Loft Apartment In The Top Floor Of A 19th Century Building

modern contemporary loft apartment interior design idea
Loft aparment by Haptic Architects. “ The apartment is in the peak floor of a nineteenth century apartment construction in central Oslo in Norway. Purchasing the loft space above the apartment enabled the node to do a fully scale renovation of the loft, bringing the two floors into one, unified quad … .

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A Peaceful Loft Tucked Into The Tulum Jungle

Loft Tucked Into The Tulum Jungle
A passive loft is something many of you might be in search of. How ca n’t you, after all, when it is an ideal environment for composure and relaxation. If you ended improving in this article, chances are you are looking for something like that ( or, we hope so ). And to …

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Amazing Loft With Brick Walls and High Ceiling

Loft With Brick Walls
This broad loft with brick walls was designed by Konstantinos Aninos, to be both beautiful and very comfortable. Its interior plan looks very modern but at the lapp time cozy. The ceiling is very high, which makes the space look bigger. ( more… )

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Beautiful & Inspiring Tribeca Loft In Moscow

Tribeca style loft 72 м²
Are you thinking of following a Tribeca style for your loft ? It is decidedly a full choice and a modern one ! To help you get an idea of this kind of dash, here is an illuminate model of such loft. This beautiful mod two-floor Tribeca loft apartment by yoroom invention …

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A Loft That Creates Unique Synergies for the Perfect Work-Life Harmony

industrial-style loft 3
A Loft That Creates Unique Synergies for the Perfect Work-Life Harmony designed by Elizabeth Roberts. The Williamsburg loft is a 3,500 SF be / shape distance shared by a marry couple — he is a chef and food writer and she is a sculptor. The copulate found the large, industrial, land floor …

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Midcentury Modern Seattle Loft

Midcentury Modern Seattle Loft
Midcentury Modern Seattle Loft designed by Mowery Marsh Architects. One undertaking that has been huge for us this class is our seattle renovation. When an inner architect colleague of Brian ‘s establish this mid-century modern home, he did n’t miss a beat and said … ‘Sure we ‘ll help you design the renovation ! ‘ And so the …

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19th Century Barn House by Steven Harris Architects

19th Century Barn House 1
Steven Harris Architects. is an award winning invention firm with extensive and varied experience in both public and private commissions. The office takes a collaborative approach to design, fostering an outdoors exchange of ideas both within the firm and with clients. Since the design process is tailored individually to the client ’ sulfur …

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Historic Stone Church Turned Into a Functional Modern Home

Historic Stone Church Turned Into a Modern Home
This particular property has an concern history and once served as a rebirth earned run average church service before being abandoned. recently the place ‘s new owners decided to give it a new lease on life and Garmendia Cordero Architects converted the historic church into a functional, modern loft. Garmendia Cordero made manipulation of the …

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