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Hello everyone. In this video you will discover some of my favorite hair care products that I use in my salon. You will also be able to watch a short bonus video of some favors I purchased from the Influance hair care line over the holidays of 2019 for my clients. Comment share and like. Let me know some of your favorite products to use in your salon. As always, thanks for watching. Products shown are from the Influance hair care line. Avocado Oil Deep Cleansing Coconut Milk Shampoo Coconut Milk Conditioner Honey Almond Shampoo Honey Almond Conditioner S3 spray S3 Serum Scalp Stimulating Oil Rosemary Stimulating Spray Sheen Oil Conditioning Spray Instagram: maculatempressions Instagram: mitchelettagel Pinterest : maculatempressions Facebook: maculatempressions Twitter: Mpressedhair Snapchat: maculate23

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rosemary styling foam.

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22 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS TO USE IN MY SALON/SMALL BONUS VIDEO | General information about rosemary styling foam most detailed

  1. Mrs. St. H says:

    I’m really thinking about changing my lines to influence I discovered this product when I was station in NC, but when I moved to Alabama it became very hard to get

  2. Beautifully gifted _ says:

    What products would you recommend for dry relaxed hair? My hair is cut into a short bob , I usually mold my hair.

  3. Jasmine Simone says:

    I’ve never heard of these products before but I would love to check them out. Thanks for sharing!!💕

  4. Mamaz Garden says:

    Anything that can go on natural hair I'm fine with . Thanks for the video. I would love to watch a video of you blowing out and flat ironing someone's hair.

  5. Lifestyle With Nina says:

    I’m always looking for good hair products on my curly hair, thank u so much sharing! Those little gift bags are adorable, how sweet!

  6. BEyondBRIA says:

    One of my hairstylist’s uses this brand and I absolutely love it. I need to get some for my own personal use.

  7. Issa Coya thang says:

    I’m gone have to try this hair product I thought it only worked good on caucasian women thanks for sharing

  8. Marie Janvier says:

    Hey, I’m a hair stylist in Miami and I’m trying too order some product but I’m unable to register on the actual site

  9. Karen Special_kstyles says:

    I'm looking for a line to use and in need of some classes that work. I used the blue stuff (foam wrap) don't work well in my hair, and I tried another one too soupy. So hopefully I can get this product in before Thanksgiving. Need a line that works well for natural, and relaxed hair.

  10. Tanya Muir says:

    I'm back for another question. My former hair dresser recommended I try to honey almond foam for my roller sets. I don't have coarse hair. The other foam you said will make it hard? Does that mean you cannot comb through? Also, i noticed on their website they have a hold foam what's that?
    I want after my roller set my hair is bouncy.
    Your review was excellent.

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