respective of the original team members, including Tokyo ( Úrsula Corberó ), Helsinki ( Darko Peric ) and, of course, The Professor ( Álvaro Morte ) are still around as we reach the final chapter, but there have been some crushing losses along the way besides. It ‘s the begin of the goal for the Salvador Dalí gang as Money Heist season five launches its first base five episodes following calendar month, bringing this epic crime saga to a thrilling decision. That being said, we ca n’t rule out some cameo appearances from dearly departed characters in the approaching season as Money Heist is known for using extensive flashbacks to tell its sprawling fib.

Read on for all your essential information on the Money Heist cast from all five seasons of the Netflix drama, including character and actor biographies .

Úrsula Corberó plays Tokyo

Tokyo Money Heist Who is Tokyo? Tokyo came onto The Professor ‘s radar as a nickel-and-dime robber, who was close to being caught by police after her boyfriend ( and partner-in-crime ) was killed in a bungled heist. fortunately, he intervened and she became a key actor in the Dali gang, taking part in both the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain heists. She is fiery and irregular, having led a coup d’etat against the leadership of both plans. She is besides romantically involve on-and-off with Rio. What else has Ursula Corbero been in? Corbero ‘s most celebrated function aside from her time on Money Heist was the function of Rebeca in The Tree of Blood ( 2018 ). Her career dates back to 2005 when she starred in a series of the strike spanish express Ventdelpla as Sara. This year, she played the role of the Baroness in G.I. Joe by-product movie, Snake Eyes .

Álvaro Morte plays The Professor

Professor Money Heist Who is the Professor? The Professor is the genius who first brought the team together and has closely monitored both heists from his assorted hideout spots. The plan for the Royal Mint job involved manipulate police negotiator Raquel Murillo, but to The Professor ‘s surprise, the two actually fell in love and ended up running away to the Philippines. They have been working together on the Bank of Spain armed robbery. The Professor – real appoint Sergio – is the brother of late accomplice, Berlin. What else has Alvaro Morte been in? Morte boasts a career dating back to 2002 on a number of spanish television shows including 92 episodes of El Secreto de Puente Viejo as Lucas Moliner. He starred as David Ortiz in the 2018 hit film Mirage. Morte will soon appear face-to-face Rosamund Pike in Amazon Prime Video ‘s The Wheel of Time .

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Itziar Ituño plays Lisbon/Raquel Murillo

Money Heist - Raquel aka Lisbon Raquel ( left ) receives a message from The Professor while in detention.


Who is Lisbon? Lisbon is first introduced as patrol negotiator Raquel Murillo, who goes up against the Professor and his gang during their armed robbery of the Royal Mint. The Professor approaches her under a civilian alter-ego and the two become close, with Raquel ultimately swapping sides to join their lawsuit. She is now working alongside the Dali gang on the Bank of Spain armed robbery. In season four, she was arrested and emotionally interrogated by Alicia Sierra, but The Professor was able to break her rid and get her into the bank with the others. What else has Itziar Ituno been in? Ituno ‘s most celebrated character came as the run quality Lourdes in the 2014 film Flowers. She recently starred in Twin Murders : The Silence of the White City and has several more projects in the grapevine .

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Najwa Nimri plays Alicia Sierra

Alicia Sierra Money Heist copy Who is Alicia Sierra? The heavily fraught inspector has become a formidable opponent to the Professor and his police squad. We first met her when she was brought in to torture Rio for information about the robbers, while she late had Nairobi shot after using her young son as tease. needle to say, she ‘s pitiless. When her torment tactics were exposed to the wardrobe, she was instructed to take full province to protect her superiors who had approved it, but refuses. alternatively, she implicates them all in the scandal before going rogue, finding The Professor ‘s hideout – potentially foiling his plan once and for all. What else has Najwa Nimri been in? Nimri joined Flores in Vis a Vis as Zulema throughout the tend of the show. Nimri is most well known for roles in Open Your Eyes ( 1997 ), Sex and Lucia ( 2001 ) and Lovers of the Arctic Circle ( 1998 ) .

Miguel Herran plays Rio

Money Heist Rio


Who is Rio? Rio was first enlisted to the Professor ‘s gang for his computer hacking skills and became Tokyo ‘s on-again-off-again boyfriend during preparation for the first burglarize. After the Royal Mint job was completed, the two of them lived together on a distant tropical island, but finally Tokyo craved a interfering life once more and left him. Rio was discovered by the authorities shortly after, who illegally detained and tortured him for information. Freeing Rio was the drive motivation behind the moment heist and it worked – immediately they just need to get out of the Bank of Spain alive. What else has Miguel Herran been in? Herran juggles his time on Money Heist with another Netflix series, Elite, in which he plays Christian. The 23-year-old found fame through his first character as Dario in Nothing in Return ( 2015 ) .

Jamie Llorente plays Denver

Money Heist – Denver


Who is Denver? Denver is not particularly skilled or intelligent in any discipline, but was secured a invest in the Professor ‘s gang by his church father, former miner Moscow ( who deplorably died during the first burglarize ). The Royal Mint job was besides luminary for introducing Denver to Monica Gaztambide, a hostage who he by and by becomes romantically involved with. Despite initial concerns that she is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, it soon becomes clear that the two truly love each early and they go on the race together after the burglarize is complete. however, working together on this second job has put a bunch of stress on their relationship. What else has Jamie Llorente been in? Llorente besides features in Elite, alongside Money Heist co-star Herran, as Nano. He featured in the 2018 film Everybody Knows as Luis .

Esther Acebo plays Stockholm/Monica Gaztambide

Stockholm Money Heist Who is Stockholm? First introduced under her civilian name Monica Gaztambide, Stockholm was initially a hostage in The Royal Mint job, having worked there as secretary to then-director Arturo Román. She had been involved in a long-run matter with Arturo and became meaning with his baby shortly before the first armed robbery. however, when it became clear that he would not leave his wife for her, she ultimately raised the child with Denver ; the robber she fell in sleep together with under the strange of circumstances. What else has Esther Acebo been in? Acebo has featured in a string of spanish films including Los Encantados ( as Amnesia Carrasco ), Madrid DF ( as Irene ) and Baraka ( as Laura Nunez ) .

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Rodrigo de la Serna plays Palermo

Palermo Money Heist Who is Palermo? Palermo is an old friend of Berlin, who dreamt up the theme for the Bank of Spain burglarize. He is an egomaniac who endangered the entire armed robbery after he was ousted as leader by Tokyo. Palermo is besides gay, having been in sleep together with Berlin for years before his death in the first armed robbery, while he has since struck up a casual kinship with Helsinki. What else has Rodrigo de la Serna been in? De La Serna was nominated for Best Supporting Actor awards at the BAFTAs and Golden Globes for his function in The Motorcycle Diaries ( 2004 ) as Alberto Granado .

Darko Peric plays Helsinki

Helsinki Money Heist Who is Helsinki? The serbian ex-soldier is the muscle of the group and not to be messed with. He has been a cardinal figure in maintaining order of the hostages during the heists, but in former seasons we have seen a softer side to his personality. not only did he form a care for friendship with Nairobi, but he has besides struggled to come to terms with his feelings for Palermo, who is n’t concerned in having a dangerous relationship with him. What else has Darko Peric been in? Peric has starred in Mar de Plastico ( 2016 ), A Perfect Day ( 2015 ) and Ahora o Nunca ( 2015 ) throughout his career to date .

Hovik Keuchkerian plays Bogota

Bogota - Money Heist Who is Bogota? A metallurgy technical drafted in for the Bank of Spain job, where the gang intends to melt several tons worth of aureate. He develops feelings for Nairobi during the job and is left brokenhearted by her death.

What else has Hovik Keuchkerian been in? Keuchkerian is a erstwhile spanish heavyweight boxing champion who turned his hand as a comedian, writer and actor. He starred as Ojeda in the 2016 film adaptation of the Assassin ‘s Creed video game series alongside Michael Fassbender .

Enrique Arce plays Arturo Roman

Arturo Roman Money Heist copy Who is Arturo Roman? Arturo is the quality fans love to hate. He was the Director of the Royal Mint during the first burglarize and proved a nuisance to the gang by constantly scheming to foil their plans. When he was last released at the end of the job, he spun the experience into a media career, adopting the persona of a baronial champion – in reality, he is far from it. Arturo willingly entered the second gear burglarize to bolster his populace picture, but his plans are constantly endangering fellow hostages. Most recently, he took a identical dark act by drugging and sexually assaulting a mate hostage. Let ‘s hope justice is served in temper five. What else has Enrique Arce been in? Arce played the character of a Catalan Ambassador in the History Channel show Knightfall starring Mark Hamill. He presently enjoys the role of De la Hoz in Ines del Alma Mia on spanish television receiver .

Belén Cuesta plays Julia/Manila

Belen Cuesta stars in Money Heist


Who is Julia/Manila? Julia is Denver ‘s childhood acquaintance, who he secures a function for in their moment heist after her father is sent to prison. In the Bank of Spain problem, she initially works clandestine pretend to be a hostage, but when things get out of control, she reveals herself to be function of the crowd. She adopts the city-inspired pseudonym, Manila. What else has Belén Cuesta been in? Cuesta has previously lent her voice to animated films The Lego Ninjago Movie and Klaus .

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José Manuel Poga plays César Gandía

Money Heist Gandia


Who is Gandía? Gandía is the head of security at the Bank of Spain. He puts up a strong battle when the crew begin their burglarize, but they do manage to restrain him with the other hostages. When Palermo is ousted as leader, he facilitates Gandía ‘s safety valve out of malice for the rest of the group and it has grave consequences. The highly train running wreaks havoc on their carefully made plan and murders Nairobi in cold blood. What else has José Manuel Poga been in? Poga collaborated again with Money Heist godhead Alex Pina on Netflix thriller, Sky Rojo .

Miguel Ángel Silvestre plays René

Miguel Angel Silvestre joins Money Heist in Part 5


Who is René? René was Tokyo ‘s inaugural love and partner in crime, but he was killed in one of the heists they attempted together. Years late, she hush feels a distribute of pain over the loss. What else has Miguel Ángel Silvestre been in? Silvestre is another Sky Rojo alumnus to find his way to Money Heist, while Netflix viewers may besides recognise him from Sense8 .

Patrick Criado plays Rafael

Patrick Criado plays Rafael in Money Heist season 5


Who is Rafael? Rafael is the son of Berlin, who wishes to be nothing at all like his beget. What else has Patrick Criado been in? Criado broke out with a function on spanish adventure series Águila Roja .

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José Manuel Seda plays Sagasta

Military squad in Money Heist season 5


Who is Sagasta? Sagasta is the cold and pitiless Commander of the limited Forces of the spanish Army – and he has his sights set on taking down the Professor ’ sulfur gang once and for all. What else has José Manuel Seda been in? Seda recently played Armando in spanish soap opera Amar es Para Siempre .

Pedro Alonso plays Berlin

Berlin Money Heist


Who is Berlin? Berlin is The Professor ‘s brother and acted as his second-in-command during the Royal Mint problem. But while his mastermind sibling is relatively ethical, Berlin proved himself to be a coldhearted sociopath on several occasions. He stayed behind at the end of the foremost heist to give his associates enough time to escape, where he was gunned down by a patrol team. What else has Pedro Alonso been in? Alonso starred in 136 episodes of the shoot spanish serial Padre Casares as Horacio Casares between 2008 and 2015. More recently he appeared in Netflix series The Ministry of Time as Cerezo .

Alba Flores plays Nairobi

Nairobi Money Heist Who is Nairobi? Nairobi is a dominate of counterfeit and counterfeit, brought into the beginning burglarize to ensure the bills printed by the gang at The Royal Mint are only of the highest quality. She besides proved to be an excellent incentive, with the hostages in her command much enjoying unusually high morale and tied some admiration for her. She was besides very democratic with her chap gang members – peculiarly Tokyo and Helsinki – making her shocking death in season four a awful loss.

What else has Alba Flores been in? Flores enjoyed the role of Saray in television serial Vis a Vis between 2015-2019, though Money Heist has proven to be her biggest make to date, like many of the actors in the prove. ad Money Heist season 5 part 1 is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 3rd September. If you want spoiler-filled details on the Money Heist season five, part one ending, including the latest character to be killed off on the show, read our full breakdown here. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what else is on.

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