By Contributor : Saraswathi Sneha fit are the days when I had to face the universe with an obvious cakey and artificial attend. Ooops ! Wait.. I haven ’ triiodothyronine committed any crime but yes it is a crime which ruined my beauty quotient since years. My days would begin with a dawn mantra from my pals “ Have you applied foundation garment ? It is intelligibly visible ! ” Huh. sometimes incorrect choice of foundation absolutely ruins your look from head to toe no matter how beautiful you are. Alas ! I managed to move a milestone in my smasher quotient ( this time not back ! ) by discovering the most suitable foundation for my clamber MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 in Shade 4.0. Today ’ mho recapitulation and swatches are on it. I am in love with this basis since the day I purchased it and I have been moving about swiftly to promote this basis to my friends. Trust me ! I do not have any conduct with MAC for doing this. It is just that I have experienced the best results through this foundation and I am considering this station as a platform to express my contentment to all lovable ladies out here.

thus here is the closer look of MAC Matchmaster Foundation. Shade Intelligence Technology : Every individual has a unique shade of skin tone ; the best thing is with the scope of custom-make foundations introduced in MAC you will decidedly be able to spot out the correct foundation for your skin tone as they have shades ranging from 1 to 10 based on your clamber tones. When I inaugural entered the store they immediately got me the Matchmaster foundation looking at my skin tone. And to my surprise I purchased it in the first go without taking a second base chance. however I was on defile nine when I came to know that it is an award winning foundation and most of our darling Bollywood Stars are patched up to this foundation as it gave them the best results on screen door. It creates a positive feel to know that MAC uses Shade Intelligence Technology to introduce a wide-eyed range of customized shades which gives the best coverage with sun security. The alone task from your end is to seek adept MUAs in the MAC shop for getting you the right foundation that suites your peel note. Make certain that you never choose the wrong shade for it might leave you an infelicitous feel which is strictly a fumble. I was confused between 3.0 and 4.0 and finally with the help of experts I went home with shade 4.0. Coverage : This tad of mine gives a medium coverage and an natural look when applied. The best matter about MAC foundations is that it blends with your skin tone no matter which shade you fall under. When I apply it on my face, it gives me a semi-matte end and covers all my pores immediately. There is no cakey layer or any flakes caused due to this foundation and it lasts for almost 8 hours a day. My T-zone besides remains natural and it doesn ’ t end up gawky as I broadly do not have an greasy skin nor I sweat. sometimes I find it necessary to wear an extra layer as I by and large pump a little for the first gear time. A fiddling touch up with the powder is necessary for the initiation to obtain a perfective finish. As you can see below, there is identical rebuff dispute with my ordinary bark and post the foundation application the latter seems to be bright. Both look lifelike and people often mistake that latter is my original color, I consider this as a victory from my end. Take a closer search at both the photos ( specially the neck region in the second gear photograph ) to identify the slightest dispute for it has blended identical well with my skin tone. The slender white cast you see is because of the flash since it has spf in it. Packaging : What I very liked about the foundation at first is the packaging done with the aid of a pump. first I am bad with caps ; I tend to lose it most of the times. But this kind of box in truth shanghai me as there is no oscilloscope for the caps being lost and besides you can control the quantity of foundation used when you pump it. This means of packaging assures that your initiation is going to last longer than common. Usage Tip : here is a elementary gratuity to get your foundations blend very well on your clamber. I am yet to purchase a professional foundation brush however the sponge that is right down hera helps me with a dependable blend when you actually swipe it in a round gesticulate. Price : Rewinding a little, in the memory I was sol thrilled that I was all set to purchase my first product from MAC. So I asked the person to circular it and he came up with this answer – Rs.2100 ( Inclusive of all Taxes ). I was like, Whattttt ? Did I hear it wrong, you mean “ Two thousand one hundred ”. He replied ‘ Yes, Ma ’ am ’.

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That moment I was little hesitant and slightly embarrassed besides thinking of the situation how it would appear if I withdraw the buy properly aside. I still made up my mind giving fake promises that post this I wouldn ’ metric ton shop anything for a calendar month, however I broke those promises the adjacent day itself ! On a dangerous note, the price gives us a small think right up there on our minds for not many will be able to afford it. But if you badly wish to experience a high-end intersection at-least once in your life then you must decidedly take a look at this product. It is worth every penny. Let ’ s check the photos and swatches : Pros of the Mac foundation:

  • Blends very well with your skin tone.
  • Gives a natural finish
  • No cakey/artificial/unnatural layer
  • Nice packaging
  • Medium coverage with semi-matte finish
  • Quick Drying
  • No allergic reactions
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Comes with Sun protection
  • Minimizes pores and covers instantly
  • Stays all day
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Cons of the Mac foundation:

  • Price (Quite high)
  • Exfoliation is necessary after usage as it clogs pores instantly
  • Is complete only when you set it with a powder
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Price : Rs.2100 VNA Rating : 4.5/5 Conclusion : Mac Matchmaster Foundation is the best foundation I ’ ve always tried. The texture is politic and buildable and lasts all day. The coverage is medium and looks extremely lifelike. It has this shade intellectual engineering in which the shades adjust to match your skin note. Since this is light, it can be worn casual. Highly recommend !

I hope this post has given you some useful information, will be back with much more information in future. Thanks to VNA for giving me this privilege of writing guest reviews. Feel free to drop in your comments if any. editor : The shades of matchmaster are named a little differently than the rest of Mac foundations. For citation, I ’ megabyte nc37-40 and my tad in it is 4.0. You can calculate consequently. besides read :

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