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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy this video of me ranting about how I got backlash for telling the truth about moonxcosmetics. I have talked about rose oil galore, rejuvenating toner, even cleanser and purifying oil cleanser by moonxcosmetics. Shop my Amazon Storefront Instagram For Lashes: Stay connected with me! Instagram:

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ari lip scrub.

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31 thoughts on “MOONXCOSMETICS WORTH THE HYPE? | BACKLASH FOR TELLING THE TRUTH? (WATCH BEFORE PURCHASING) | Covering the most complete ari lip scrub knowledge

  1. Chels Chels! says:

    I'm an ex employee.. used to work in both of her warehouses. mice and roach infested. her and her mom is rude and mean af, she should really be investigated bc 1 she kinda scams and 2 her products are filthy w/ cross contamination and horrible practices/ not good hygiene. yall need to watch out just because an influencer sys the use it, they are definitely lying! jayda and ari already had clear skin before using this girls concoctions. MARIEE REVERE IS A SCAMMER.

  2. leilava says:

    ik im late to the discussion but I’m trying to figure out is the money even going back into her business fr ? the packaging is basic and the website is unprofessional as well . i understand that it’s a process but I’ve seen wayyyy smaller businesses work their butts off to make sure the products the packaging and just the brand overall ? is put together well . she needs to humble herself

  3. Kitty Tati says:

    She blocked me once I told her, her products broke me out. She’s rude and unprofessional & now karma is whooping her ass because recently she got robbed. Not saying that I would wish that on anyone but God don’t like ugly and I hope she prayed up because it seems like nobody likes her at all. 🤭

  4. ajah d says:

    She said she was considering not selling the mask or one of her products anymore. I wrote a comment like “your product works and people are buying keep selling” 3 days later she replied going off about how she is a 1 man show and we need to understand that’s she’s only one person. As soon as I was about to respond she deleted my entire comment. Inboxed her about it she went off talking about girl bye and all this other stuff and then she blocked me from her page. I never deleted the DM. She is rude her customer service sucks, absolutely trash. And her products made my skin break out so bad. I’m talking pimples on pimple. The white ones, I’ve never had that before. Stay away

  5. JLA M. says:

    It’s just odd how majority of folks say how they don’t like her products but on her page so many supporters smh. I remember knowing the truth about her since 2018

  6. breana loius says:

    Thats crazy this business is over priced the way that it is and the product doesnt work. I make skin care products naturally that actually works I am not over priced and an esthetician Ive heard bad reviews as well about her brand and business and a couple others that are hyped by these shaderoom celebrities

  7. Cosmic Cat’s Eye says:

    That girl that owns moonx better figure out a new niche before she can’t pay for all the bs she bought from these lame products

  8. C T says:

    This chick (owner of Moonxcosmetics) is crazy. She blocks people for anything. Someone on twitter said she was blocking people for questioning her business advice. She was saying not to use shopify or USPS. Anyone who asked her why got blocked! 😆

  9. Goldee says:

    What I don’t understand is why people still buy from this girl. I’ve seen nothing but bad on top of bad reviews about her products… everywhere. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, EVERYWHEREEE. I feel like people only really buy it because of the fact that there is hella influencers that promote this brand, mind you all of them had clear skin before teaming up with mooncosmetics. So what are her products really doing? Not a damn thang 😂😂

  10. Goldee says:

    Girlllllll I been knew something was up with that girl since she first came out and people was missing they packages 👀👀👀👀 no ma’am ✋🏽✋🏽

  11. Kamoree Love says:

    I’m only one min into this video and after reading two comments let me just say I never listen to the YouTube skincare gurus because it takes more then just washing your face with a cleanser using certain products etc etc we don’t know these girls/boys life styles things like your diet organs hormones/ birth control and be factors on why you do or don’t breakout I truly believe late “ puberty” is a thing (acne facial or body hair voice height weight)… while on birth control my skin was clearer then water lol and while pregnant with my daughter acne for days with my son spotless

  12. J says:

    What’s done in the dark comes to light. Skin care is very personal to me and if I’m going to invest in a skin Care line. I at least want the owner or the company to have someone who has a biology or a chemistry degree. Because skin care is science and marketing. Emphasis on the science.

  13. Ethiopian Goddess says:

    Please beware of any Instagram boutique or Etsy boutique selling “rose oil” with little rose and lavender flowers in them. Chances are they are 1.wholesales products that have been cycled through and probably expired 2. Very cheap rose fragrance that will brake out your face and sunflower oil. That’s it.

  14. M J says:

    This is proof that if you have a skin problem or if you’re unsure about what products to use please see an esthetician and/or a dermatologist. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Charnice LaRae' says:

    & now look, Crisco Jr is being exposed – this is exactly what happens when you have trash ass energy & treat your paying customers horribly. Karma is not out here playing with folks 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Jodian Campbell says:

    What do you think about how she reacted about the whole Ari situation talking about her clogged pores?

  17. Sita Petra says:

    Girl I spent about 190 it been year still haven't received anything I've tried contact them but nothing 🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. Domini Forelli says:

    It’s funny that I’m just now seeing this video. If I could heart this video a million times I would. I purchased some of her stuff last year and literally spent $300 with her. I started using the product from start to finish meaning I used it consistently and nothing happened with my skin. I didn’t see any improvements from the rose galore that was suppose to “fade” my dark spots up. The cleanser didn’t foam up like the one Ari Fletcher uses in her promo videos. I was disappointed and upset. I began using my old skin care routine I’ve been using for years and my skin bounced back. That girl literally made over a million dollars and her products do not work. If anyone gets offended from this comment oh well. I tried supporting her and felt scammed. $300 gone down the drain. I was thinking about starting my own brand and sharing the products that really truly worked for my dark spots.

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