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All day into night blush!

Love ! I apply it at 5AM atop everything else NARS- fuse and foundation. Get home from a day ‘s influence at 7PM and blush even on and looks fresh as it did 14 hours ago ! Never looks caked on, makes cheeks look smooth, and never a excessively much blush look ! Perfect for this about 60 grimace ! ! ! !

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Worst. Packaging. Ever!!

I bought this six months ago and was thus hoping to love it. Had my makeup done at the Madison Ave storehouse and the artist did a great job using this merchandise. I loved the attend thus much I bought six products ! however, this promotion suck ! ! ! I travel frequently and I absolutely will not travel with this after it leaked all over my bag. It made such an oily mess and ruined some very expensive hotel towels. I do love the Nars Velvet Matte foundation garment for its packaging- a dim-witted formative squeeze tube. I was then apprehensive about using this, and always made the pump was mean. I have n’t tried it in a few months but decided to give it another sample. Nope, this time it leaked all over my constitution drawer ! Luckily it only leaked on some perfume roller balls that were easy to wash off but it stained the white drawer. speak of the pump, it releases a ample amount that was possibly six times the amount needed to achieve a non-clown like appearance. Going for that clown or Cheeto look ? then one pump is the perfective amount ! vitamin a far as the formula goes, it ‘s ok. Takes a short test and error to figure out how to apply properly. I found that, even after using the Nars Aqua Gel moisturizer and nars velvet felt initiation, the blush did n’t adhere very well and kept shifting around. It was decidedly not something you want to wear while trying on clothes ; it ‘ll smear all over.

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Reviewed by 356 customers

I like it

4 Sam from New York I in truth like this. It ‘s a pretty tad. At first I was storm how modest the bottle is but then I realized a small moment goes such a long way. So I think it ‘s worth it

Best of Best

5 xixi from AZ No words can describe Nars ! Awlays the best in constitution .

Just, absolutely, YES.

5 COCOMELON < 3 from california honestly, I loved it. I 'll never use another blush. But always since Madison Beer got it, it 's impossible to come across. It 's airheaded. Just like, I got a question for you, are you actually silly ? Yes. Watermelon. Anyway, have a good day .

Orgasm shade perfect but glitter is a no-go

3 Nina88 from undisclosed Love the orgasm shade of this melted bloom. unfortunately the add glitter particles are a no-go for me. I wish you would make a translation without glitter .

Love it

5 Blushing from AZ I ‘ve had this blush for awhile and this unharmed time I ‘ve been twisting the cap off. I did n’t realize the heart can be found by just pulling alternatively ! I love it evening more now .

In love!

5 Joe from California Super cute natural bloom !

Not that noticeable on tan skin

4 Suzy from New York I was excited to receive this item since it has become a democratic purchase on Tik tok. The coloring material is beautiful but I could barely see it on my tan skin. I ended up using it on clear of a cream blush for a glowy attend and so far I love it !

The best blush

5 Katie from NY I love this bloom so much. I like it a batch better than the powder version of orgasm. You only need the tiniest snatch, like not even half of a pump. It does n’t disturb my foundation after it has been set when I apply this bloom and it lasts all day. It ‘s such a gorgeous natural flush to the impudence. The other nars melted blushes are good as amazing. Highly commend .

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5 JDM from Utah The rule is identical melted and is easy to blend. The coloring material is universally flattering .

Amazing but packaging sucks it leaked all over my car!!!

5 Gabriela from Seattle, WA This blush is amazing, such a beautiful semblance that works for all skin tones ! It ‘s ace pigmented and I love the light highlight it gives besides. The entirely bad matter about it is the packaging…it ‘s atrocious. It leaked ALL over my cable car !

Super pigmented but takes time to get used to

4 Megan from California This blush is extremely pigmented so a fiddling total goes a long way. I have n’t had any issues with my pump like early have. The entirely thing I can say is that it is a little hard to blend and I have to spend some time blending to make certain I do n’t look like a clown. otherwise, this is a great bloom and I ‘m glad I ultimately got my hands on it .

The Best Option for Liquid

4 Rach from Bucks County, PA I actually like this product. I wanted it during Christmas time but then it went viral so I was unable to get my hands on it until immediately. A little goes a long way. Use a beauty blender to blend, possibly do concealer afterwards.


5 pinkcrush from Tennessee NARS products are clear quality IMO. This melted blush is amazing. The texture and application is top of the line, the staying office is great. I love the semblance, besides. The peachy pink goes very well with carnival bark. Highly recommend

Great blush – will last forever

5 Midwestmakeup from Wisconsin This is indeed pigment. great color and a little goes a long way ! I about wish the pump would administer half as much. The inaugural fourth dimension I used it, I used a full moon pump and looked like a clown. But about 1/2 pump adds big color and blends nicely with the other cream/liquid products I use. I use this on top of Clinique CC cream and apply with a sponge .

Bittersweet love

3 Txcoolgal2022 from Houston, Texas I in truth love this product, but am hesitant to splurge on a newfangled bottle, because my former two bottles eddy tops both fell apart causing the product to leak. Made a mess in my constitution bag and all my blush was wasted .

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5 kaybennny from Pittsburgh SHE IS THAT GIRL ! ! ! ! SHE IS THE MOMENT ! ! !

So pigmented. Better than the powder

5 Rena from Michigan I BARELY use one pump, moment it is enough for both impudence !

Pump is in Cap. Pull, don’t twist!

5 cheerfulness from Ohio beautiful love it

Under eye

5 Suebee from Plano TX I put this on my darkness under eye circles as a color corrector and then cover with concealer. I use it more this way than as a blush. It looks nasty when you put it under eyes until you cover with the concealer .

Holy grail of liquid blush

5 Amber B from Knoxville, TN More colors, please ! This product lasts forever. Highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Torrid is the perfective coral. I get comments on how beaming my complexion looks with this on .


5 Makeuplover94 from Arvada CO You do n’t need much of this blush, precisely a bantam shed or two, to make your buttock looked naturally flushed and glowing ! I am on the pale side true, but with how pigment this blush is, I have a feel it would look amazing on a wide-eyed kind of hide tones. Highly recommend !

Lovely blush

4 Kel77 from New Zealand truly happy with this product. Easy to use and blend, already had a few compliments. Would buy again .

BEST Liquid Blush

5 Courtney L from Charleston, WV A little goes a long way. One dot is all it takes for me indeed this intersection is worth the money for certain. easy to blend, with a lifelike ending !

Takes some getting used to, but worth it

4 e. from California This is a fantastic way to get a glow flushed shade on your skin. Uber pigmented, indeed be surely to blend. I would not recommend this on top of heavy basis as The amount of blending might disrupt the base layer.

Excellent Blush!

5 Kayla from Columbia, MO I ‘ve been on the hunt for a thoroughly liquid bloom and then far I ‘ve been unsuccessful until this one. I have identical buttery skin and this one seems to be the best one that blends in and does n’t start fading when my bark gets glistening. I ‘m not crazy about the monetary value, but it ‘s a prestige brand then you get what you pay for. Highly commend !

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