Mine Mobility SPA1 (2019)

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Z u Thailand ‘s streetscapes are more creaky and fetid two-wheelers than electric cars. According to the Bloomberg news program agency, there are equitable 1,500 electrically power vehicles on the road – that ‘s 0.004 percentage of the entire. The Thai billionaire Somphote Ahunai wants to change that. The head of the energy supplier Energy Absolute is the instigator of the car manufacturer Mine Mobility, which has now presented its first model SPA1.

Electric compact van with 220 km NEDC range

Behind it is a – according to our standards – compact van with electric drive. The SPA1 is 4.53 meters long and 1.73 meters high and broad ; the wheelbase is 2.75 meters. Mine Mobility accommodates a 30 kilowatt hour battery in these dimensions. The curb system of weights is 1,400 kilogram. The trunk swallows 650 liters, the turning r-2 should be only 5.90 meters. The baron of the electric motor installed in the bow is given by the Thais with 95 kW /127 PS, the top travel rapidly with 140 km /h. The utmost torsion is said to be 220 Newton meters, which is transmitted to the battlefront wheels via a single-speed gearbox. The battery should guarantee a rate of 200 kilometers, but determined according to the NEDC.

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visually, the Mobility SPA1 mine is a concoction of Nissan e-NV200 Evalia ( front segment ), BMW i3 ( window line ) and the countless MPV Models that are on the move in the respective asian markets. It looks a bite plug together, particularly since the mine designers have exaggerated it with the light edges, folds and beads in the body and the aluminum rims in the 6.5 x 16 edge format with 205/55 tires seem a little undersize. But in terms of space, the blueprint should offer some advantages. Energy Absolute

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Digital cockpit and touch screen documentary in the mineMobility SPA1.

Digital cockpit and XL infotainment

Inside, the Mobility SPA1 mine is quite modern. The driver gets information about everything significant via digital instruments, and the erect documentary screen is not only a generous 12.1 inches, but besides offers a navigation system and interfaces via Aux, USB and Bluetooth spare of charge. There are besides two USB ports in the rear. The local taxi companies seem to be already convinced by the SPA1. Five companies have already ordered 3,500 copies that will be used in the future in the capital Bangkok. Mine Mobility claims to have sold a total of 4,500 cars. The electrically power van is not brassy : According to Bloomberg, it costs 1.2 million Thai baht, which is the equivalent of a good 34,000 euros. But Ahunai ‘s plans are ambitious : by following year he wants to have brought 5,000 electric cars onto the grocery store. He receives support from the government in the form of subsidies and tax breaks. And the infrastructure is besides growing : 700 charging stations are to be set up at the like time.

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