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MUST Know Hacks For Bleach Dyeing Shirts
MUST Know Hacks For Bleach Dyeing Shirts

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MUST Know Hacks For Bleach Dyeing Shirts.

bleached green shirt.

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33 thoughts on “MUST Know Hacks For Bleach Dyeing Shirts | All information related to bleached green shirt most detailed

  1. Brittany Phillips says:

    I mean this in the most humble way, you are Mr Roger's reincarnated ❤️ you talking is so calming. So glad I came across your page.

  2. Ketina Squire says:

    After you bleach the design in the t-shirt. What do you wash it after the project is done. to keep the material from ripping or the bleach from eating the fabric

  3. BucYou says:

    Do you have any tips for brands of shirts to use? I have a few gildan shirts and they did not turn color at all when I bleached them. Also, any tips for the darker greys and blacks turning orange/red/brassy?

  4. BBTINO KIDS says:

    Hi Tanner you are great like always, I’m getting BROWN spots how can stop that for happen ?

  5. mrsdizi1234 says:

    Does it matter if the shirt is 50-50 or 100 or blend in order for it too accept the bleach? The reason I ask is I have a grey shirt that is 53 poly and 47 cotton and I cannot get it to bleach. Thank you

  6. Timmins Museum says:

    My t-shirt won't dye! I even used straight clorox bleach and no water. What am I doing wrong? Does it need to be washed first? HELP!!!!

  7. ADRIAN GORDON says:

    I'm trying to bleach Dye but the shirt won't take the bleach it says 100% cutton but still ntn

  8. Heidi Toparcean says:

    Ugh!!! I did the bleach on 2 shirts and followed another video that said to spray the shirt with peroxide after doing the bleach and then put them in the washer like the video said and the shirts ripped to shreds 😞 HELP!!!

  9. Beckie Leigh Creates on Skates says:

    I learned about the splashless bleach today. I mixed it 1:1 with water, and almost nothing happened even after leaving the 3 shirts out in the bright sun for hours. 😭😭😭

  10. Eviano says:

    Hello, does bleach works on 66% cotton and 34% polyester.. I want to bleach a whole hoodie, like deep it in a bucket to get a ligher colour not tie dye effecr.

  11. Amanda Michelle says:

    I used regular generic bleach for one of my bleached projects and I bleached overtop of my design to make it pop and it ended up ripping the shirt in pieces after washing. What did I do wrong? I really need to figure out what I did wrong as I have more bleached shirt orders I need to fulfill

  12. melanie schipani says:

    Hii when I tried bleaching my black sweatshirts the black color won’t come out at all no matter how much bleach I used it’s still black. Idk what I’m doing wrong.

  13. Unexpected Amy says:

    I'm sorry, but your demeanour…your eyes….your smile…your voice, are just the most genuine and enthusiastic qualities! You are just amazing!

  14. Shelly McDaniel says:

    Do I put the HTV on the T-shirt before I do the bleach or do I put the HTV on after it's bleached and washed

  15. Dreamingrightnow says:

    I was like, "flashless" bleach..? Then saw in the comments, "splashless". That makes more sense, lol. Does this mean the toilet boil cleaner, because I was just about to go out and buy some. I'm concerned about bleeding, I wonder if it depends on what kind of stencil (adhesive or non) you use. If you just tape a stencil on the shirt with no adhesive would it be better to use the gel bleach, and maybe just wait it out longer or use more heat? Also, do you have any experience with bleach on leather (a jacket)?

  16. Mia A says:

    Sooooo my bleach shirts are getting holes once I wash and dry and the htv i put on the bleach sections is wrinkling real ugly and advice on what im doing wrong?!?!

  17. Abigail Davis says:

    My teal and red comfort colors WILL NOT bleach and theyre saturated at 100% concentrate. Wth am I doing wrong 🙄 theyve been in the sun bundled for an hour. (Doing spiral design) help please.

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