The MINISO x MARVEL products exhibition area was set up at the new product release meeting. There were angstrom many as 2000 Marvel products on expose, including Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Thor and Black Widow. This time, the copyright owner of Marvel has granted authorization to MINISO in 123 countries, covering five continents. The accredited products covered 13 product categories of MINISO, which was unprecedented for Marvel .
Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO, said that Marvel is the world ‘s acme IP with a across-the-board range of influence and appeal. He loved the Marvel movies personally, and watched about every movie of Marvel. Ye believed that good products should serve the masses rather of serving a small part of people. This is the rationality why MINISO would cooperate with Marvel after developing cooperation with Hello Kitty, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Pink Panther, Pantone and Sesame Street. MINISO will continue to follow the principle of high quality and low-cost price, and bring authentic peripheral products with excellent choice and low-cost monetary value to marvel fans around the world. Ada Dou, the executive vice-president of MINISO Commodity Center, indicated that there were three major factors for Marvel to cooperate with MINISO : the retail terminal covering the whole worldly concern ; the principle of high quality and low-cost price ; and the senior high school standard product design and quality control. Marvel has formed a insidious complementary color relationship with the chief consumer groups of MINISO. With this cooperation, Marvel can open up the female commercialize, while MINISO can attract more male consumers through its serial of products at the lapp time, Ada said.

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The peripheral products launched by MINISO in cooperation with Marvel are not entirely excellent in merchandise design and quality, but besides very competitive in price. An exquisite chump, for exercise, costs a little as RMB 7.9 on the market, while a Marvel superhero decoration only costs RMB 10 in MINISO, which is about one one-tenth of the exchangeable products in some boutiques.

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As for MINISO, cost-efficient products are constantly a brawny weapon to open up the global market. With this concept, MINISO was able to promptly enter the retail market in more than 80 countries within 5 years. According to MINISO ‘s official data, there are more than 3500 MINISO stores throughout the universe so far, with RMB 17 billion upset in 2018. Through changeless cooperation with worldly concern celebrated IPs, on the one hand, MINISO makes habit of the appeal of IPs to promote product sales ; on the other hand, it besides makes manipulation of the determine of IPs to enhance brand awareness and reputation, and explores a unique “ MINISO model ” in the base furnishing market. SOURCE MINISO Japan

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