Mamonde is a korean cosmetic brand that specializes in products “ inspired by flowers. ” The brand ’ s overall feel reminds me of Yves Rocher and early similar “ botanical ” lines .
I ’ d previously alone judge one product from Mamonde, the sadly discontinued Rose Honey Sleeping Mask, so when I was searching for less expensive ceramide products, I was glad to give one from Mamonde a try .
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus

The Product

This Skin Softener is part of Mamonde ’ s Ceramide line, which besides includes an emulsion, a Light Cream, and an intense cream.

A clamber softener in Korean skin care is basically a hydrate toner, a light, skin-balancing lotion that is meant to be applied after right ablutionary. It ’ s not a toner in the western sense. I ’ ve rarely ever used a Western-style toner, since my peel is dry and I ’ thousand not interested in the astringent properties that many toners seem to have. And, shouldn ’ thymine my cleanse step already ensure my face is clean ? ( possibly I could have used one to balance the ph of my skin after cleansing, though. )
A hydrate toner, however ? That sounds precisely like my cup of tea .

The Packaging

This Skin Softener comes in a very generous 200 milliliter size. The bottle is made of a hard formative that has no give. The cap comes off to reveal a small, pea-sized hole opening at the top, so you dispense this product by turning the bottle inverted and shaking it once or doubly over the palm of your hand .
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus
I kind of hate this method acting, and would have vastly preferred a pump, or at least a compressible bottle. It ’ s not a deal-breakers, though, since the product is on the more watery side and dispenses very easily .
Another minor quibble I have with the packaging is that the bottle is besides only slenderly translucent, so you have to hold it up to the light and squint a little to see how a lot product is left inside. The box is pretty and feel decent in the handwriting, but I would have preferred a few minor adjustments to make it more pleasant to use .

My Review

The ingredient list on the packaging is only in Korean, and I can ’ metric ton find a list at all on Mamonde ’ s web site. so, I ran a photograph of my box through Google Translate, and here ’ s what it spat out :

Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener
Wrinkle Reducing Functional Cosmetics
High Moisturizing Skin that strengthens perturb skin barrier and provides gentle moisture
effect / consequence : Helps to improve wrinkles of the clamber
use / capacity : Apply the proper amount and apply evenly to the skin
efficacy Ingredients : adenosine
Ingredients : purify water, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol Glycereth-26, beta-glycerin, hibiscus bark distill, hydroxypropyl bismuth palmitamide Emae 01 ( 200 μg of ceramide DC-104 component ), butylene glycyl bisphage-18 methylethyldimethylsilane dimethicone sodium methylstearoyltaurate stearyl behenate adenosine, ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate / vpicopolymer methylhexyl glycerol inulin laural valine acetate rayon poly Le Bait 20, Phage-60 Hyde Genetically caster oil Pigments 17/6 copolymer Hydrogenated lecithin Polyglyceryl-3 Methyl glucoside distearate, disodium iodide 0L Phenoxyethanol aroma
How to use morning and evening, after skin cleansing Step
If you have any symptoms or side effects, such as red, swelling or itching, you should consult a specialist if you use cosmetics or use lead sunlight after using cosmetics.
2 ) Keep away from scratches
3 ) Keep out of the reach of children
Keep out of target sunlight
If there is something incorrect with this product, Customer Service Center 080-023-5454

so, yeah, the translation is a little cockamamie and not terribly helpful. I decidedly did see the Korean for “ butylene ethylene glycol ” ( according to this bang-up korean ingredient translation page ), but it somehow came out as “ butylene glycyl bisphage-18 methylethyldimethylsilane dimethicone sodium methylstearoyltaurate stearyl behenate adenosine ”. I guess my photograph wasn ’ thymine ampere clear as it could have been. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine assistant that Mamonde ’ sulfur promotion is highly textured, so it ’ s intemperate to read the small print .
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus

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In any case, it contains ceramides, and that was the main reason I bought it ! While I ’ molarity quite pleased to see it fairly high up on the component list, I have besides read that ceramides are most effective when paired with certain fats ( liposomes ), to help them penetrate the skin. I ’ m not sure that this product contains that kind of ceramide delivery arrangement, so I didn ’ t expect it to do wonders the direction my beginning experience with ceramides did. Plus, it ’ s a fortune cheaper and is intended for a different separate of the skin care act .
I ’ ve been using this Skin Softener for a few months, now, normally morning and night after cleansing, though I have mixed it up a piece ( sometimes I put a serum like The Ordinary “ Buffet ” on first ). Hyaluronic acid besides sometimes get layer under, or over, the softener ( I ’ megabyte never quite surely when HA should be applied, but I like to sandwich it in between watery layers, regardless. )
I can ’ t say this merchandise has changed my life sentence or anything, but it is a real pleasure to use ! It has a watery, vaguely gel-like consistency, and I use two shakes of the bottle, which is enough to liberally cover my confront and neck. It is very assuasive and keeps my face “ water-plump ”, peculiarly when combined with some hyaluronic acid ( I ’ ve used the one from The Ordinary and a newly one from Vichy, both of which I should review soon ). It feels a little tacky at first, but it does sink into the skin pretty nicely, and makes a dependable base for applying any other lotions or creams on top .
It does leave a flimsy shininess after it dries, but during the day, I always layer other products over it, like sunscreen and/or foundation. It is lightly fragranced : a bedewed, blushful floral with a touch of something balmy and aquatic. Pleasant, to my nose ( does it smell like hibiscus ? I don ’ t know what hibiscus smells like ! ) .
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus
now that it ’ second summer and it ’ s been quick and humid, I ’ ve actually found that I scantily need any extra moisturizer when I use this Skin Softener, even with my dry skin ! I ’ ll occasionally use a light moisturizer over it during the day, but at night, just a sleeping masquerade will do. My skin doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get clogged up by heavier creams and oils, and it generally just feels much nice .

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My Verdict

Would I repurchase this product ? Possibly—though I feel that I should try several other korean hydrating toners before declaring this one to be dear, or big, or whatever. overall, I liked this product a bunch, and it has piqued my pastime in hydrating toners. I can ’ t say that the ceramide in it was in truth effective—plus I think it might only be using one type of ceramide, when there are something like ten types. I ’ ve actually barely resorted to spending my Optimum Points on the newly reformulated Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules, which have multiple ceramides in a concentrate serum—but I truly enjoyed using this type of toner. It ’ sulfur been cover girl and cooling to put on my confront this summer, and I feel that it has a appeasement effect on my eczema-prone skin. I am sure that it won ’ thyroxine be adequate for my dry clamber when winter arrives, though, so I expect to have to change up my routine in the arrive months .
I barely wish that toners would come in smaller bottles and monetary value less : I want to try them all ! This 200 milliliter bottle is going to take me ages to finish, even though I slap it on randomly. I have read about some people doing multiple layers of hydrating toner—each layer is a “ bark ”, because Koreans use the password bark to refer to these hydrating toners ( you can actually see that in the Google Translate incision above, referring to “ High Moisturizing Skin “ ). possibly I ’ ll give that a try in an campaign to use up more product, haha !
The product has a long-ish ledge life ; the bottle I just purchased this jump expires in 2020 .
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus

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Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus contains 200 milliliter and retails for ₩16,000 / US $ 16 ( I got mine at Sweet Corea for $ 11.01, plus extra transport charges ). It is made in Korea .
Mamonde was launched by AmorePacific in 1991 as a botanic beauty post. The name is derived from the french for “ My World ” ( Ma Monde ). AmorePacific are a korean beauty conglomerate who besides own Etude House, Innisfree, Laneige, Aritaum, Sulwhasoo, and Annick Goutal fragrances, among others. Mamonde and its parent company are based in Seoul, South Korea .

Made in Korea


Company based in Korea

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