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It is not much that you consultation one person for five times. It is particularly rare when we are talking about our magazine, which goes after the people with the hottest issues and the most of public ’ second interest. In the changing tides of trends and short attetion span, it is not an easy feat to receive the entitle of ‘ Recent Trend ’ again and again .
The Namsoon who wishes to live like flowing waters ( School ) allowed a flower to grow in people ’ sulfur hearts, while supernatural son Sooha ( IHYV ) caused that bloom to bloom explosively. He returns as the stoic scholar in the midst of seasoned actors, Jin-hyeong ( The Face Reader ), top swimming athlete Woosang ( No Breathing ) and the playboy casanova, Jong-gil ( Blood Boiling Youth ). All brought to you by actor Lee Jong Suk in 2013 .
Ceci : nowadays ’ randomness is the promote screening for ’ The Face Reader ’. How do you feel ? ( The interview was conducted on 2nd September. )

LJS : The director showed me the responses on social platforms after the riddle, and said that I did well. The sunbaes besides gave me lots of praises. But to be honest, if I stand in the perspective of an consultation member, I can ’ thyroxine quite nod my head and match. Every time I come out on screen, I felt like I was breaking the smooth flow of the movie. These are brilliant scenes crafted by sunbaes like Baek Yoon Shik, Song Kang Ho, Kim Hye Soo, Jo Jong Suk, Lee Hyuk Jae. My shoulders tense up from the sheer jitteriness that I was going to screw everything up. And in the goal, my worries came true .

Ceci : There are differences between the characterizations of Nae-kyeong, Paeng-hon and Jin-hyeong ( Lee Jong Suk ’ south character ) though…

LJS : The film and the events that happen in it are largely started due to Nae-kyeong ’ mho ( Song Kang Ho ’ s function ) fatherly love. In the scenes that I share with my father Nae-kyeong and my uncle Paeng-hon ( Jo Jung Suk ’ mho function ), it is obvious that I am not in the same league. I am thus covetous of the way Jong Suk-hyung and Song Kang Ho-sunbae work seamlessly with each other. And I am the merely thing holding the fit back, looking rather cockamamie .
Which got me thinking, “ Couldn ’ metric ton I have done better, and matched their degree ? ” This made me feel regretful. To be honest, it is the foremost time for quite a while that I am as unconfident in myself as I am nowadays. I feel so anxious and sad that I ’ thousand about angry at myself .

Ceci : just like how a watch needs unlike gears and parts to turn, a movie can only be completed due to the combination of different actors .

LJS : well, this gear-piece is not smooth enough. I love movies and television receiver shows so much. so tied when I watch my own employment, I am the character to look at it objectively and criticize it impartially. This time my criticism for myself is stronger than usual, that is all. I constantly chase myself into a dead-end like this. I am indeed regretful towards the staff members working on today ’ s photoshoot, since I arrived on hardened with a grey feeling…

Ceci : Let ’ s rescue you from that dead-end first. I remember you said last meter that you could learn acting on set barely from breathing in the air. “ Gear-piece Lee Jong Suk ” must have learned things from being in ‘ The Face Reader ’ ?

LJS : So there I stood, amongst all these sunbaes for whom acting is equally natural as breathe. even the atmosphere around me felt different, it was sol fantastic. In ‘ Bleach ’, a manga I like to read, there is a scene where the chief fictional character collapses onto the ground from the gigantic air of another character. That ’ s how I felt when I went to the script-reading .
specially when Song Kang Ho-sunbae approached me in costume, all matted hair and scraggly byssus, coming towards me in those boots ; it was indeed unforgettable. For the beginning time, I felt this person towering over me. I made me realize that his aura came from somewhere internally — it was a stateliness of leadership qualities. I wonder if I can have that air when I get to that age .

Ceci : Luck favours the believer, so try to believe in yourself ! The drama ‘ I Hear Your Voice ’ received insurpassable popularity, taking over research rankings from 1 to 10. To put it another way, daebak !

LJS : Both ‘ School ’ and ‘ IHYV ’ received such commodity response. I am nothing but grateful towards the writer and film director who created these characters. I have been rather fortunate. Thanks to these projects, I have heard many praises. A certain piece of news program used this analogy to describe my emergence : Go Namsoon bought the land and Park Sooha built a tall build on it. I was very allude when I read that .
This year, I grew among my same-age friends and besides tried my hand in love story for the first time. I met these characters and stories that won ’ metric ton fade away in time, having my contribution of fun with them. More than anything, I am grateful to have accomplished work that is representative of myself .

Ceci : deplorable to say this, but I was actually rather surprise. The rahter unusual combination of supernatural boy and court drama gave me the feel that “ the slightest slip would cause talk failure ” .

LJS : I had heard about a drama treatment in KBS that combines romance, court and illusion elements. At that target, though I haven ’ metric ton even read the outline, the genre caught my eye. It was a scholar function, somehow it seemed playfulness to return to school one last clock — so my management was in the process of finding out more about the project, when all of a sudden, we heard that it was turned down by the review board and moved to SBS. At that meter, I was receiving offers for closely all the student roles that existed in Korea ; plus, a movie which had first approached me back when I was filming ‘ Secret Garden ’ besides came back in negotiation — that was ‘ No Breathing ’ .

Ceci : sol ‘ No Breathing ’ had been received over three years ago ?

LJS : That ’ mho right. I was troubled about what my next move should be after ‘ School ’, but I felt like I should be loyal to the director who had noticed me back when no one else did, so I decided to enter the production of ‘ No Breathing ’. however, good after the shrink had been signed, ‘ IHYV ’ besides passed the review board and approached me, it felt about like a cosmic jest. It was crazy !
If I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do it, I would regret it then very identical identical a lot, so I had to face the scheduling dispute mind on. I felt responsible and loyal to the project I first signed up with, but it would besides be such a pity to give up on ‘ IHYV ’. Filming both projects in concert no matter how hard it became, I felt it was my job to do it. fortunately, both projects understood my situation and made the necessary adjustments for me to be able to do both simultaneously. It could have become a huge trouble .

Ceci : so for actors, a bunch of opinion goes into the choice of scripts .

LJS : Everytime I choose, it ’ s like standing at a intersection. I must give it serious consideration, then take up responsibility for it afterwards. The choice doesn ’ triiodothyronine feign only myself, but besides the people who work with me. therefore, it is always a difficult choice. Before the drama begins shooting, the output chooses actors that suit the taste of the public. For ‘ IHYV ’, there were people who commented that the combination of Lee Bo Young – Yoon Sang Hyun – Lee Jong Suk seems quite imbalanced .
But more than anything, the script is very interest and it isn ’ t the kind that can be rushed out, ascribable to all the complicated legal aspects that have to be included. “ Hard work is a must ”, these words from the writer is why I was attracted to this plan. She seems to have placed all her feelings on the Sooha we get to meet through all his trials and tribulations .

Ceci : You have mentioned this earlier, but this is the first real romance in your act knead .

LJS : And I am besides a drama fanatic who has watched countless love story drama. nothing is quite adenine grievous as a valet who looks at his woman with love in his eyes. Since I believe that this kind of scene can move people, I want to convey the bouquet a honestly as possible. I in truth tried my very best .
After Episode 8, I traveled back and forth between Seoul and Daejeon, alternately filming for the drama and the movie. inescapably, my physical force started to wane. however, concentration was absolutely necessary for conveying the three-level transformation of Sooha — taking revenge, losing his memory and then regaining it. From that detail on, I became frightened when reading the scripts. I felt like I was reaching the limitations of my ability .

Ceci : Your mentally ill feelings could not be felt when watching the television read, though .

LJS : Whenever I had to change between the costumes of Woosang and Sooha, I found myself very confused. fortunately, while filming scenes with Boyoung-noona, I lento found my foot .

Ceci : [ The lead character ] is a younger man who breaks all the rules. In the begin, the audience is like “ Seriously ? ? ”, then it becomes “ Please [ be together ] … ” and in the end, it becomes a solid “ Yes ! ! ” .

LJS : evening from the very begin, the age difference has never been a concern for me. Because it is person I love. Because I love her. Nothing else should matter .

Ceci : In our last interview, you mentioned longing for romance that is based in dim-witted, everyday life. Bingo ! Your prophecy came true !

LJS : Yes, things in my ideal romance all came improving. My long-suppressed personal feelings found a handout .

Ceci : possibly making up for some of the regret that comes from your current young days that are without romance ?

LJS : absolutely ! ( laughs ) The screenplay can be seen as a romance manhwa, or even a fantasy floor. There are lots of scenes that causes female hearts to flutter, no ? Although after I did it myself, I realize that it is quite impossible for a man to lift a charwoman up and kiss her that direction .

Ceci : But that ’ s the point ! The writer has a great sense for these moments .

LJS : The stage directions for the last kiss scene included this line, “ This is a kiss different from the former ones, an adult kiss ”. And everyone laughed. Although I was worried that the 10-years-older Boyoung-noona would scold me, I ended up doing precisely as the directions said .

Ceci : In the last 2 years, this is our fifth interview together. Rather than just saying that you are receiving attention, you are actually on a supersonic rise .

LJS : rather, I would describe that I have cautiously walked bit-by-bit in a relatively short amount of time, building up my experiences .

Ceci : now that you are called “ the Trend ”, is every day like a dream to you ? The theme of our photoshoot today is “ Jong Suk in a Wonderland ” .

LJS : My problem is that I don ’ t even have time to savor this dream-like life. No count what, popularity is bound to cool down in 2-3 months, and will disappear at any given time. I do feel regretful that I can ’ thyroxine enjoy this brief moment. But I did this to myself by being sol ambitious .

Ceci : tied when I congratulate you on your popularity, you keep saying “ this is all irregular ” … it makes you look a short melancholic. When you were filming ‘ School ’, you were besides doing ‘ The Face Reader ’, then it was ‘ IHYV ’ in concert with ‘ No Breathing ’, followed immediately by ‘ Blood Boiling Youth ’. It ’ s like a relay raceway where you are the merely runner .

LJS : I want to expand the width of roles I can take, I want to find out a side of myself that is strange even to myself. That is why I took ‘ Blood Boiling Youth ’. People around me tried to advise against it, since it is a character that is vastly different from myself or my roles up until this sharpen. It is a risk. As a result, I have become slenderly oversensitive recently. Though I want to be a thoroughly person, basically…
( T/N : He means that he has been a little easy to irritate, possibly due to the tension of the character, so he feels a snatch regretful, since he wants to be decent all the time. )

Ceci : nine whole months of unforgiving schedules must have left you with many Ursa bears sitting on your shoulders. ( T/N : Ursa [ 우루사 ] is a brand of energy supplement, it has a behave for a mascot. )

LJS : If we are talking about department of energy levels, I am a lighter that is flickering on and off at this time. even my company has recently started changing their goals to “ let ’ s get Jongsuk to rest awhile ” .

Ceci : After the drama ended, you probably haven ’ t even had fourth dimension to curl up at home and fair recuperate. After this stretch of the marathon is over, what do you plan to do ?

LJS : Sleep. Sleep until I want to wake up again. actually, I had three days of holidays a while ago, and I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trope out what I wanted to do with this limited sum of time. What should I do that would leave great memories for myself ? How do I turn these memories into motivation for the approaching filming schedule ? My ending was “ I ’ ll test drinking ” .

Ceci : You ’ re a guy who likes going to cafes and chatting, what ’ south this talk about drink ? !

LJS : I wanted to experience the think of of “ being completely smashed ”. So I ordered everything from champagne to bomb drinks. Since I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know anything about alcohol, I equitable went down the menu and ordered the different types one by one. My close friends were all shocked, but more amazingly, I found out that I can actually hold a lot of liquor ! When I am drink, my body slips out of my control, but my mind is hush wholly sober up. So we went for a second turn of drinks at the club .

Ceci : Oh my gosh ! Aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you worried you ’ five hundred be recognized ?

LJS : “ If person takes a picture of me being smashed, that ’ s no good. ” My legitimate side reared its head, so I covered my face. I precisely leaned against the barrier and listened to the music, roaring and beating against my eardrums. “ Ah, so this is why people like to drink… ”
I was amazingly very well the following day, I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even have a hangover. I cooked myself a seeafood ramen and cleared it all up without any problems ! I ultimately got to know what alcohol is like at the senesce of 25 .

Ceci : When you get physically tired, it ’ s like catching the influenza. After taking the Ursa bears for so many times, were there particular incidents that are unforgettable ? ( T/N : The reporter and him were joking together, distillery talking about the Ursa energy supplements that Jongsuk probably takes to fight off fatigue. : vitamin d )

LJS : My body has gotten used to it, sleeping for alone four hours and is okay for me. Though once filming ends for everything, I wonder if I would curl up and become ill ?
But it was today that I had the heaviest heart. For most people, the acting on television screens is something they only occasionally glance at, but when it comes to acting on the big screen is something they will sit down and focus on. Everyone ’ south eyes are trained onto this one movie. In my death two movies, ‘ Korea : As One ’ and ‘ R2B : return to Base ’, I didn ’ metric ton have this realization since I only had a small function. My function still international relations and security network ’ thyroxine big in ‘ The Face Reader ’, but on a cardinal level, I ’ megabyte not satisfied with my own acting .
What if this happens again for the approaching two movies, which has my name hanging above the style ? I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine know what to do. What if I fail to lead these two movies ? All this doubt are woven profoundly together, filling me with fear .

Ceci : Ah, so it is a fear that comes from meeting the consultation straight on, and worrying that your every flaw would be displayed. Doesn ’ thymine this leap from your intense desire to always improve ?

LJS : up until this orient, I believed that equally long as I keep acting, I could lento discover and correct my shortcomings. It was this baseless confidence allowed me to become an actor, but the blind confidence has barely been shaken. Acting is expressing emotions, all the emotions that you experience naturally as you grow up. But I guess I want it to come even faster. “ I must mature promptly, and show them good, multi-faceted acting. ” These thoughts consume my mind, in a slenderly chilling manner…

Ceci : Don ’ thymine be besides hard on yourself .

LJS : As I appear in more and more projects, the number of fans has besides increased. I would hear people say, “ You did well ! ”, and in the depths of my heart, I would childishly become avid for that —- “ Please praise me more, I hunger for praise ” .

Ceci : That is because your young is simmering with heat good now. Are there things that make the the blood-boiling Lee Jong Suk feel his limitations ?

LJS : I am afraid that my genial lastingness might drain away. And I am very cerebral when it comes to acting. It ’ s like I should be screaming from the rooftops, but sometimes I end up adjust and rein in my act to make it satisfactory to myself. Actors are charismatic when they throw away their images with no gaze. I want to be like Jongsuk-hyung in ‘ The Face Reader ’, acting without naturally and brilliantly, without a manage in the earth .
But I was indeed busy looking at scripts and hammering out my schedules. And I was hush afraid of losing myself. If only my instincts could win over my cerebral slope, then my acting would reach another degree .

Ceci : To help you find that lost assurance, let ’ s have some self-healing meter. Praise yourself in three aspects .

LJS : Hmm, since acting is about releasing personal emotions, my growth can ’ thymine be measured by some scientific whole. But my know level of ‘ tidying up emotions and projecting it into acting ’ is endlessly rising .

Ceci : second ?

LJS : Up until now, I have been following my plans and taking it one step at a time. And I seem to have the luck of choosing projects that will match well to my own pace at the time .

Ceci : last one ?

LJS : Up until now, there is not one moment when I think I am well or more extra than anyone else. When I watch drama, I would still think, “ How can these people act so well ? ” and feel covetous of other actors. When I see fans who love me thus much, I feel grateful but besides apologetic towards them, and I worry if it is right for me to receive this love from them .
It is in my personality to lack confidence, even from a young age. I love acting so much, and when watching the final examination product, I am constantly overwhelmed with joy. I like the fact that people like me, but when they pay me besides much attention, I start to get a fiddling aweary. So the decision is, I am a actually eldritch person .

Ceci : The two sides of a personality has constantly been like twins cojoined at the second, one can not leave the early .

LJS : That is truthful. It tires me out sometimes. If I were the kind of person who can control his emotions freely and have overwhelming confidence, then possibly I would be able to act well in everything .

Ceci : Try to constantly find two strengths in yourself. meanwhile, keep your reticent, self-checking personality ; then you will possibly reach the acting floor that you desire. By the way, you ’ re presently filming for ‘ Blood Boiling Youth ’ down in Soonchang, how is life there ?

LJS : Soonchang is very repose and the air is so fresh .

Ceci : Sounds good ! When you breathe in the fresh air, it would be great to breathe in that assurance besides .

LJS : I ’ ll try my best. ( laughs )

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