I remember my excitation in 2016 when the first base cushion launched in the UK – about time I thought. I saw the Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation at the Boots counter and had a little turn with it. I wasn ’ t excessively keen however because it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely what I was looking for as it had low, bedewed coverage. ( not that I don ’ thymine like that kind of stopping point, but I just have lots of similar cushions already ). It was besides costly for something I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wholly sold on so I held off. A year belated and Lancôme has released a new Teint Idole Ultra Cushion – boasting long clothing and high gear coverage which is precisely what I was looking for .
Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion |  SPF50/PA+++
Shade 02 Beige Rosé |  Price £31.50 | 13g of product (No refill included)

This claims to have new cushion technology that provides durable and broad coverage liquid foundation for a flawless and velvet looking complexion. It besides states that it doesn ’ t transfer, is oil-free and non-comedogenic .
This comes with high sun auspices of SPF50/PA+++ which I ’ m used to seeing with asian base constitution only. I ’ thousand pleasantly surprised because the YSL cushion lone has SPF23/PA++ .
There are 9 shades available ( and they have a random confusing numbering arrangement ), but I went with 02 Beige Rosé on recommendation from the dame at the Lancôme anticipate. A batch of Asians ( myself included ), tend to shy away from shades with potent scandalmongering undertones because we already have a batch of yellow in our clamber, so pink-based colours help to counteract that and brighten up our skin tone. however, like the YSL shock absorber, it ’ s a bite besides little finger and international relations and security network ’ thyroxine an accurate color match, ( although it ’ sulfur less obvious than the YSL ). I need to make a mental note to pick up yellow-toned Western shades next time because their tap shades are much more obvious than the korean pink-based cushion I normally use ( No.21 ) – which are normally perfect for me .
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20170304_143926 20170304_145625
The corner it comes in is pretty unconvincing and cheap and I initially thought it came with a refill because the korean cushions that come with an extra replenish are typically that size. But nope, its just because Lancôme give you have the empty case + the refill unattached, which you have to fit together yourself. ( extra refills are sold individually for £21. )
Besides that, I love the promotion of the cushion itself. It ’ mho credit card and light, but has a gorgeous brooding gold eyelid ( which doubles up as a good mirror, albeit a fingerprint magnet ). I love how streamlined and slender it is excessively, which is why I notice how chunky the YSL cushion is in comparison .
20170304_14510420170304_145152 I ’ megabyte not a fan of the applicator blow included. It looks very brassy and bad-quality. It has a flocked open which does help you achieve the higher coverage, but you can besides see a bunch of the merchandise getting absorb and wasted, which isn ’ t what you want when a cushion only comes with 13g of intersection. I besides find it quite cranky and irritating when I ’ megabyte patting the foundation onto my face and it can apply quite patchy/uneven sol you have to keep buffing it away to smooth it out. I recommend switching it up with a rubycell vent puff – the way cushions in the first place should be applied. You may be sacrificing a little of that wax coverage if you do, but trust me, it applies more smoothly and evenly because of the way the air puff picks up the product from the shock absorber .
Inside is what Lancôme touts as their new cushion technology which is ‘ Made in France ’ quite than in Korea for their Miracle Cushion. This basically utilises a interlock net system which draws the liquid foundation up through the surface of the net when you press down on it. korean cushions have been coming out with tension net cushions for awhile now so this doesn ’ t feel completely new and rotatory but I like the concept because it does keep the product fresh for longer and doesn ’ t have the typical mooch cushion which can dry out over time. I feel like even though it contains 2g less than most cushions, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate run out as quick for this reason.


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20170304_14570520170304_14590320170304_145935 My immediate reaction when I applied this shock absorber for the first time was wow. The coverage. It smoothes out your bark and gives a photoshopped airbrush finish that looks very flawless. It is decidedly eminent coverage and can be built up to broad. I never need a concealer with this and my red is in full concealed. If you ’ re not used to wearing a fortune of basis, this may appear heavy and you do look like you ’ rhenium wearing makeup. personally, I hush find it a lot more natural looking than early high coverage foundations ( that aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in shock absorber form ) .
Despite this, it doesn ’ thyroxine feel big on your skin nor have a flat flatness finish – what you typically associate with high coverage foundations. This is quite lightweight for the amount of coverage you get and has the arrant kind of velvet, satin complete. Your skin looks balmy but beaming as opposed to dewy .
This does have a perfumed scent which reminds me of soap/body lave. It is quite noticeable for those who are sensitive to fragrance but I think it ’ mho pleasant and way better than the off-putting watermelon/cucumber spirit of the YSL cushion .
What truly impressed me was its retentive clothing time. You can easily get 8-10 hours wear of this still looking very good and high coverage, even when it does wear away a little. It has minimal pause down, and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bring patchy and cling to certain areas of your face. I get a little bit bunching around the sides of my nose but nothing actually drastic. My face typically get dehydrated toward the end of the day and this is first noticeable on my kuki area as foundation garment gets sucked in and emphasises lots of short bumps but this doesn ’ t do that and calm feels in truth comfortable on the clamber. My natural oils on my t-zone come through by noon but I look bedewed as opposed to feeling greasy because there international relations and security network ’ t excess oil that is besides coming from the shock absorber .
I ’ m truly happy with this Lancome Teint Idole Ultra shock absorber and in truth find it far victor to the YSL Fusion Ink cushion. The best things about this are its longevity, high gear coverage that has a blur effect and its comfortable, light rule that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffocate the bark. It neither dries me out or makes me besides oily sol I think it would work with a lot of skin types, specially those that shy off from bedewed cushions .

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