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I am trying to tone cool blonde hair with Loreal Excellence Crème in 9A Light Ash Blonde and I am getting a roots shadow effect by dyeing my dark roots the same color! It’s not exactly ash blonde highlights on brown hair that I was looking for, but you can see blonde hair on tanned skin and what the bleaching and toning process does on hair that is naturally black. My dark brown hair with red undertones is hard to lighten due to the coppery hair, so I’m really happy with the warm blonde that came out! Get it here: Dupe or Designer is a creative outlet that specializes in Amazon reviews for her. Unpacking luxury handbags and their fake equivalents. Experience real cosmetic injections before and after and enjoy Zara Fashion Hauls. Do you want to collaborate or buy the rights to this video? *Please note that all videos on my channel are copyrighted, and downloading and use without rights will be subject to legal action. *My Camera: *My Lens: *Memory Card: *My Lighting: Get $20 FREE (no problem!) *Some of the links above are affiliate links. If you buy, I will make you a small commission. Your price will not increase. Thank you for supporting what I do on this channel. #lightashblonde #toninghair

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Loreal 9A – Tone Hair Color with Loreal Excellence Cream 9A Light Ash Blonde

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Loreal 9A – Tone Hair Color with Loreal Excellence Cream 9A Light Ash Blonde.

blonde light cream.

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21 thoughts on “Loreal 9A – Tone Hair Color with Loreal Excellence Cream 9A Light Ash Blonde | General information related to blonde light cream most detailed

  1. Tanvi shetty says:

    Hey I’ve been trying to get my dark almost black hair to a brown shade and I’ve heard and seen light ash blonde do so. Your roots seem dark and I loved the outcome of it. I have been a little skeptical about loreal excellence. Do you think I should go for it?

  2. Moonlight H says:

    I used feria platinum blonde and ended up with exactly the same blend of yellow and orange as you, so this box will be my next step! Thank you!

  3. Shannon B says:

    I'm totally trying this! I'm a strawberry blonde and want to go blonder. I have really thick hair, too. So I might need a few boxes!

  4. Seventh Fire Stephanie says:

    Girl, I feel you on the orangey hair. I'm naturally a dark brown brunette and going gray so I took it upon myself to bleach and color my own hair during this pandemic. I regret it because I caused so much damage that the ends of my hair broke off. But, yeah, with deep conditioning and being blessed with good hair genes, I'm able to complete the job with this particular color.

  5. Jessica / Jess Gaines says:

    I was so happy to see that smile at the reveal of the result. Yay! It’s gorgeous and soooo thick.

  6. M J says:

    I know I'm years late, but wanted to say thank you for this video! Bleached my hair twice, I still have a few orange bits and my hair is Barbie yellow, hopefully in a few days I can fix it with this light ash!

  7. douglas hobson says:

    this is clearly not toning this is coloring… using a toner would have yielded far better response!

  8. Southern Belle says:

    I know this is an old video but I thought it looked great just maybe a one wash with toning shampoo! Otherwise I love it!!

  9. IL-PT_by_2D says:

    Nice. I've tried to color a brown wig to blonde and the hair does not success to be colored. Maybe I did it to fast and haven't canvas head to put the wig on and I very disappointed. I hope when I buy canvas my color experiments would be more successful and of course at the next time will try to use your tutorial and some additional blogs tutorials

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