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**** Disclaimer: I recently did more research and found out that I am allergic to HEMA and not acrylic itself as I can use HEMA free monomer with acrylic powder **** This video explains my personal allergy to acrylic and how it has affected the way I do my nails and the products I choose. My allergy may not be the same as some viewers, so please do your own research before applying any product to your skin, as I know from experience that an allergic reaction can be serious and each person’s skin is different and can tolerate different levels of certain chemicals. Always do a patch test and see a doctor right away if you have any symptoms of a reaction. With that said, let’s get to the fun stuff! As I mentioned in the video, I love to sculpt my nails, but I was devastated when I had a reaction to the monomer in the acrylic set I was using. I haven’t been able to wear acrylics since then and have stuck with gel ever since. Although I love the look of gel nails, I really miss the sculpted element of acrylics and was thrilled when I finally found something I could wear and love without any reaction. I am not a professional nail technician and I was not paid to review the products featured or mentioned in this video, I purchased them with my own money and paid full price. I’m open to suggestions for future videos, just let me know in the comments what you’d like to see. I hope you enjoy this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe for future videos and press the bell to receive news notifications. All the products I have used are listed below along with my social media info. ************************************************** ** **** ***************************************** Yes to you would you like to help support my channel by contributing nail products for future videos, here is my paypal link: if you would like me to review the products for you email me at (cruelty free only please) ***** ********************************************* ******* ******** ******************** ****** Where did I buy these products ** *** * * contains affiliate links and if you buy through them I will receive a small commission * Be prepared that it is a very long list! Canni Builder Gel: NSI Balance gel: Base One Thick Clear Gel: Ebay (USA): Amazon UK: Silcare Pureline builder gel: UNT Peel off Base Coat: Canni Rubber Base Coat: Elite99 no clean top coat: Amazon UK : Amazon: Dipped No Wipe Top Coat: US: UK: W7 Gel Polish: Vennalisa Gel Polish: Canni Gel Paint: Purple Holographic Glitter Gel Polish (Black Bottles): US: UK: Bluesky Gel Polish: CCO Gel Polish Amazon: Amazon UK : Lavender Violets Gel Polish: Elite99 Neon Purple Gel Polish 1556 Amazon: Amazon UK: Ellwings Gel Polish: Elite99 Polymer Gel: A-Nails Polymer Gel (different packaging shown but this is the brand I ordered): ________________________________________________________________ My Social Media : Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook page : Blog: twitter: ************************************* ****** * DISCOUNT CODES: Madame Glam – Use code sharonsnails30 at checkout to get 30% off your order! Aimeili Gel Polish – Get 10% Off Your Order ($12 Min Spend) Using My Code Sharon-10

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My Acrylic Allergy and the Nail Products I Use
My Acrylic Allergy and the Nail Products I Use

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My Acrylic Allergy and the Nail Products I Use.

hema free builder gel.

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39 thoughts on “My Acrylic Allergy and the Nail Products I Use | Covered the most detailed relevant content hema free builder gel

  1. MsChristyJetta says:

    YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER. Very first time this happens to me after 15 years of having my nails done. I got so sad thinking I’d never touch nail treatments again for the rest of my days. 😭😭😭 and then I bust out all the safer alternatives and I am such a happier girl now haha! Thank you thank you!

  2. Marissa Guidry says:

    It’s crazy cuz I been doing my nails since December and all of a sudden it made me break out in the same rashes

  3. Nicollette Miller says:

    I have this happen when I use nail glue specifically. But when I use dip systems, the reaction is mild BUT then I start sneezing and get congested and apparently the chemicals cause a reaction in my respiratory and sinus systems. Cyanoacrylate seems to be the culprit but its IMPOSSIBLE to find a system without that ingredient or any acrylate.

  4. Helen Sarwar says:

    I get super itchy and little red pin prick dots then blisters around my cuticles and fingertips . Yeah and then it peels off . My nail literally came up off my thumb.

  5. beca198 says:

    How do I find out what specific ingredients I'm allergic too, I used acrylic, poly and gel so I'm not sure what it is that causes my reaction?!

  6. Iamblessed_77 says:

    I just started having a reaction… I just brought IBD gel builder and dehydrator it’s the only thing that has been new so sad

  7. Janice Havlicsek says:

    Once again thank you very much and to let you know you are right the sad part about this was I have been a nail tech for over 45 years, never experienced this before and I just started developing these terrible horrific peeling itchy blistering rash allergy from acrylic.

  8. Janice Havlicsek says:

    Thank you so much for your help on these products I have all of the same exact reactions that you were talking about I am now experienced them as I'm writing this I'm at the end of my horrific allergy infection I did use betamethasone cream ointment put it on my hands throughout the day as many times as I could it's like a Vaseline type gel but it has antibiotic in it and very soothing to the painfull abrasions, I would put rubber gloves on because this was the only thing I could wear or have on my hands in order for me to be able to live my daily life and do things it was so painful and so bad even if I just bumped a finger it was like it was coming off any type of ointment gel product Vaseline organic seem to help with gloves on and I'm talking I even went to bed with gloves and I took them I would take them off in the morning rest my hands for about 3 or 4 hours until my fingers started cracking and getting super super dry then I would grease them, n repeat. it has taken 4 weeks for this infection to finally come to an end thank you so much

  9. Venetta Rampersad says:

    I had the same exact allergic reaction, itchy tips, hardening of skin around the finger tips, and I used a cuticle oil and thought that was what I was allergic to, but I used my UV lamp to cure a top coat just yesterday on one nail without even using acrylic and its still swollen, so could it be the UV Lamp?

  10. Corbillat says:

    I used gel x and got an allergic reaction, skin got thick, cracked and then my fingers where sensitive (it was not that painful) until I got onicholysis on my nails, took them off, and a finger that had nothing and after a month I saw that it had a little onicholys while I had nothing before so even without it did do that anyways ??

    What products would you recommend me to use as a gummy base ?

  11. Stephanie Woolven says:

    I have this reaction with acrylic, gels and stick ons… I would love to have my nails done but I'm so scared that I'll get the reaction again! 😔

  12. Kat says:

    I randomly had allergic reactions to polygel after using it for like 6 months so i did my own acrylic nail and they were so pretty but the morning after i got a reaction 🙁 i was so upset

  13. Cupcake s says:

    I found out I was allergic to acrylic paint when o was about 3 and don’t know if I’ll be allergic to acrylic nails. I am scared to try and don’t know if their the same kind of acrylic.

  14. Mimi A says:

    I’ve been going through these reactions for months trying to figure out different monomers and powders thinking it was ema and mma but you described exactly what I’m going through right now and it’s probably hema

  15. Brandi Mac says:

    My fingers did this with regular nail glue and it took 2 months for my fingers to heal. Now I just paint them lol

  16. Lori Kessler says:

    I get this reaction from the dip nail system and a similar, but smaller reaction to acrylic. It’s called Dyshidrotic eczema. I’m going to try gel next to see if I get along with that better. It’s such a bummer because I love getting my nails done. 🙁

  17. Wyndie Featherstone says:

    I just began my journey with poly nails about 6 weeks ago and I was so happy to have "pretty nails" since I work in my garden a lot. Just about 5 days ago I put on one entire nail and refreshed the others, and in a few minutes I felt my hands itching horribly. I ran to the sink and began washing my hands in cold water because the hot water made it worse. For some reason my index fingers seemed worse than the others. I took an allergy pill and went to bed. The following morning my fingers were swollen like hot dogs, just bending them was difficult and they had a weird feeling like numb but tingling at the same time. The pads of my fingers were painful and swollen, so I took another allergy pill and began to file off the the polish and gel. I still have more to remove but pretty much all symptoms are gone today. For several years prior to gel I had concocted my own nails made of super glue and sprinkled baking soda over the wet nail. It would get hot for a second then stop and I would file and shape them. I could not do extensions however, and I began to wonder what damage I might be doing to my body not realizing it, that is when I turned to poly nails. If any of you discover an alternative, I would so love to know it because I do love pretty nails!!!

  18. Erin Flemington says:

    My nails are extremely short and I'm allergic to nail glue but want the longer length. Is that possible with this? I believe I can still tolerate acrylic but not the chemicals involved..Is there anyone to make nails appear larger without the acrylic?

  19. Misty Jett says:

    I noticed you said it’s HEMA you’re allergic to. It looks like that is an ingredient in the Queen Fingers product you showed, correct? I’m just trying to learn what I can buy and what I’m looking for to stay away from. Thanks

  20. Ileanna Spetsioti says:

    Going through this, but I am not certain what is the problem. I was using Bluesky and I stopped for two months. Bought non toxic, allergic tested gel, but after some hours I decided to clean the house. Half house I remembered to use cleaning products and in the other half I forgot. Also it might be lamp. My symptoms are very slight, not the same as the other time where I got blisters etc. It was horrible. Haven't removed the gel yet, cause I am trying to see if it will subside. Also thinking if it's the uv/led lamp and if I should start wearing sunscreen before using it. Tell me your thoughts. My doctor the previous time told me to not use for a couple of months and change brands.

  21. Mena Gutierrez says:

    This happen to me twice, because the first time I thought something else caused the rash outbreak on my finger tips :-x. The First time I used Black Seed Oil, The Second time I used Tamanu Oil when the itching or irritation started. Both worked really well for me to stop the Pain & Itch, and both helped me to heal a lot better.

  22. Saja alugaili says:

    I’ve had the same reaction and it was so bad all 10 of my fingers were swollen and blistered and really itchy, my dr gave me a steroid and it helped so much but she said she couldn’t keep giving me them so she referred me to a dermatologist and the cream and pills he gave me honestly changed everything. So I would say you should go see a dermatologist.

  23. Just Me says:

    I am allergic to acrylates. I developed this allergy the same way you developed yours it happened within a couple of weeks. The first week was fine I have beautiful nails but by the third week, I was having the same reaction as you. It was so itchy and painful plus the emotional stress uhg I will try one of the products mentioned in your video in hopes I can have beautiful hands again because I really have ugly hands without my nails being done. I have been using nail strips but there has to be a better way to get nail extensions than my two-day press on nails.

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