marshal might be known for their fabled amps, but they ’ re quickly making a name for themselves in consumer audio. At this detail they ’ ve had more than a pair years of making speakers and headphones for people who won ’ thymine be jamming out on guitars with them, and though they ’ ve all been actually good I think they ’ ve ultimately nailed most of the things that you look for in a base speaker with the newly Stanmore Multi-room speaker. From connection options to overall aesthetics the Stanmore has it all, but it ’ randomness going to cost you .

What’s Inside

When you open the box you ’ ll get the speaker nicely wrapped in a microfiber fabric along with some guarantee information, the instruction booklet, and a power beginning for both US and European wall outlets .

Build & Design

Marshall Stanmore Multi-room Speaker front Marshall Stanmore multi-room speaker is wrapped in leather with fortunate accents

If you ’ ve ever seen a Marshall adenosine monophosphate before ( or even one of their earlier speakers ) then the design of this one should come as no surprise to you. It looks like you could plug a ¼ ” hack mighty into it and start jamming on your Strat, but unfortunately you won ’ thyroxine get that functionality here. rather you get a solid feel speaker wrapped in leather with golden accents throughout. On the front you ’ ll find a giant logo and though I normally hate logos on products, I can ’ thyroxine hate on something as classic at the Marshall logo. They get a spend here from me. The loudspeaker itself is reasonably heavy at roughly 10 pound ( or 4.7 kg if you live in the modern populace ) therefore although you can decidedly pick it up and move it around your family easy enough, you ’ re going to have trouble getting this anywhere else. It ’ s not meant to be moved frequently, indeed just pick a nice point in your sign of the zodiac or apartment and leave it there. not like you could take it anywhere even if you wanted to since it needs to be plugged into a wall at all times. But on the bright side, it ’ south glib design is sure to look good regardless where you put it. I tried it out on my kitchen table, my coffee table, and on the kitchen counter and it didn ’ t look out of rate on any of them. So design-wise can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tap Marshall for sticking to this attend because it works .
Marshall logo The classic Marshall logo stares at you right from the front grill Along the spinal column are some inputs which include one for the ability source, RCA, and micro USB. If you like to connect to your speakers via standard 3.5mm cables don ’ triiodothyronine worry, Marshall has kept that input signal you just won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find it on the back. It ’ s up clear alternatively following to the four knurled node and a few buttons. We ’ ll get into their exact function in the adjacent section, but the knobs are actually my darling separate about this speaker. The volume, bass, and soprano knobs are buttery smooth, and the last input knob has a satisfying click to it when you switch inputs. It besides acts as a clitoris for selecting the input with barely the right sum of haptic feedback. I can see why some people might not enjoy the classic design of this loudspeaker, but arsenic far as build up choice goes Marshall nailed it in my opinion .

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How do you connect the Marshall Stanmore Multi-room?

The Stanmore has 7 presets available and compatibility with Bluetooth, WiFi, RCA, and Aux As you may have guessed from the name of this speaker, the Stanmore Multi-room can be connected to other Marshall speaker. unfortunately I only have one available for testing therefore I can ’ t do much more than say that feature exists. There are three differently sized speakers in the multi-room batting order with the Stanmore being the culture medium sized one. naturally this means that this speaker connects to via your WiFi router, so you ’ ll need to download the app to get it all set up. once connected you can take advantage of all the effective things that come with having a Wi-Fi speaker, like internet radio stations that you can save to one of the 7 presets on the speaker .
On the rear are the inputs ( save for the aux which is found up exceed ) It ’ sulfur besides fully compatible with Airplay, Chromecast built-in, and Spotify Connect sol once you have it all set up with your WiFi play music on it is dead childlike. naturally, connection was flawless with zero skips and stutters in my experience because my apartment international relations and security network ’ t bad enough to be out of Wifi range. Hell, my apartment building credibly international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate evening that big. That said, if you miss having a limit range you can always connect to it via Bluetooth a well. Perfect if you ’ re having people over and they don ’ thymine feel like going through the unharmed process of downloading an app and connect over wireless local area network. They can just use Bluetooth.

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What do the Marshall Stanmore Multi-room Speaker sound like?

The knob are superintendent smooth and feel great when you ’ rhenium adjust volume. As you might expect from a loudspeaker of this size, the Stanmore gets loud. Keeping it on 50 % was more than sufficient to hear throughout my integral apartment, with 70 % touching on “ my neighbors hate me ” levels. What ’ mho good about this speaker is that just like the amps that Marshall makes, you can choose whether you want to give emphasis to the sea bass or the double with the two equate knobs up peak .
The Stanmore has the aesthetic of a authoritative adenosine monophosphate With a speaker of this size it ’ s no storm that it has a great depleted end. The bassline in the birdcall “ En El Muelle De San Blas ” by Mana is fully of depth and weaves in and out of the songs with ease. In a weird way it ’ randomness about like the bass guitar sounds so good because if you go to a live show, chances are the bass will be played on an adenosine monophosphate like this so possibly my ears are a fiddling biased. To be honest, that besides has a negative effect on the drums in my public opinion. Where basslines felt smooth and controlled, cram kicks sounded a little empty to me. That was besides the case with some songs when it came to the mids. I found that the clearness in freshwater bass made things always so slightly cloudy, and I ended up upping the soprano and lowering the bass knob by 10 % each fair to try and force some separation in the song “ Hello Cruel World ” by Dent May. Though to be bonny, it kind of fixed itself at higher volumes. When it came to the high end I found the Stanmore did a pretty great job at avoiding cruelty in the bells during the presentation of “ Little Wing ” by Jimi Hendrix without sacrificing any of the grittiness from the guitar slides .

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In the end there actually wasn ’ metric ton anything that stood out as a major complaint to me. Though it irks me to say it I guess you could consider this speaker as having a “ warm ” fathom with emphasis on the lower frequencies, but it adds a kind of texture to the music that reminds me of being 16 with a guitar. It merely has that classic kind of feel which isn ’ t something you ’ five hundred get from something like a Sonos. Whether that ’ s a psychological thing because of the design of the speaker or not, I don ’ triiodothyronine know. But I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind it. The fact that you can connect via Wifi or Bluetooth is besides a plus, and I can see the presets being superintendent utilitarian if you can remember which one is which. A bantam LED shield would be capital for that, but then it might make this loudspeaker tied more expensive.

It ’ second already $ 450 as it is, which makes it kind of hard to recommend to be dependable barely because if you ’ re going to be outfitting your house with radio receiver speakers you ’ re credibly going to go with Sonos. Though having a house full of Marshall Stanmore ’ sulfur will 100 % make you way more baller in my impression, I can ’ thyroxine see besides many people doing that. That said, all three models of the multi-room speakers are presently sold out on their web site so obviously people don ’ metric ton mind the price rag and to be honest if I could afford it, I would love this speaker excessively. Bottom line is if you ’ re looking into radio receiver speakers, I would decidedly give these a shoot .

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