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I was a bit skeptical…

I was a sting disbelieving at first base, however that changed vitamin a soon as I put the product on. It went on smooth and lighter and my skin felt hydrated. I waited to see if it would get cakey or settle into my lines and surprisingly it didnt. I enjoyed the alight feeling it had on my bark while evening out my clamber tone. It didnt flush feel like I had anything on at all ! That is a huge plus for me ! My clamber is very sensible and this product didnt worsen any issues any. Because of this I decided to actually put it to the test and wear it longer than I wear my day by day products, to my surprise I forgot I was wearing anything on my face ! ! ! This is now my new go to ! !

Most Helpful Critical Review

New Tinted Moisturiser Formula Turns Orange

I am a firm LM customer and have been using the tinted moisturiser for over 20 years, so it came as a huge disappointment when my modern recipe LM Blush 2C1 turned orange after good a few weeks – and I am truly regretful to be writing this review. I thought I was imagining how much it had changed, so I went to store to compare – and look at the dispute ( see photos ). The pale one is the truthful unopened color, the other pipe is the SAME color when it was opened 3 weeks ago – it is now orange and unserviceable. This is wholly unacceptable, I would merely expect cheaper ‘teenage ‘ brands to do this – this has never happened before. I see some reviews on here going back a year or then, saying the same thing, but this is the first time it has happened to me here in the UK. No customers, new or old, are going to stick with a product if it does this. I am at loss as this was my ‘for life ‘ product, and this is such as bad commercialize misjudgement I am in incredulity ! Please LM you need to go back to the original formula and correct this write out, and having read many of the reviews on here I hope you choose to do thus soon before you lose your customer base. For now I deplorably have to go elsewhere as this is distinctly not a product anyone can invest in and I am embarrassed that I have recommended it to so many people. A catastrophe of a decision for your ship’s company I am regretful to say. I very hope your executive team read this and all the other critical reviews about the other changes you have made to ‘improve ‘ this product and make some fast decisions. This is ( was ) your flagship ‘award winning ‘ product !

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Reading: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | Ulta Beauty

Reviewed by 8332 customers


5 east from Atlanta, GA I use this product everyday on crown of my even moisturizer. It blends perfectly with my skin and does n’t look greasy. It ‘s lightwieght adequate to use concealer over it if extra coverage is needed besides .


5 membere4dea from undisclosed It is a very concern and necessary merchandise in everyday life. I highly recommend it. Every person should respect themselves so that they can use this product .

Not impressed

2 Ken from Denver, CO I had high hopes for this tint moisturizer after all the raving reviews. But the formulation is frightful. This leaves my skin dry and it ‘s quite streaked on my skin no matter how I apply it .

It provides the right

4 fordonutz from undisclosed It provides the right measure of moisture without feeling greasy. however I wish it was a higher sun protection factor

Summer Foundation

5 heatherdrake9a970b1a from undisclosed Laura Mercier ‘s tint moisturizer is like foundation in the Summer. I do n’t want to wear much makeup when it ‘s hot outside, even this provides enough coverage .

Nice light tinted moisturizer but….

3 Ashaleena from Michigan first time I used this, it made my pores look huge and bunched up in patches on my font thus ill even my faineant self had to take it off. I used a different moisturizer with no fuse and it sat alot better, no pores were noticeable and no patchiness when blended out well in the beginning. Dries down nicely and does n’t emphasis any texture or fine lines. I good wished it help flush out my meek inflammation in the kernel if my side. This does n’t help at all, so I wish it did but I besides understand it ‘s a lightweight tint moisturizer at the like time .

Great moisturizer but not great coverage

4 canonize from undisclosed I suggest that your expectations be reasonable. It wo n’t offer bang-up coverage if your bark needs that. inactive, it ‘s a great moisturizer

Not worth the hype in my opinion

3 em from oregon It ‘s ok. Just gets very patchy and feels like it flakes correctly off my face .

Make up Laura Mercier

5 kaylovewilliams from undisclosed This is the best products to use for ur make up that every females will love and try and use for your makeup. We hope us females will love all different types and kind of makeup products to try and used and everything

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Not worth it

2 Alex from Utah I have been an avid CC or BB cream exploiter because I love the minimal makeup search, but like to even out my skin tone good a touch. I normally use bare Minerals complexion rescue or Bye Bye CC cream but decided to try this because it was a better color match….but this basically is just a moisturizer. I would not wear this alone to try and cover up blemishes, freckles, or red. besides, the complete makes me look like I rubbed petroleum all over my face. Returned it .

My new favorite tinted

5 laurav190 from undisclosed My new favorite tinted moisturizer ! The coverage is capital, can barely tell I have it on & perfect for any temper. Highly commend !

Best quick and easy

5 kellym421 from undisclosed Best flying and easy to get your hide ready for the days without caking it up ! I love how unhorse slant it is and besides has SPF

would recommend!

4 maddieg59 from undisclosed This tint moisturizer is a must have. I love the coverage for days when I do n’t feel like wearing a long ton of makeup but calm want a peel perfecting look. This blends well is the perfective base particularly in the summer .

A good primer for

3 memberece661 from undisclosed A good fuse for under your foundation, it gives a nice natural glow. I dont like this on my skin on its own on no constitution days as it kinda looks like I rolled in a tub of shimmer .

Not good

1 Jenny8675309 from Los angeles This is basically barely moisturizer. I returned it. You asked for me review like 5 times, well there you go .

Perfect My Discoloration

5 maryo82 from undisclosed It absolutely blended my skin discoloration. I find it helpful and of dependable rate. I will recommend it to others

What to expect from Laura Mercier!

5 Tiffany11223 from New jersey I have been using their oil release tinted moisturizer for years and received this product release for testing. It was very similar however this merchandise made me look a small bright which might be great during those cloud-covered winter months. Does n’t clog your pores and good for acne prone, greasy peel. The coverage is pretty full and evens out skin. It will not in full cover acne or acne scars but decidedly will keep your skin hydrated but not greasy .

Skip the Foundation

5 alexandravansteyn from undisclosed The best choice I made was adding this tint moisturizer to my makeup routine. This intersection provides capital coverage and I no longer feel the need to use foundation daily. additionally, it has been comfortable for me to layer on other products such as bronze and blush !

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Please bring back the old formula!

1 Goldie from New York, NY This has been my travel to product for years. probably the last decade I ‘ve entirely used the Laura mercier tinted moisturizer as it is perfect for my dry skin, constantly got complements on my makeup. recently repurchased as I had run out of my old bottle and I could n’t be more defeated that the rule has distinctly changed … for the bad. The coverage is atrocious, the application is splotchy ( particularly exacerbated by dry peel ) and it looked so bad that I actually had to wipe the makeup off my front and use a different product to redo my makeup. I tried using it again with extra moisturizer and flat coat underneath and it managed to look even worse. This is fabulously upset as I have relied on this product for many years. If it ai n’t broke do n’t fix it ! ! Will be in search of a modern product .


1 kj from north carolina i feel like this sit wyrd on my bark and pilled off with early products

Perfect dewy coverage with spf!

5 Wendall from Seattle Love this merchandise have worn it for about 3 years. I like it cause it is precisely tinted enough to even out my skin tone without being heavy. Foundation feels like a mask to be by the end of the. This is light with sun protection factor and leaves my hide bedewed. I actually get compliments .

Loved it

5 444diana from Colorado I was disbelieving at beginning but it was the best I ‘ve ever used .

Great product!

5 kagen from undisclosed I love this tint moisturizer. It goes on so smoothly and makes my skin look very even without that caked on feel or look .

Magic Cream is apart of my everyday routine!

5 cynthiat47 from undisclosed Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte ‘s Magic Cream lNurtures my skin, gives a healthy burn, preps my bark for constitution or a decent glow and Charlottes tinted cream. Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte ‘s Magic Cream


5 Carly from Menifee literally researched every since tinted moisturizer to replace my initiation because it always makes me cakey, it was between this and the bare minerals, this wins. I have flaky dry peel and it is patchy and mismatched. This looks so natural I ca n’t even explain how much I love it. I tried multiple shades I ‘m super pale. This 3rd shade camouflage is the best one for me, it literally looks and feels like skin. Does n’t in truth transfer when you put your hands on your checks. I did use a smasher blender to blend it out which seemed to be way better than using hands or a brush if you have dry patches like me. Thank you for making a holy grail product !

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