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Liquid Facial Soap is fantabulous

This soap is so good. It makes my boldness feel gentle and clean and I know it ‘s doing it ‘s occupation. It does n’t dry out my confront like other soaps and I feel great when I use it .

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This is not a soap. It’s a lotion.

I good tried this product and very disquieted. First, I received a sample of “ Liquid Facial Soap ”. I loved it. Since I have very dry skin, when I made a purchase I picked “ very to very dry ”. But this was very different from the sample that I got. I guess the sample distribution was for other peel type. This dry/very dry skin type merchandise is not a soap. It looks like lotion and feels like lotion. Unlike early skin character, this one does not foam. ( because it ‘s lotion ! ) They should n’t call this “ soap ”. This intersection should be called something like “ milk cleansing agent ” and so forth,

Reviewed by 4108 customers

Can’t get enough of this product!

5 Liz from Austin This is my irregular time in buying this product for my confront that suffers rosacea. I was worried when I first used this I thought it was gon sodium make my peel dry or crack but no it turned out perfect. There ‘s no intemperate perfume on this facial wash. Perfect for sensitive hide, or for who suffers with acne rosacea. I do recommend this .

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5 Aviatelm from Orlando florida Love it it leaves my skin looking better and feeling pretty

Definitely a must

5 melissa from NJ Facial cleanser

“Greener” packaging taking more of my green!

4 SweetTea from Georgia I am in truth defeated that the larger pump bottle is no longer available. The raw size is half the amount and the price went up by $ 1 PER OUNCE. Come on Clinique you can do better ! Why not make the heart reclaimable and sell the larger bottle with a “ green ” cheat ceiling ? Seems like that would have a greater potential of decreasing plastic bottles in landfills .

Drying but effective with intense moisturizer

3 JuneD from East Texas ultimately found something to help clear my front. even though it ‘s listed for dry and combination skin types I find it ‘s DRYING. Reached out to Clinique about the driness without aid. Their extra Mild cleansing agent caused my skin to breakout because of the oils, so I returned it. probably will continue my search for the ultimate face wash after this bottle .

Best cleanser ever

5 rachel from Vero Beach, Florida My skin feels like fresh clean skin after I use this cleansing agent .

I am a long-time customer of this product.

5 Carol the senior citizen. from New Martinsville, WV As a younger person, I had combination skin – buttery and dry, but as I have aged my skin is now only dry. I have used this merchandise for well over 20 years and have not used any soap products on my face for this stallion time. It is mild, no aroma olfactory property and leaves peel limber and indulgent .


5 cici from north carolina one love this wash thus much ! this helped my pores not clog up. i besides habe very buttery skin and it has decidedly toned it down a moment ! HIGHLY RECCOMEND !

Greasy skin and terrible break-outs

1 Pittipat from Southeast I ‘ve used Clinique ‘s extra mild browning automatic rifle soap for years ; best cleansing agent always and gentle on my dry/sensitive skin. unable to find the bar soap, I bought the liquid. This thrust is cruddy : limy, no lather, my face felt greasy after use, and I started getting *huge* pimples, which I ‘ve never earlier had in my 60+ years. powerfully recommend you avoid this merchandise .

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The best

5 Sam from New York I started using extra balmy rather of mild because my face was turning bright red and was literally painful after using meek. With extra mild my face is nowadays ace soft and my inflammation has toned down a batch ! It does n’t lather which feels strange, but afterwards your face feels so clean and jerk !


5 Kim from Lincoln, NE I have used this intersection for a while now. I like it much better than cetaphil, which is typically commend by derms. I find cetaphil does not normally take all my make up though, I do n’t even wear that much ! ! That ‘s the brainsick matter. This wash is perfective .

Love it!!

5 Dee from North Carolina amazing ! ! ! I precisely started to use Clinique with my CeraVe facial regiment and this is bang-up. Feels easy and clean. I have identical greasy clamber and recommend this product.

Great for combination/oily skin

5 b from oregon I absolutely love this product. It keeps my combination/oily peel

Works good until it dries my face out bad

3 samarium from San Jose I have sensitive dry combination skin. I like this product, but after using it for about a week it dries my confront out bad and leaves starchy feeling with dry spots .

Oily skin go to!

5 aCarroll from Tennessee I was kind of disbelieving at beginning because I did n’t think anything could help my greasy skin, but once I started using the product it works amaze ! decidedly recommend !

Oily skin must have!

5 Loretta from Los Angeles All other side wash I ‘ve tried mean for oily skin have either dried my skin out or irritated it. I ‘ve been using this one for a few weeks now and I ‘ve noticed a huge dispute. My skin does n’t feel fast, dry, or annoy. Think I ‘ve found a newly staple in my bark care routine !

Has Allergens dangerous to people with Celiac

1 anonymous from Phoenix, AZ I was hoping for a good clean product but not so for Celiac Disease. Luckily I read all ingredients before opening the bottle. It has Barley in it ! Why would Clinque put Barley in a face product ? I will be returning to Ulta

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The worst my skin has ever been.

1 Brin from NY I ‘ve been having some of the worst breakouts of my life since starting this face soap a few months ago. I have sensitive combination skin that leans a little more on the oily side so possibly this just is better for a unlike hide type. I decidedly would n’t recommend it for combination skin at this price luff .

Been using for nearly 6 years

5 Jess from Miami I started using this face wash since the erstwhile packaging when I graduated high school. I have noticed that whenever I stray towards early face washes I immediately begin to break out and when I go back to this my pimples stop form. I am convinced that this is the alone wash that works with my skin. I have dry/combo hide. I have even used the other versions of this face wash but nothing works quite like the mild. If this one does n’t work for you try using the other formula


1 K from Louisiana I have always had pretty capital hide, a little oily but never had to deal with a short ton of acne ( precisely a few pimples here and there ) but oh my word, always since I started using this product my face is the worst it has ever been in 21 years. Save your money

The product is perfection as always.

5 Mel from Salt Lake City Utah perfect daily use wash

great cleanser

5 rose from NY love it

Favorite by far

5 tiffany from roseville mile By far the best product line ive used. i switched to this cable from another ascribable to a chemical chemical reaction iodine started having and my skin has been flawless ever since

I would buy this product again and again.

5 Ms. Torres from Detroit MI perfect for all skin types

I would buy this product again

5 Rae from Houston, TX I in truth like this confront clean .

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