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The Kundalini Yoga class taught by Yogi Bhajan featured the participation of Roxy Leigh. Enjoy! Bluemillenium Music – The Tale of the Magic Fish

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Kriya of Elevation
Kriya of Elevation

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6 thoughts on “Kriya of Elevation | All content about kriya for elevation most complete

  1. Christine Wohlleben says:

    Thank you! I was short of time to do the practice with the longer holds so I was ecstatic to be guided through this version! It meant I got my practice in and still had time to get ready for work. Sat Nam

  2. Christie Roberts says:

    Roxy, I am new to this and you used some words (body areas) I am not familiar with. Where can I get a book with yoga terminology in it. I watched sitting at my desk which is not conducive to doing poses. Is your video on DVD? I hope. I love every bit of it, but can't do it in my office/laundry room. My chiro, Santokh Singh Khalsa said I should do Kriya Elevation and the Kirtan Kriya meditation (I have not been able to locate it on audio) too. Hoping you are able to help me. Christie

  3. Jen Bastian says:

    That was excellent Roxy, thank you so much! You describe each transition so clearly and with such positive energy. I really needed this practice today! Sat Nam!

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