The digitally arresting presentation, held at Grand Connaught Rooms, was created in collaboration with celebrated design studio Universal Everything and soundtracked by London duet Raime. It featured a 360-degree immersive installation that took models and attendees on an uplift travel through pop-digital weather systems. Inspired by the physics of the environment, MCM traversed tip, rain, sunday, and diverse landscapes and cityscapes to illustrate the brand history of ‘made to move, ‘ all the while paying protection to the sword ‘s locomotion inheritance and Munich origins. MCM and Raeburn architected their collection around five key aesthetic attributes : seasonless, sustainable, unisex, multifunctional, and mobile. The aim was to design a new wardrobe for the global nomad and reimagine travel for future-facing millennials—a generation which embraces running aesthetics and a sustainable consciousness at the same prison term .
Raeburn ‘s collection “ remake ” MCM ‘s iconic Visetos canvas into trench coats, parka, bombers, and riding jackets, giving a contemporary twist to the chic material that has signified lavishness locomotion for four decades. Form and officiate were at the heart of each design, such as a camouflage pattern inspired by Visetos materials and sonic prints illustrating motion. At the lapp time, invention was cardinal to the collection, specifically through the habit of breakthrough fabrics and higher sustainable standards, such as Schoeller 4-way-stretch and Ecoalf Nylon. All fabrics within the collection meet the criteria of the bluesign® system for sustainable textile production. early stars of the collection were a series of modular 3-in-1 bags that allow endless user customization. Taken from the iconic MCM backpack and inspired by military repurposing, they serve multiple purposes for numerous occasions. One of the elements is a kernel day bag with carry-on manage that can be zipped together on a yoke system to be worn as a backpack. Top-opening options highlight the rest of utility.

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In addition to the 25-piece collection, the express besides featured iconic Spring/Summer 2017 MCM accessories, such as bags, sneakers, and sunglasses. In memorial of the birthplace of the stigmatize MCM, Christopher Raeburn reinterpreted the color of the bavarian masthead and executed the integral solicitation in a youthful palette of squab grey, chip bluing, and lemon yellow. “ Both our brands stand for craft, which we wanted to reimagine as a unique capsule collection, ” said MCM. “ Each item stands for exceeding quality, is crafted from high-tech, sustainable material, and represents MCM ‘s values of being a functional and mobile stigmatize. Christopher is an amazing endowment in that field and we are delighted to have created this collection with him. ” “ MCM is an iconic ball-shaped stigmatize, and I ‘m excited by the opportunity to showcase our creative partnership together at London Collections Men, ” said Christopher Raeburn. “ I found it thrilling to collaborate with a like-minded stigmatize that shares my love for invention and sustainability. together, we have created a new vision of locomotion and luxury for the 21st-century ball-shaped nomad. ” The advanced, first-of-its-kind presentation received a landmark unveiling across the digital world wide web : live-streamed across a host of ball-shaped sociable media channels a well as the mcmworldwide web site. For the first time always, the label streamed a fashion collection via a mobile platform directly onto users ‘ phones, creating an external hive of social agitation. The presentation was besides broadcast through the emerge korean mobile app “ V-live ” and the chinese translation “ XianDanJia ” which function much like television channels in Asia. The collection marks the beginning of several bold strides MCM is undertaking after having recently committed to becoming in full sustainable by 2020. During the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference in April, MCM besides announced its partnership with ( RED ) by committing to a contribution of $ 10 million across the next decade to support the organization ‘s ball-shaped study. Following such advances, the collection made use of advanced new materials while maintaining a sense of luxury and timbre. By driving such invention, MCM continues to build on its promise of sustainable lavishness and alone 21st-century creativity. WWW.MCMWORLDWIDE.COM About Modern Creation München (MCM) MCM is a luxury travel goods and accessories post with an attitude defined by combining a contemporary aesthetic and focus on functional initiation with the use of cutting edge techniques. Founded in 1976 at the acme of Munich ‘s creative renaissance, today, through its association with art, music, engineering and change of location, MCM embodies the bold, irreverent and aspirational. Always with an eye on the newfangled, the drive force behind MCM centers on revolutionizing classic blueprint with futuristic materials. Cross-pollinating its western and asian inheritance, the brand draws reference from Munich to Seoul. Appealing to the Global Nomad generation – dreamers, creatives and digital natives – MCM ‘s millennial audience is ageless, genderless, empowered and unconstrained by rules and boundaries. This is New School Luxury.

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MCM is presently sold in 430 stores in 35 countries including Munich, Berlin, Zurich, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. About Christopher Raeburn Christopher ‘s pioneer work has brought sustainable design to a mainstream manner consultation embodying luxury with integrity. The mark presently has over sixty stockists global and has received ongoing endorsements from respected institutions and journalists. Accolades include Breakthrough Designer at the british GQ man of the year Awards, equally well as Designer Business of the year and Menswear Brand of the year at the UK Fashion & Textiles Awards. In her review of the Autumn ⁄ Winter 2014 ‘POLARIS ‘ menswear collection Suzy Menkes said “ It is Mr Raeburn ‘s clear vision of clothes that protect man and the planet that make him an original and exceeding designer ”. ( photograph : hypertext transfer protocol : // ) ( photograph : hypertext transfer protocol : // ) ( photograph : hypertext transfer protocol : // ) ( photograph : hypertext transfer protocol : // )

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