more fun !

I enjoy sinking my font into the ace downy foam, which is surely a nice indulgence particularly after a long day at work.

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After a week of use, I feel that my overall complexion looks bright, and that there are less “ bumps ” on my skin, which means the product has profoundly cleansed it .

What else impressed me?

It’s extremely moisturising:  Remember I said I hate cleansers that leave a dry, tight feel ? The Pearl White Super Mousse doesn ’ triiodothyronine leave any of such sensation ! In fact, my skin always feel hydrated, voiced, and polish after each slipstream .
I read up more on its ingredients, and notice that the humidify benefit can be attributed to HYDRA IQ, a NIVEA patent ingredient that regulates and retains clamber ’ south moisture. This is the unavowed to why this cleansing agent is so much more hydrate than some other ones that I ’ ve tried .
It’s free of nasties:  No soap and alcohol – which can be dry out skin, adenine well as colorants, mineral oil, silicone, and paraben – which are known to irritate skin and damage peel in the long run. What this means is that the cleansing agent is likely to be condom and easy on all skin types, including those with medium hide .
Fuss-free and convenient: It immediately dispenses out dense micro foam so I can immediately sink my face into it without spending time to lather up the product. I like the appliance and how casual it is .

Besides the NIVEA Pearl White Super Mousse, which is ideal for brightening dull-looking peel, the range besides includes the White Oil Clear Super Mousse, formulated for reducing greasiness, and Hydration Super Mousse, to provide extra hydration benefits for dry skin .
They each retail at SGD9.90 for 150ml, which is a identical low-cost price for an effective cleansing agent. finally, I ’ megabyte nobelium longer neutralize clock and money on harsh cleansers that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate solve !

And if you still prefer traditional cleansers, the NIVEA Pearl White Caring Whip and White Oil Clear Caring Whip are besides available. These two products soapsuds into a whip texture, and contains no alcohol, colorants, mineral anoint, and silicones. They each retail at SGD7.90 for 100ml .
All mentioned products are available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal wish stores, Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, NTUC FairPrice, and Watsons .

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