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Is America experiencing a spiritual awakening or falling victim to false gurus and new age cult leaders? In an America in search of meaning, modern gurus, medicine men, shamans, and other magicians have become the new purveyors of value. Festivals, retreats, and detox courses that promise spiritual wellness are on the rise. We follow emerging gurus like Unicole, who is convinced she was sent to Earth by aliens to create a new religion and uses social media to gather a following. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, the shaman Durek is worshiped and charges his followers nearly $1,000 an hour to attend a seance. However, there is a fine line between a spiritual coach and a professional scammer. We follow the return of James Arthur Ray, sentenced to ten years in prison after the death of three of his members during a ceremony, as he re-enters the spirituality circuit in Las Vegas. This documentary was first released in 2020. — SUBSCRIBE for more amazing stories including free FULL documentaries. At Java Films, we have an incredible library of award-winning documentaries – from world-renowned mysteries to true crime and history, we’ve got something for everyone! Hit the SUBSCRIBE button and be sure to set NOTIFICATIONS to stay up to date with all new content. Sign up to Java Films Clubs for exclusive deals and discounts on amazing documentaries – check out the FULL documents first for FREE – head over to our catalog of documentaries available on demand. Also find our documents on: Amazon Prime Video: Vimeo On Demand: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

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New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America | Documentary
New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America | Documentary

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New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America | Documentary.

las vegas tantra.

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29 thoughts on “New Age Spirituality in the USA: Meet The Shamans, Gurus and Cult Leaders of America | Documentary | General information about las vegas tantra most complete

  1. Rediat Abayneh says:

    This brakes my heart 🙁 especially @30:00
    The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. Psalm 145:18

  2. Digi Toux says:

    Pseudo-science, religion, ideology, new-age, esotericism, conspiracy fantasies… combine it all and you get: Scientology. 🙂
    Every single thing listed above is a way to trick people with a specific desire to spend millions and billions on simply bullshit.

  3. Reno Brandt says:

    Like ANY cult, I bet you she is a multi-billionaire off the backs of Fools. You can also bet they are all drug addicts to. It won't be long and you can bet some pothead alien will have written a bible for them to. .

  4. John D says:

    waste of time. come out of the confusion. people are so gullible, because who knows. they know it all. never learning. Growing weed? always something to fill a void. just dont help others to fall too.

  5. Automatic No Static says:

    I'm pretty sure "Aliens" don't need quartz crystals to speak to humans telepathically.

  6. Mystic Realness says:

    very well done doc but what happened to the original cut? why do you keep changing the clips & narration in the documentary? i find it odd. in fact, it seems like this is a whole new channel page, the former channel that hosted a version of this film is gone, the last one appeared to be German, while this one is French. care to explain? im trying to cite this film but it keeps changing lol

  7. Lou says:

    must be really difficult to shove a crystal in your forehead while a psychopath is talking gibberish without laughing so hard

  8. Blank says:

    Could there perhaps by ironic chance be a military installment of some kind in the general area of the alien chick in Nevada ?

  9. Suzie E Antrobus says:

    When you don’t have the Holy Spirit in you to fill that void, you end up looking for answers in all the wrong places 🤦🏼‍♀️ Real Bible believing Christians would never ask for lots of money and exploit people the way these new age cults do 😖 And I noticed that Scottish woman who was married didn’t have a ring on her finger, I wonder why 🤔

  10. The invisible Man says:

    Worse than letting someone else tell them what to think…they pay money to have someone tell them what to think!! Investing so much means they simply cannot admit that it is wrong or has done nothing..the only answer is to double down, pay more and be utterly indoctrinated. This is Privelige plain and simple. They have never known suffering, hunger or wanting…never been without.

  11. N z says:

    Very sick people develop systems that some find plausible and inspiring. Check out catholicism. That's weird. So is unicole & all most new agers<<. Personally have zero interest in someone's controlling schtick

  12. Geeky Gunner says:

    Good Lord, people actually believe these self absorbed/Con Merchants? Shaman Durek = WTF!!!!!

  13. Neo Selah says:

    I'm glad I was delivered from the New Age hive mindset. I have a whole podcast about how to unravel from the New Age mentality, but it's so difficult to tell others about it without talking to a brick wall of "enlightenment".

  14. Nina Gaßner says:

    I will never understand why someone would willingly puke for an hour. Everytime I have a stomach puke, puking exhausts me beyond believe, why would I inflict that on myself willingly?

    Also, I know next to nothing about loans, but 12 to 22 % interest rate? That seems insane.

  15. MiracleMirage says:

    Why humans need to follow somebody or thought be a god himself? Cant we just be our selves and figure out our purpose in our own? I believe in god and me to choose my life meaning without any bullshit!human mind can do anything u want, without have to hear it anyone else, everybody is special in their own way u just have to believe that u can enchieve anything!

  16. Shadi Gif says:

    new age spirituality in all its forms is big business people! when assessing information always consider who stands to profit financially for example through speeches, seminars, self help courses, books, other products & services etc.

  17. gay_rtz【リガライズマリフアナ™】 says:

    Still practicing that good ol fashioned devil worship. Nothing beats devil worship

  18. Harum Skarum says:

    Having the name Nicole means every time I hear 'Unicole' I think it's 'you Nicole'. Yeah. It's me, Nicole.

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