Mikimoto cosmetics from Japan is a premium series of credibly the most celebrated pearl manufacturer in the earth – the Imperial Jewelry House Mikimoto. The fall through of the house was the first person to create a culture of pearl, making its beauty and special charming available to all women in the earth. For more than a century, Mikimoto ’ second house has been in the service of the earth ‘s oldest imperial syndicate, creating newly and newly masterpieces every class. But the scope of work Mikimoto is not limited to the jewelry commercial enterprise. The strike achievements of scientists and researchers of the properties of pearl of the party Mikimoto took human body in the cosmetology masterpieces – a series of lifelike cosmetics with pearls from Japan. The Lunar Pearl series has concentrated in itself the latest achievements of skill and engineering, arsenic well as the age-old cognition and secrets of the company ‘s employees about how the distill of natural pearls of pure culture affects the female smasher .

The science of Mikimoto pearls in the service of beauty.

When creating pearl cosmetics, Mikimoto focused on two areas – natural components and advanced technologies that were called upon to serve the beauty and health of the hide. Basic active ingredients. Included in the series of “ Moon Pearl ”, mined from the pearl level of pearls and akoy shells.

  • Natural pearl conchiolin, natural moisturizing factor (NMF) from pearl extract, providing deep moisturizing.
  • Natural pearl collagen, a special collagen that provides not only one-time deep hydration, but also its long-term maintenance and preservation.
  • Natural pearl minerals, normalizing the metabolism of the skin and restoring its barrier function.
  • Additionally, seaweed extracts are included in cosmetics, which help to increase elasticity and normalize the water balance of the upper layers of the dermis.
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The technologies used in the Mikimoto cosmetics are besides distinguished by a special approach path and a specific choice of acting active methods for achieving an optimum resultant role. For the product of all cosmetics sea water is used in deeply purification, passed through a building complex system of filters and cleaning membranes to achieve the highest degree of purification. due to this, the active substances are well absorbed and penetrate deeper into the skin, and the absence of foreign components does not lead to micro-irritations and does not cause microtraumas when using cosmetics. All means habit nanoencapsulation engineering, which allows you to bring nutrients to the deep skin layers, reducing their loss and reclaimable increasing the effectiveness of the active components of pearl cosmetics.

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Who should use Mikimoto cosmetics with pearls extract from Japan?

japanese cosmetics channel Mikimoto desirable for those who appreciate this high-quality care. Who is not fix to make compromises and got used to receive alone the best from life. The true beauty of bone is combined in Mikimoto cosmetics with advanced technologies that surprise and enchant. Lunar pearls are ideal skin, which began to show old age signs as an effective anti-aging worry. Deep, palpable humidify. True, abiding smasher. The joy of feeling young and fresh bark. This is what the cosmetics of the Imperial jewelry house Mikimoto and japanese nature itself gives you, which will become your ally and your accompaniment on the way to the ideal

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