Skin character : combination peel, with an oily t-zone and normal to dry cheek .

COMBINATION: MAKE UP FOR EVER Hydra Booster Step 1 Face Primer + Tone Up Perfector Step 1 Face Primer + Reboot Foundation ( # Y305 )
PRIMER HISTORY: “ Primers are actually a step I ’ ll never miss in my routine. With the aid of primers I can last start putting on basis with ease… Kind of like working on a fluent poll ! ”
“ Texture-wise, I think the Hydra Booster fuse provided the right total of moisture without making my skin look excessively bedewed. It was easy to blend, despite the tacky feel upon application. I besides very love that the primer dried down to a slightly semifinal matte finish up ! For the Tone Up Perfector flat coat, a little goes a long way. I actually liked how it made my skin visibly much bright and less dull — particularly due to the irregular shifts that I do at work. ( Writer ’ second note : Fasihah works as a nurse. ) ”
“ This is my foremost time trying the Reboot Foundation, I must say I in truth liked how it felt on my hide. The foundation garment is identical liquidy, so it feels quite ignite and breathable. I think the combination of the two primers actually helped improve the application of the foundation. I ’ ve never thought of layering my primers before ( thinking that it might appear patchy ) ; but the expect I achieved was smooth, without patchiness at all ! Foundations tend to cling to my dry patches ( particularly on the boldness area ), but I didn ’ thyroxine comment that with this MUFE combination. ”

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“ The base sets well with a setting powder — my makeup didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate transportation onto my face mask ! even after hours of wearing the Reboot Foundation ( with the two primers ), it didn ’ thyroxine settle into my ticket lines specially my laugh/smile agate line. I wouldn ’ t have thought I ’ vitamin d need two primers… But using these two primers together helped me to achieve the perfect texture and finish I ’ ve constantly been looking for in the “ arrant ” primer. ”
Would I recommend it? I would highly recommend these two primers. I love them both ! For those with combination skin, the Hydra Booster flat coat may sound a bit chilling, but best believe it will decidedly help with your makeup application. The complete besides international relations and security network ’ thyroxine greasy at all ! As for the Tone Up Perfector, I would highly recommend it to those with acne scars like myself. It decidedly gave my skin an immediately radiance. I felt that my boldness looked so fresh after the lotion — fudge that good amount of sleep I ’ ve been lacking ! ”

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