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Albert Nipon ( natural 1927 ) is an american english fashion graphic designer and ladies-clothing manufacturer .

early liveliness and education [edit ]

He was born and raised in West Philadelphia, a section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nipon graduated from West Philadelphia High School. [ 1 ] Nipon, a graduate of Temple University, began professional life as an accountant for DuPont. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

He and his wife, Pearl, reportedly met when he threw her amply clothed into a swim pool. [ 4 ] They have four children—sons Laurence, Leon, and Andrew ; and a daughter, Barbara Joy, who is known as “ B.J. ”. They live in a condominium at the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton in Center City Philadelphia. The Nipons started their foray into manner in 1954 as designers of motherliness clothes. Albert ran the clientele, while Pearl designed the clothe. They opened a small dress patronize, which grew into a chain of stores called Ma Mere. [ 2 ]

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career [edit ]

The Nipons turned their maternity-clothes company into an internationally known producer of ultra-feminine women ‘s dress in 1972. The birth rate was declining, and they decided to focus on creating chic dress. They sold Ma Mere to Dekon Corporation. Albert Nipon gives all the recognition for the line that bears his name to Pearl and her design aesthetic. She, however, says she merely edits the lines. “ Pearl is a chic charwoman, ” he told The News and Courier in a 1973 interview. “ She has a feel for what young career women would like their clothes to be. Smart, fluid, comfortable, in fantastic burst and the nice detail that looks like the snip was made to club in Europe. ” [ 5 ] The agate line ‘s popularity caught the fashion populace by surprise and cursorily made Nipon ‘s “ Albert Nipon ” stigmatize of invest celebrated. Sales of Albert Nipon dresses reached US $ 60 million in 1984, and Nipon counted among his celebrity clients Rosalynn Carter, Mary Tyler Moore, Nancy Reagan and Barbara Walters. [ 6 ]

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His fall was equally rapid as his rise ; in 1984, he was indicted for tax evasion and bribery in an investigation of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Internal Revenue Service function and served time in a federal penitential. [ 6 ] He was housed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, a minimum security facility. [ 2 ] “ When you are stripped of everything material and physical and aroused, I do n’t care what the surroundings are, I do n’t know how anyone can call that a state club, ” he said in a Philadelphia Inquirer interview. “ You have a job to do – I sorted clothes or cut supergrass – but it ‘s barely a job, a menial caper. The challenge is to keep yourself busy, and I did that. “ When the alone thing you have is your heed, I understand nowadays the inclination to become more spiritual, ” he said. “ I was fortunate enough to be selected for a seminar at a rabbinical college. I learned a set about Judaism, history and the Bible ; I do n’t think I would have been able to do that otherwise. ” [ 2 ] During the 20 months he was incarcerated, his caller reportedly lost $ 15 million in revenues. [ 3 ] however, the interior designer ‘s career did not end with his conviction and captivity. Sales initially rebounded with Nipon himself stating they could not ship clothing sufficiently fast to fill orders. [ 2 ]


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The company declared bankruptcy in 1988. [ 7 ] It was sold in 1988 to Leslie Fay Co., which allowed the Nipons to continue running the design business. [ 8 ] Albert Nipon designs and fragrances continue to be available in dress shops and fashion boutiques around the world. [ 9 ]

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