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This deck is colorful, quirky, and out of this world! Moon Power Tarot – Don’t forget to click subscribe! *** Donations are appreciated so I can do more and create more for you (and give you gifts in the process) AND help build our community-based Oracle platform! *** Reads: Website: IG: FB: Pinterest: Want to send a postcard? PO Box 1877 Spring Valley, California 91979-1877

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Moon Power Tarot + Review
Moon Power Tarot + Review

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Moon Power Tarot + Review.

moon power tarot.

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8 thoughts on “Moon Power Tarot + Review | Overview of information about moon power tarot the most detailed

  1. ♥ Starry Eyed Tarot ♥ says:

    I just received this deck and I am so deeply disappointed, I'm literally in tears because they won't exchange it because it was made to order. Why on EARTH are the cards not labeled in the minor arcana? This art is so fucking abstract (albeit AWESOME), but SO far from Rider-Waite, what made them think that was a good idea? I can't read these in my practice, there's no way. I know in my heart I can study these for 78 days as I do with every deck, and I won't be able to memorize the minor arcana. How is anybody able to read with these? And they won't don't exchanges so I'm left with a deck I can't use nor sell. And I'm out $78. What were they thinking?? And how are readers supposed to be able to read these?? I read reversals in my practice and how am I supposed to read Roman numerals reversed?? Oy vei…

  2. Kyleliz says:

    I've always liked this deck, and her Star Power too. Do you know what the significance of the
    "42" along with "Don't Panic" on 8 pentacles book? There are a couple others, both decks…..

  3. Linda Lola says:

    I loved it too!!! So 90’s 🥰🥳💖 it’s so cute and eccentric like me Lol 😝 I’m a 90s kid 🤗 Thx for you sharing, I’ve just seen it on Pinterest and I come here to confirm this baby hahaha

  4. SalemElectro7 says:

    Ty for this! I've had this in my wish list for ages, but never really seen anyone with it. Seeing more of the cards, I think this is really up my alley. Love the glittery gilding. Ty for this video walk through. Much appreciated !

  5. Debbi 777 says:

    Hi Tara , this is beautiful deck !!
    How to I find your shop !! I tried to look it up but I can’t find your bracelets and sprays!!!

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