Beauty Product Review — Lululun Mask

I think most of you have heard of Lululun since it is one of the most popular face masks in Japan. For those who have not heard of it, here is a good introduction of the face mask and the skill behind it.

In compendious :

  1. Lululun believes that face masks should be applied on a daily basis as the basis of a mask is to help your skin absorb serum better
  2. While you may feel that lululun face mask is on the thin side, using thick masks daily actually puts your skin under stress so lululun researchers have found that 0.42mm is the perfect thickness
  3. The shape face mask was carefully designed to fit all types of face shape
  4. The face mask is made of microfiber to increase comfort
  5. The face mask contains hyaluronic acid, acacia honey and 7 naturally derived extracts which give your skin a dewy appearance and leads your skin to be firm and radiant. All ingredients are made in Japan.
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Lululun has an align of masks with different type of ingredients. It is best to find one that suits your needs. They have Premium Lululun masks which you can alone buy in a particular parts of Japan. Since I went to Hokkaido, I bought 2 Hokkaido special edition masks to try ! Honey and Corn and Lavender. The box is so beautiful ! Each backpack contains 7 sheets which is ideal for travelling and eco-friendly excessively ! sol what is extra about the Hokkaido version masks ? Each lavender face masquerade does not merely contain lavender, it besides has

  • Haskaps (honeyberries/honeysuckle) extract — brightens and relax your skin
  • Hatomugi extract — hydrates your skin
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The beloved and corn boldness masquerade contains

  • Japanese Kelp — brightens skin
  • Vitamin E — slows ageing process
  • Daylily flower extract — moistens the skin
  • Vitamin C — boosts collagen

As you can infer from the ingredients above, the beloved and corn confront mask is targeted at ripe women . Close up of the the lavender packaging 7 neatly folded masquerade is what you see when you open each packet. How to use : dance step 1 : After cleansing, apply the boldness mask from the center of your face step 2 : gently press and hold your face in your hands step 3 : relax and wait for 10 minutes

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What I like about this product is that it brightens my skin and does not leave my face sticky. however, the disguise gets dry after 15 minutes but I guess this is convention for a daily mask since it ’ s only meant to be used for a short time period of time. The convention edition masks are available at Don Don Donki and Watsons. Though premium lululun crop is meant for sale in specific parts of Japan, I saw the Kyoto edition mask sell at 5 sheets for $ 25 at Watsons and Red Mart on-line. * gasp * Thank you for reading !

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