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Get ready to discover the best kept secret of Kundalini yoga. It’s called the “P-Set” because you need to have a fruit that starts with the letter “P” while you’re doing it, so make sure you stock up before starting this challenge. Pears, pineapple slices, and plums are some of the fan favorites. Practice this kriya every day this spring to completely heal your metabolism. This means you’ll lose weight, get back in amazing shape, and alleviate problems with your system (no matter how much damage it’s done to you in the past). #GuruJagat — FOLLOW GURU JAGAT: Instagram: Facebook: ►Subscribe to Reality Riffing: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – ► Subscribe to Guru Jagat’s channel here:

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Kundalini Yoga: The Set You MUST Do This Spring 2018
Kundalini Yoga: The Set You MUST Do This Spring 2018

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Kundalini Yoga: The Set You MUST Do This Spring 2018.

master set kundalini yoga.

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44 thoughts on “Kundalini Yoga: The Set You MUST Do This Spring 2018 | In general, the content is about master set kundalini yoga the most complete

  1. Guillermo Dozal says:

    None for your exercises had to do with the three and a half vertebral spirals, yet you call your presentation kundalini yoga. Isn’t there something wrong here? Yogi Bhajan didn’t teach spirals and you never asked why not.

  2. Fuiape says:

    Thank you so much! Does anybody know if I can share my P fruit with my mom? I think she needs it but doesn't wants to do the heavy part of the set

  3. Violet V says:

    This is my second year doing this kriya all through March! It’s a fun new tradition to welcome spring and get more toned for summer! Is this kriya also recommended for April as well? Or is 40 days recommended?

  4. Satyajot says:

    Wow thank u so much ! I know it’s not spring but I have been trying them all, so grateful for all of your content, how you share this for us all. So we can be love, thank u 🙏🏼. Each day I do it my mind body and soul are more connected and the healing process has begun!! Sat Nam☀️💫💫💫

  5. Metanhar Singh says:

    Why you call yourself GURU ? — please stop it – with your sexual abuser Yogi Bhajan – make not promotion for him – he is dirty and a fraud – yogi bhajan is a BIG FRAUD!

    Dear pseudo Sikh, or Kundalini sect followers – better name. I am not a Punjabi Sikh – African Sikh – for me there is only Guru Granth Sahib!

    It's all about the big money – it's not about knowledge and reflection, because then you would not practice this self-developed sect pseudo Sikh tradition and still feel good about it. To offend others and our Guru like this – you are so far removed from the Khalsa – in your arrogance.

    you give each other names we would never give each other and call them spiritual names – that alone is ridiculous!

    You offend our beliefs with almost every move and your parties – the guru is just one thing with you – to give the contentless stuff more content, but it's only for show – otherwise you would not humiliate and disrespect our Guru Granth Sahib .

    You are practicing a self-creation of a guy we find extremely dangerous and exploitative.

    Your 3H0 is basically just an OSHO concept in white – instead of red.

    Yogi Bhajan has our guru and our 10 gurus in the background and a substitute Hindu religion in the foreground.

    Then the Yogi Sikh consider themselves to be the better Khalsa or the fulfillment of the Khalsa, which dishonors our 10 Guru and Guru Granth Sahib – by hanging the stupid pictures of the bird Yogi Bhajan.

    Your spiritual exploitation and fooling is one thing.

    But to do it with our guru and get rich on it in that ugly way is disgusting!

    No matter if Hare Krishna, Yogi Bhajan or Osho / Bhagwan – it was all about the money and otherwise the whole thing is just money machine and you are so far away from inner awakening or similar –

    Whoever has to put himself above others in this arrogance has ZERO spirituality or something similar.

    We are basically with – like the church back then – who wants to buy a place in heaven!

    Shame on yourselves to abuse our Guru Granth Sahib and our teaching in such a way – you are just arrogant white self-satisfied arrogant aloof space fraudsters – you deceive yourself with hypocrisy and insult our Guru GRanth Sahib with almost every action.

  6. Lindsay Collins says:

    The only thing I experienced after doing this class is a sore lower back. What a bunch of nonsense.

  7. Rebekah: says:

    Uuuuh….have any of you actually ever witnessed a horse galloping??. You're closer to a renagade sloth there kiddos. In good hearted humor.

  8. Eiva L'uscita says:

    I am welcoming the changes that comes through kundalini practice, it's so strengthening for the inner muscles, the inner structure – nerves, bones, glands, respiratory system..all encompassing. thank you, Guru Jagat.

  9. Wheneagles Fly says:

    There's this energy about you – well grounded, a force to reckon with, and a life lived often lived from the below the your head.

  10. Dan Johnson says:

    Then proceeds to Google another yoga video to stretch out hip flexor destroyed during popcorn jumps.

  11. Mushroom Boss says:

    That was something else! 2018 has been bringing great things. Through my suffering i find things like this that are a blessing. The tribal drums through the set was something i resonated very well with. THANK YOU!

  12. Lynn Stewart says:

    Started this yesterday and love it. Others also wonder how long to do the challenge for – did anyone get an answer? Or how long did you do it for? I was going to do this set for 7 days then move on to a different one. I'm not sure I could do this for longer than 7 days. Even with modifications, it's pretty challenging on my back and knees.

  13. Dina Felix says:

    Thanks for this wonderful kriya! Who sings you are the sustainer? And who played the rhythmic drums for the jumping horse set?

  14. Stephanie Barton says:

    What an awesome kriya, super challenging and empowering! Cannot wait to see how my body, heart, mind, and spirit shift over the course of practicing it. I also have to add, pineapple has NEVER tasted so good:) Sat Nam

  15. naja nefertiti says:

    thanks you so much for this challenging Kirya , have a question , for how long do we have to do it , is it a month or less or more ?! Namaste

  16. chiara lodovica de lucia says:

    Sat Nam Guru Jagat, I m totally in love with this set. So far I did 11 days, I was wondering how many days is the challenge??? It's so beautiful to end the set with the seeding meditation, love it deeply. Sat Nam! <3

  17. Monika Schneider says:

    Thank you so much. My mood is uplifting, feel more balanced.detoxreaction diarrhoea kind symptoms possible?it's great.i just love it. Happy Easter🍐🍐🍐

  18. Susan B. Walker says:

    Beautiful empress of the nightgown, thank you for telling us what to do!!! I'm so lifted by this practice. Sat Nam! Eternal blessings to you and the Ra Ma temple maidens. xoxoxox

  19. Deena_De says:

    Thank you so much for this practice. I'm afraid I'm a bit out of shape and am still sore from starting this yesterday. Would it be ok to alternate this kryia with the "Master your Domain" kryia until, I felt strong enough to do one completely? Will still eat the fruit every day though 😋

  20. mustangally says:

    Can you please tell me the name of the singer whose music you played during shavasana? Sat nam. 🙏🏼

  21. A W says:

    I've been having the opposite problem, where I have trouble eating and keeping food down. I hope this helps me. I trust that trying it will at least restore some harmony within myself…

  22. Sol Inspired says:

    Oh wow my sciatic nerve has been an issue for me for years I hope this will help me get in better shape. I'm going to incorporate this.

  23. Tania Swain says:

    Thank you for putting this out again. I did this kriya last year with RAMA and experienced incredible results. Starting today🍐🍍🍑

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