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Find more information on my site: – Instagram: MissSahel__ – Facebook: Miss Sahel – – Site: My own site: – I went to Chad to reveal the hair secrets of an African ethnic group called “Arabs Basara”. Basara Arab women are known to have very long and naturally thick hair that extends well past the rear ends. They coat their hair with a homemade mix that keeps their hair super hydrated and lubricated, which is why they say their hair never breaks. even from childhood. The ingredients are very specific to Chad. I don’t know if the ingredients for the powders they use can be found somewhere in the West, but we sell the mix ready-made. How to use: – The first step is to wet the hair so that it does so with plain water and alternate between the fragrance oil/hair oil mixture and the chebe powder mixture until the hair is completely saturated. Then they braid the hair and once this braid is done, they wet it again with water. Repeat this routine every 3-5 days. Some people may at first think that their hair length is due to genetics, after asking about it women said definitely NOT due to genetics as they don’t apply shebe powder mix to their bangs which, in turn, falls short. . However, the parts of the hair that they use the powder mixture on in their routine do not break and become very long and strong. The texture of the hair does not look frizzy because the weight of the powder relaxes the hair and gives it a curly look and with this weight the hair does not shrink. On the other hand, her bangs have a frizzy texture. The first song is in Chadian Arabic and the other two are in Sudanese Arabic. Song 1: A Chadian singer Pecos Song 2: منJo هلالية & شكر الله عزالدين – معزورة Song 3: منajo eg.

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Long natural hair secret from Chad in Africa : CHEBE POWDER
Long natural hair secret from Chad in Africa : CHEBE POWDER

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Long natural hair secret from Chad in Africa : CHEBE POWDER.

pur hair gro miracle.

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  1. Miss Sahel says:

    Hi guys after so many request I translated this video for my english speakers. Before asking a question please read the entire info box may be the answer to your question is in it. I did a FAQ video so please check it out xoxo

  2. DAS 1982 says:

    Obviously it's not healthy as you can see they have lost all of their edges from making the braids sooo tight.

  3. N Prayers!!!!! says:


  4. Donna says:

    Beautiful hair for Chad women but I think long hair is just natural to them. I don’t think it’s this product that makes grow but it keeps it healthy and strong. Been buying this stuff for 2 years now and it’s not cheap but I’ve not seen anything to write home about but a dent in my pocket🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️I’ve tried the original one that smells like hell and the scented ones but the difference is the same. It didn’t do anything for me but smell🙊🙊!!🙄🙄🙄

  5. Tresor Djabene says:

    Excuse moi tata je voudrais demander si la poudre de chébé augmente la pousse des cheveux

  6. Grow_2_Blow says:

    8:38 no homo but lil bro going be king of the village with that mafucka, my youngest boy was born like that but maybe a little bigger.

  7. Laverne C says:

    These women do not have African American hair. They are a mix of African and Arab. Their hair is straighter. Their hair growth is mostly genetics. Their hair is beautiful.

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