If you follow me on Instagram ( @ mrinalinism ) then you might know that I had promised a conflict of the foundations, so here we are. I recently purchased the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in the shades 230 Natural Buff and 322 Warm Honey and like any other beauty lover I have loads to say about how this basis compares with the ruling drugstore favorites, the Loreal Paris True Match Foundation and the Loreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation. I have previously reviewed my holy place grail basis, the Loreal Paris Infallible in the shade 250 Radiant sandpaper over here so do check out that post for a more detail review of the same .
now, here are my thoughts on the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation and its comparison with the products from Loreal :
color : The shadow range of the Fit Me Foundations seems to run a little black than I expected. The color 322 Warm Honey is intelligibly very colored for me while 230 Natural Buff seems to be the closest match for my skin tone. Both these shades have a bang-up brown undertone, which might look a bit dull and boggy on the face. The shade 250 Radiant Sand of the infallible range is the perfective match for my bark tone and has a yellow undertone. As for the True Match roll, N4 Beige seems to be the nearest match to my complexion but it somehow appears pink in the begin but seems to oxidize with time and ends up matching my clamber tone. So the infallible foundation is clearly the achiever of this category .
Maybelline Fit Me Loreal True Match Infallible Comparison Swatches

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Reading: The Battle of The Foundations: Maybelline Fit Me vs Loreal Paris True Match vs Loreal Paris Infallible – Lipstick For Lunch

Maybelline Fit Me Loreal True Match Infallible Comparison Swatches
coverage : I feel that the True Match and Fit Me foundations have similar coverage. They provide a medium coverage that can be built to a full coverage by adding a second layer of the product. The infallible on the early hand has a wide coverage in one coat and you do not need a concealer unless you have some truly huge blemishes. Again, if full moon coverage is your indigence then you must stick with Loreal Infallible .
Finish- The Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundations have a comfortable flatness finish. They are highly suitable for greasy skin as they do not add any polish to the face. however, the lack of a glow might seem a little flat. Somehow, they seem to moisturize the skin despite being flat foundations and they are so easy to wear that I often forget that I have foundation on ! The True Match Foundations are besides moisturizing but they have a more glowy eat up that is suitable for dry skin. The infallible foundations are highly flatness but have a clear up impression on my face due to the chicken undertones. however, they tend to get a little uncomfortable to wear after a few hours .
Maybelline Fit Me Loreal True Match Infallible Comparison SwatchesMaybelline Fit Me Loreal True Match Infallible Comparison Swatches
Longevity- The Fit Me and True Match foundations have a comparable longevity of about 4-6 hours on my peel. The infallible foundation, on the other handwriting, can stopping point up to 8-10 hours in a exchangeable environment .
SPF- The True Match foundation has an SPF 17 while the Infallible Foundation has an SPF 18. The packaging of the Fit Me foundation garment does not mention an SPF, so I am not sure if this one contains any SPF or not .
Maybelline Fit Me Loreal True Match Infallible Comparison SwatchesMaybelline Fit Me Loreal True Match Infallible Comparison Swatches
Packaging- Both the Loreal foundations come with a pump while the Fit Me foundation garment does not have one. The lack of a pump makes it hard to use and difficult to travel with .
Price- The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is priced at INR 525 alone while equal volumes of the True Match and the infallible foundations are priced at INR 1025 and INR 1400 respectively. With such a huge difference in monetary value, I can decidedly live without a pump !
concluding Verdict- For greasy skinned people like me the Infallible basis is the best bet for durable full coverage while the Fit Me foundation garment offers value for money and is great for casual wear. The True Match foundation is more suited for those with dry to combination peel types .
I hope this exhaustive review and comparison was utilitarian and helps you in making the right basis choice !
Buy the Maybelline Fit Me Foundations here .
Buy the Loreal True Match Foundations here .
Buy the Loreal infallible Foundations here .
Let me know what products you want me to compare following .
XoXo ,

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