Hair and Skin care products that contain chemicals can have a very damage impact on the environment. last year, I started using organic and handcraft soaps and I realized, buying naturally and sustainably sourced products can be much kind to the environment. How courteous it would be to know we are doing something bang-up for our self, while besides saving the environment at the lapp time, right ? If we start using natural and organic products, we will not only get the benefits of beautiful skin, but besides can enjoy them guilt-free without harming our Mother Earth. so, one one my goals this class is to make a big switch. fortunately, Watsons is with me ! They besides wants to save and protect our environment as they go natural by formulating non-toxic and eco-friendly products in which they launch their own agate line of natural hair, body and clamber care goodies for us !

Naturals by Watsons are made with the finest certified organic ingredients sourced from around the world, each product has “double the power” of its active ingredient to enhance efficacy. Whether to moisturize, soften, brighten, or pamper, every product is tested for complete safety without the harmful chemicals, so you can draw from nature’s essential goodness for that head-to-toe beautifying luxury!

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he promotion of the products looks very decent because it gives me the same vibration I ’ m getting whenever I visit a watering place salon. It comes with brown pump bottle with a woodwind design accent which is perfect if you want to achieve a spa-inspired toilet mise en scene at home .

Naturals by Watsons Olive Hair range provides intense and lasting hydration for hair. It has the the power of Olive for extra moisture – Olive from Italy made to deeply humidify dry, brittle hair

The first thing I notice about this olive Shampoo is the smell. It has an aromatherapy scent which I love how relaxing the spirit is ! It lathers up well quite close to a regular, commercial shampoo. After using it for quite some time, I besides notice that this this shampoo cleanses my haircloth and scalp well and re-balances moisture to revitalize my hair and scalp. It besides gives my hair a full and softer feel !

Naturals by Watsons Argan Hair stove is formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish and revitalise hair. Known as “ liquid amber ”, this cute oil improves haircloth elasticity for more resilience. This conditioner contains essential nutrients to repair wrong and replenish moisture to keep haircloth soft and limber .

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This product works actually well with the Natural Olive Shampoo. The conditioning effect does the job and it smells amazing ! I like how the conditioner keeps my hair soft but not greasy .

Naturals by Watsons Rice Bran Bath & Body range contains Organic Rice Bran from Japan. One of Japan ’ s best-kept beauty secrets, rice bran has been used for centuries to brighten and even out peel spirit, for luminous-looking skin .

This cream bathtub gently cleanses my skin with a soothe soap-free formula that releases an airy foam and it lathers very well. It exceeded my expectations on all natural skim baths that I normally buy from drugstores. This smells actually great which reminds me of a deluxe resort hotel. After rinsing, It feels like it actually cleanses and whitens my skin without drying it .

Naturals by Watsons Aloe Vera Hair and Scalp Tonic has a freshen formula that contains Salicylic Acid to prevent dandruff and regulate sebum for dry and buttery scalp. Aloe Vera soothes medium hide and scalp. It besides strengthens hair from roots to tips. This product is perfect for me because I have an buttery, dandruff-prone scalp before. By using this, it besides lessen my haircloth drop and gave my hair the overall security it needs .


I must say, switching to Naturals by Watsons doesn ’ t come with a brawny price tag ! The price range of these products is from P209-P239 lone ! Can you imagine that ? ! honestly, I was in awe when I saw the price because I expected them to be expensive like other Natural products on the marketplace, considering the natural ingredients that were used on these. For the size and price, it ’ s all worth it ! You will decidedly get the value for your money !

It ’ mho nowadays time for you to go all-natural and appreciate more of Mother Nature ’ s stunning smasher with Naturals by Watsons ! You can try these for FREE only at and in lawsuit you ’ ll love them, these are entirely available in Watsons Store, The SM Store Beauty Section, and at

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