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My must-have hair clips that I use in and out of the salon. I use it for all kinds of services while doing my hair. Shark clip, single prong medium clip, finger clip and wrinkle-free hair clip. For example, I use it to dye, laminate, cut and style hair. Shark Clip – Medium Single Pin Clips – Wavy Finger Clip – No Crease Hair Clips Curl Clips Makeup Hair Clips – *Download My Free Face Shape Cheat Sheet –

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Must Have Hair Clips
Must Have Hair Clips

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Must Have Hair Clips.

ys park clips.

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  1. Monica Morales says:

    Hi! Why does Jennifer Aniston wears hair clips on season 1 in the morning show? Is it like to set the hair?

  2. Lil Enr says:

    Wish you had demo for each clip use.
    What is each kind of hair clip called?
    If you only have 1 kind of hair clip, which one would you keep?
    Which is best for holding hair when you section them when cutting hair, whether the hair is thin, thick, straight or curly?
    Which one is best for thin and straight?

  3. twinkletoes2394 says:

    What clips would you recommend to section and hold short hair before using Straightening Irons?

  4. Marie F says:

    This video actually helped a lot! Your videos have a lot of potential. I'm sure you will become big on YouTube one day. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. Kelsey Thompson says:

    Awesome! I’m not a hairdresser but these will totally come in use when doing my daughter’s hair! Thanks!!

  6. Camber Film School says:

    Nice! I've been cutting my own hair for over 10 years but I just started cutting my daughters' hair last week, and these would have definitely made a HUGE difference when I was putting in layers!

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