MUJI Mild Face Soap Moisture
Along with the MUJI confront scrub ( read here ), I besides purchased a facial foam from MUJI arsenic well. MUJI has quite a few ranges of skin care products, but the facial foam I purchased is from its Moisture compass. So how does this foam fare ? here are my thoughts :
The Good
As with the cancel, I love that there are different size options for me to choose from. not wanting to immediately invest in a full-sized bottle, I bought this travel-sized one to test out.

The box is simple, and hardheaded. simplicity at its best .
But let ’ s catch to the formulation, shall we ?
The foam feels identical much like a cream, it ’ sulfur that dense. And since it ’ mho already in a foam form, I don ’ t have to waste any time lathering it up on my boldness. I like using foams because mechanically, it cleans better than a normal cleansing agent because the bantam bubbles are able to reach areas that a normal cleansing agent can ’ thyroxine .
now moisture and fulsomeness of skin are two different parameters. What that means is that buttery peel does not equate to well-moisturised clamber. moisture is the measure of the total of water your hide is holding. Oiliness is, well, the measure of oil your hide is holding .
Why did I bother with that explanation ? Well it ’ s because I suffer from oily, but slenderly dehydrated skin. So I need a facial cleansing agent that removes the overindulgence sebum and scandal from my face, while giving me as much moisture as potential. This intersection does both .
After washing my face with this, my face feels in truth very clean ( evening my hands feel screaky clean, particularly if I apply the foam with dry hands ), but the actually impressive part is that my face doesn ’ thymine feel tight at all afterwards ! That means that apart from giving my hide a adept fairly, it actually replenishes my bark with adequate moisture so that my skin is not dried out at all ! Colour me majorly impressed .
The Bad
MUJI Mild Face Soap Moisture
This travel-sized foam price me $ 5.30. This could be reasonably costly for some people, particularly when you realise that it costs about arsenic much as a full-sized Garnier facial cleansing agent. But if you ’ re the type who buys facial cleansers from more expensive brands, then this is actually brassy.

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second, this product does have a smack to it, as with the scrub, just that it ’ randomness intensified for this intersection. It ’ s not the most pleasant of scents, neither is it particularly off-putting, but it ’ s there. And personally I find it a relief that there ’ s a smell there because, as I ’ ve explained before, most products will have a scent because of the ingredients used. In fact, cosmetic companies have to introduce aroma ingredients to make a product unscented. therefore having a olfactory property lets me know that there truly are no supernumerary bouquet ingredients added in this product .
absolutely rebuying this intersection once I ’ molarity done with this travel-sized tube. last a facial cleansing agent that truly fits my clamber type. For those who have greasy skin, please do not think that the Moisture range will not fit your clamber type. Give this a go and I ’ m reasonably certain you won ’ t repent it .

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