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Hello loves! Again, this video is different from my resin videos, but ever since I got my Cricut Explore Air, I wanted to try a washed t-shirt and I finally did! But in this video I’m going to show you how I make faded t-shirts WITHOUT SUNLIGHT! WHAT! Yes, you can make washed shirts, rain or shine! I hope this video helps, I was trying to find another way to whiten instead of waiting for the good sun. I’d love to hear your thoughts below, you guys are amazing! T-Shirts- Joanns Craft Store Gildan brand, Michaels, Hobby Lobby Regular Bleach mixed with water- Half and half iron- Walmart Cricut- Cricut Explore Air 2 Designs- Heat Transfer Vinyl- Dysania HTVRONT 12x25ft Social Media Channels: Facebook- Instagram- Etsy Trade –

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bleached green shirt.

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18 thoughts on “•MAKING A BLEACHED TEE WITH NO SUNLIGHT!• | Cover documents about bleached green shirt the most complete

  1. Dannyela says:

    Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure if the process was going to work without sunlight! I just bleached 3 shirts and by the time I got done with the 3rd one since I’m fairly new at this whole process the sun had started to set.

  2. angel from above says:

    I tried 90% polyester and 10 spandex. Did not work at all. Hobby lobby worked better 50% polyester 50% cotton. Still trying to figure this out. We want ours white

  3. Kimberly Barnes says:

    What kind of shirts do you use. I have tried 7 blue shirts and they don't get light enough.

  4. Adrianna Morales says:

    Have you ever bleached 100% polyester? Having a hard time finding a video for that. Unless it’s same process.

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