MIKI HOUSE Craftsmanship

MIKI HOUSE Premium Quality Kaitoumen (Sea-Island cotton) series

Kaitoumen Baby wear available from only MIKI HOUSE in Japan

What’s the secret behind the softness?

Babies find comfort when they ’ re surrounded by affectionateness that they use to feel when they were inside their ma ’ s pot. Baby wear made with Kaitoumen cotton resembles that warmth, making it ideal for newborn babies who are delicate and flimsy. Cloth made from Kaitoumen cotton provides a smooth, aristocratic touch, protecting sensitive baby skin. This dainty equal is possible because we use Kaitoumen cotton that has the longest fiber length out of all cotton types. limber with a alone tint of brightness, the cotton is known for its absorbency and lastingness, and evening after multiple washes, the balminess, which comes from the natural oils found in the cotton remains .

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MIKI HOUSE is the only brand in Japan that produces baby wear using Kaitoumen cotton

The alone japanese brand that ’ second been approved to make pamper wear using Kaitoumen cotton is MIKI HOUSE.

[Special Characteristics of Kaitoumen Cotton]

Produced under the Mediterranean climate, its specify quantity explains why it ’ randomness called the “ Jewel of cotton. ”

  • Kaitoumen cotton can’t be produced in large amounts, as the picking process is done by hand
  • Annual production of Kaitoumen cotton only makes up 10% of all cotton
  • It’s a precious product that is produced under strict control

《Excellent Quality》

  • Kaitoumen cotton is known for having the longest fiber length out of all cotton types, and strings made from Kaitoumen cotton is supple, with an elegant tint, while it also has excellent absorbency, durability, and resiliency.
  • Natural oils in the cotton gives off the soft touch
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Kaitoumen cotton product list

Underwear Combination

  • Kaitoumen cotton gauze knit
  • Cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan
  • This baby wear made with Kaitoumen cotton provides a soft touch while its resiliency is excellent. High absorbency, retains comfort after sweating. To protect the delicate skin of babies, all stitches and tags are on the outer side of the clothes, and there are no stitches around the armpit area. Made in Japan, this product is designed for delicate newborns giving the highest care to safety and comfort.
  • Knit gauze –Fluffy and soft, yet breathable-
  • Known for its fluffy, soft touch as well as durability and absorbency


  • Outer side (Kaitoumen cotton gauze knit) Inner side (Double layered Kaitoumen cotton gauze)
  • Cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan

This afghani made with Kaitoumen provides a cushy contact while its resilience is excellent. gamey absorbency, retains ease after sweating. Baby will become relax once they ’ rhenium wrapped in this afghan hound, and it ’ ll make it easier for moms to carry their baby. Since this baby wind comes in an elegant design, it ’ ll be desirable for Omiyamairi or other times when you introduce the baby to others. Ideal for photograph shoots excessively ! Ahghan wraps allows easy body temperature allowance. Its balmy affect provides excellent comfort .

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  • Kaitoumen cotton gauze knit
  • Cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan
  • These gloves made with Kaitoumen cotton is soft and fluffy, yet its resiliency is excellent. Its softness as well as comfort can be retained after washing it multiple times. Gloves are not only cute, but it has the function of preventing babies from scratching their faces. Ideal for the fall/winter seasons as well as the summer when you need to protect babies from air conditioning.
reference : https://usakairali.com
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