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L’ORÉAL CASTING CREAM GLOSS 1010 REVIEW // Iced Light Blonde... Does it work?
L’ORÉAL CASTING CREAM GLOSS 1010 REVIEW // Iced Light Blonde… Does it work?

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L’ORÉAL CASTING CREAM GLOSS 1010 REVIEW // Iced Light Blonde… Does it work?.

blonde light cream.

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4 thoughts on “L’ORÉAL CASTING CREAM GLOSS 1010 REVIEW // Iced Light Blonde… Does it work? | Generally the most complete blonde light cream documents

  1. Carolyn hiatt says:

    Its a deposit only color/colour. This will not color dark roots only tone your hair ! The best way to use this deposit only colour / toner is to color your darker hair first with Loreal Sublime mousse hair color in the lightest blonde you can find. I leave the sublime mousse on my dark roots for 45 minutes. Then I rinse and dry my hair . I, then , use the Loreal castings gloss on my dry hair starting at the roots & leave on for ten minutes. Rinse, condition and air dry. !

  2. Realm2012 says:

    You need to understand the difference between a permanent hair colour and a semi-permanent gloss. A semi-permanent hair colour will not lift pigment off the hair shaft. It will only deposit colour. Of course you are going to be disappointed with the results if your were expecting platinum blonde.

  3. Julia-Isabelle Pahlm says:

    The cream gloss 1010 is only a toner, and because of that it doesn’t lift your hair color. I use it after I bleach my hair to get rid of the brassy/yellow tones! This means that if you have dark hair, it’s not going to make a difference 🙂
    Your hair looks great though! Have a beautiful day!

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