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Abundance, Prosperity & Flow States


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🧘🏼‍♀️ Let go of the limiting beliefs that prevent you from accessing the life you deserve Journey through the Chakras Level 2: TRANSFORMATION 💗 This Kundalini Kriya for opportunity and green energy attracts opportunities and opens the heart center, Anahata Chakra . It allows you to approach prosperity from the awareness of love, abundance, and the plane of attraction. When you can feel your connection to the universe, you can easily enter the state of flow and attract everything you need to live a full life. ⭐️GIVEAWAY⭐️ Sacred initiation to a secret Kundalini technique: 💌 Join our mailing list, connect with us and receive exclusive offers ✅ SIGN UP TO SUPPORT FREE YOGA ONLINE 🔔 Don’t forget to click the bell to enable post notifications ! ONLINE COURSE ✨ Lifetime access 💝 Start anytime 🙏 Grow at your own pace 🌸 ➡️ 🌈 Journey Through Chakras: 🥰 Journey Through Emotions: 🔱 Kriya Master – Online Kundalini Workshop: 🌱 Ri.Viva (Italian Only): FREE 30 DAY PROGRAMS 🐍 30 Day Kundalini Transformation: 🌬 30 Day Pranayama Breathing Routine: FREE 10 DAY CHALLENGES Essence: ༄ 5 Tibetan Rites: ☀️ Solar Transformation: MEMBERS ACCESS ADVANCED PRACTICES AND CONTENT EXCLUSIVE 💫 YouTube Membership: 🎁 Patreon: OUR FAVORITE BOOKS AND SUPPLEMENTS 🍄 🙏 Thank you for sharing your practice with us! 🙏 Website: Workshops: Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Donate via PayPal: We appreciate all your support! Andre and Clelia 🙏🥰 ************************************************* *** ********** Great books that inspired our teachings: ♥ Yogic Philosophy “The Heart of Yoga”: ♥ Kundalini and Chakras “Kundalini Tantra”: “Practical Psychology of Yoga”: ♥ Understanding and Working with the Emotions “Letting go”: “Non-violent communication”: “Eastern body, Western mind”: ♥ Tantric philosophy “Shakti Rising”: “The yoga of Kashmir Shaivism”: “Jewel in the lotus”: ♥ Yogi Bhajan Kundalini “Introduction to Kundalini Yoga”: “Sexuality and Spirituality”: “The Aquarius Teacher” (Teacher’s Manual): ♥ Our favorite “JADE” natural rubber yoga mat: All of the above are affiliate links, which means that any Any purchase you make through these links will also support Andrew and Clelia to get new gear for the channel, at no additional cost to you! 🥰 ***************************************************** *** * **** ****** ~DISCLAIMER~ Remember that yoga is a spiritual practice with the primary intention of expanding consciousness and experiencing liberation. The supposed physical benefits are just secondary side effects and may or may not occur for all practitioners. Not all practices are suitable for everyone. If you are unsure whether a practice is safe and appropriate for you, consult a qualified spiritual advisor and medical professional before attempting such a practice. By participating in this practice or exercise program, you agree to do so at your own risk, to participate voluntarily in these activities, to assume all risk of injury, and to agree to release Refeel Yoga from any claim or cause. of action, known or unknown, arising out of Refeel Yoga’s negligence.

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Kundalini Yoga | Abundance, Prosperity & Flow States | Opportunity and Green Energy Set
Kundalini Yoga | Abundance, Prosperity & Flow States | Opportunity and Green Energy Set

Abundance, Prosperity & Flow States , Then you can look for more articles that Usa Kairali update continuously right below

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Kundalini Yoga | Abundance, Prosperity & Flow States | Opportunity and Green Energy Set.

master set kundalini yoga.

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41 thoughts on “Kundalini Yoga | Abundance, Prosperity & Flow States | Opportunity and Green Energy Set | Summary of the most complete master set kundalini yoga content

  1. Rozy Katna says:

    This class is such a wonderful class. Thank you so much. I would like to share one of my experiences during this yoga. while doing yoga where we expand our hands and we do feel that energy is flowing from left to right and creating an arch overhead… I was feeling the energy in my head(Right side) is it a good thing or I am doing something wrong?

  2. Dominique says:

    beautiful class andrew <3 thank you for being you <3 feeling blessed and grounded. Love and light & namasté <3

  3. Jean-Philip Lavoie says:

    This Kundalini Yoga help me in that heartbreak period that i am in, where's the energy of love have i have for someone can't find his route throught her…Stuck with that energy, and to make sure it doesn't turn toxic, i have to get it moving. Times will make it better, as at the end of this relationship, i'll find other paths to make that energy going out. Thank You, Namaste ❤

  4. allison saldana says:

    thank u for being the best teacher! this class helped me release energy in my heart that I didn't need for new opportunities <3

  5. Melissa Milford says:

    I so love this practice, deep gratitude for delivering such an uplifting and energising practice. Thank you.

  6. mel Wills says:

    Lovely, lovely class Andrew thank you…. l have lots to learn but the experience of lightness was there. Many thanks and may you have a beautiful day🙏🏻🌳☀️💕

  7. Spontaneous OM Symbol On Crown Chakra says:

    Yoga Gurus like you helped me to awaken my Kundalini. Not only this, the Symbol of Crown Chakra i.e. AUM has appeared on my Crown Chakra (Upper Forehead). Thank you……….

  8. Casey Hay says:

    It’s so strangely wonderful that a physical practice can make me feel so much love, gratitude, and empathy. Truly radiant and beautiful

  9. Em Jay says:

    That was great and challenging and releasing. Needed that, also need a new 10 or 30 day challenge 😉

  10. Paulina Ilijew says:

    I love it a lot, Thank you so much Andrew for doing this kryia for us 💚⭐️❤️

  11. Anado Akuma says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful class! I did it in the morning now and I feel so blessed now, Love and gratitude from North Germany! ^_^

  12. cathie bernhard says:


  13. Ashley Zombro says:

    I have to say: I love your dresser and decor!! And that “difficult pose”- with the left heel in at our base, just felt soo grounding and Secure/healing for me!! It was very balancing for the pelvic area… namaste 🙏🏼 to you! Have a Blessed & beautiful 🤩 day!

  14. Ashley Graham-Smith says:

    Amazing class Andrew! Thank you for being a great teacher/ morning workout partner! ✨🙏💕

  15. Vicky Jordaens says:

    Andrew thank you for this practice, could use them well. Had so much energy afterwards.

  16. Shelley Doyle says:

    Thank you Andrew. Off the back of this class I have felt quite emotional today. My family is about to go through a huge move and to be honest I haven't felt all that emotional about it – until now. I believe it's important to let feelings emerge, acknowledge change, and to be mindful of the impact on everyone – including myself. Thank you for helping me to remember this today

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