Hello my lovelies , Always fear losing your lovely haircloth strands each sidereal day ? Hair-fall is one of the major concerns that bothers every womanhood. At times it becomes very difficult to treat such hard hair-fall and we keep on losing our confidence each day. I am going to review a merchandise today that is going to help all of you if you are facing the hair-fall issue. besides note that this is not a perfect solution ; hair-fall is besides caused by taking a draw of tension or change in hormones. This is fair an alternative which will help you lessen hair-fall to an extent. Let ’ s read more about this one .

Price: Rs 249 for 90 milliliter. Product Description By L’oreal: Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Tonic delivers a ternary anti-hair fall action .

  • Nourishes the hair root
  • Restructures hair fibre, reduces breakage
  • Hair grows stronger
  • Your hair is more resistant to external aggression and looks good and healthy.

Directions To Use: For a full-head application use one drug of tonic according to the scale on the pack. lightly massage the scalp with your fingers to activate micro-circulation. This pop can be applied on dry equally well as dampen hair. Do not rinse .

My Experience With L’oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Leave-In Tonic:

I found my new best friend for my foe. What I mean to say is that I found this product for my worst nightmare that is my hair-fall.
The promotion is the best so far what I have seen with tonics. It comes in a sleek black bottle which is palm-sized. The bootleg has been paired up with metallic night pink which added to that glam quotient. Because of the petite size, it is easy to carry in-case you have to. It comes with a beak point which is extremely commodious to use ; it helps us to apply the serum directly on the scalp with the needed quantity lone .
The tonic is clear like water ; so of class the consistency is watery and hence do not squeeze the bottle a bunch during application or it will fall on your clothes. The tonic immediately gets absorbed into the scalp. I massage it for 2-3 minutes so it perfectly penetrates into the hair. I have thin and limp hair hence after 2 of application my hair becomes a bit greasy on the scalp, but I do not mind washing them. What I like about this is that is a leave-in bracing and hence there is no worry that oh my God it been 30 minutes, so now I have to go and wash it .
You can keep it all day long and it won ’ triiodothyronine damage you. The bouquet is ace celestial and you will actually feel like you are standing in some perfume shop. Although the smell is not over-powering it is more on a fresh side. But my hair’s-breadth loves the smell and it never smells bad or sweaty. The aroma stays till the meter you wash your hair .

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now coming to the most significant claim ; that is HAIR-FALL. What I have to say is that it did not stop my hair fall wholly. But it did reduce it to a very beneficial extent and now I do not have to worry about it because I am losing a normal issue of strands each day that is 8-10 .
The one who did this is arginine ; the main part of the tonic. Okay I had to research about arginine, because I am not an encyclopedia lol. This give voice was new to me then had to find what it was. I will state the integral thing in few words. Arginine is an amino acid that the torso naturally has and can be consumed through diet, but its deificiency leads to certain issues to the body and one of them is hair-fall. So the tonic basically supplements arginine to the torso reducing hair fall. This is cheaper but does exploit and does what it claims. It reduced my hair fall and made them stronger. I have seen when I pull out my elastic rubber band a very few strands come out american samoa compared to earlier, hence it besides makes the hair stronger and prevent breakage by external aggression .
So it is a total thump up for this one, guys do try it out. You can see for yourselves how it works .

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Pros of L’oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Leave-In Tonic:

  • The packaging is super convenient; the best part being the nozzle which lets us apply the tonic directly to the scalp
  • The bottle looks glam in black and metallic dark pink shade
  • The tonic is very reasonable priced and lasts for half a month to 20 days because it has to be applied daily
  • The tonic is just like water so gets absorbed easily in the scalp
  • It is a leave-in tonic so I guess it may do the work over-night as I apply it while going to the bed
  • The fragrance is heavenly and completely perfumed; your hair is going to smell like a Vicotria’s secret shop
  • It did reduce my hair fall to a very good extent and I am glad that I got this
  • It brings hair fall to a very normal level that is 9-10 strands a day
  • Might give better results if used with the entire range

Cons of L’oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Leave-In Tonic:

  • My hair are very thin hence it makes my hair look greasy after 2 days of application (okay I think its my fault 😉 because my hair are thin and limp)
  • Will Not completely stop hair fall; fall repair shouldn’t have been the tag
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Will I Repurchase/Recommend Loreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Leave-In Tonic?
Yes I will recommend this one. I was stuck on livon hair gain tonic because that helped me a draw excessively. But I think this is the smaller and cheaper sibling of the livon one. Guys if you have hair fall issues then give this a prospect. I wouldn ’ metric ton give a confirmation of solving the problem because the haircloth fall and haircloth type differs from person to person, but this will help you out somewhere or the other .
Conclusion: Do not expect it to wholly cure your hair fall issues. But of course will give you my exercise, I used to lose around 30 strands of hair each day and like that I would be bald in a year ( merely kidding ). Okay but obviously not bald, but the hair-fall was chilling. now I lose around only 10 strands a day which seems pretty normal. So it will not stop hair descent entirely but it will reduce it to a flush where you will not have to worry about losing loads of hair. Note the other thing, the main freak for hair fall is stress. Lower down the stress level and you will surely see a remainder ( Talking from my know ) .

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