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This kriya is excellent as a warm-up and tune-up. Systematically exercises the spine and helps the circulation of praana to balance the chakras. 1. Sit in easy pose. Extend your arms at a 60-degree angle from horizontal, palms facing forward. Wrap your fingertips in the pads of your palm just below the base of your fingers. Extend your thumbs. Tilt your wrists so your thumbs point up and your other fingers are parallel to the floor. Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. To end: take a deep breath and hold your breath by bringing the tips of your thumbs together above your head. Then exhale and apply the MulBandh. Briefly hold your breath. Then inhale and relax. 2. Sitting in an easy pose, grab your shins with both hands. Deep breathing. As you inhale, flex your spine forward. As you exhale, bend your spine back, keeping your shoulders relaxed and your head up. 1-3 minutes. To end: Inhale, exhale and relax. 3. In easy pose, place your hands on your shoulders, arms parallel to the floor, thumbs back, fingers forward. Inhale as you twist your head and torso to the left. Exhale as you twist to the right. 1-3 minutes. To finish: Inhale, looking towards you, exhale and relax. 4. Stretch both legs out in front of you. Grasp the big toe of each foot, locking your index finger around the toe and pressing your thumb against the nail. If you can’t reach your toes, grab your ankles. Inhale and stretch your spine straight, pulling your toes in and keeping your knees straight. Exhale and lean forward, lowering your elbows to the ground and your head toward your knees. 1-3 minutes. To end: Inhale and briefly hold your breath. Stand tall and exhale fully, briefly holding your breath. Inhale and relax. 5. Sit on your right heel with your left leg stretched out in front of you. Grasp the big toe of the left foot with both hands, applying pressure against the toenail. Bring your elbows to the ground and your head to your knees. Breath of Fire for 1-2 minutes. To end: Inhale. Exhale and stretch your head and torso forward and down. Briefly hold your breath. Inhale and switch legs. Repeat the exercise using the opposite side. Relax. 6. Spread your legs wide apart, grabbing your toes as in part 4. If you can’t reach your toes, grab your ankles. Inhale and stretch your right spine, pulling through your toes. Exhale and, bending at the waist, bring your head back to your left knee. Inhale in a central position and exhale bringing your head towards your right knee. 1-2 minutes. To End: Then inhale up to the center position and exhale, bending forward from the waist, touching your forehead to the floor. Continue this up and down motion for 1 minute, then inhale up, stretching your spine straight. Exhale as you lower your forehead to the ground. Briefly hold your breath as you stretch forward and down. Inhale and relax. 7. Lie on your stomach with your palms flat on the floor below your shoulders. The heels are joined with the soles of the feet facing up. Inhale into cobra pose, arching your spine, vertebra by vertebra, from your neck to the base of your spine until your arms are straight with your elbows locked. Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. To finish: Inhale as you arch your spine as far as you can. Exhale and briefly hold your breath, apply MulBandh. Inhale. As you slowly exhale, lower your arms and relax your spine, vertebra by vertebra, from the base of your spine up. Relax, lying on your stomach, chin on the floor and arms at your sides. 8. Sit in easy pose. Place your hands on your knees. Inhale and lift your shoulders towards your ears. Exhale and drop your shoulders for 1-2 minutes. To end: Inhale, exhale and relax. 9. Sit in easy pose. Begin rotating your neck clockwise in a circular motion, bringing your right ear to your right shoulder, the back of your head to the back of your neck, your left ear to your left shoulder, and your chin towards the chest. The shoulders remain relaxed and still and gently stretch the neck as the head turns. Inhale as your head moves back, exhale as your head moves forward. 1 to 2 minutes on each side. To finish: Bring your head back to the center position and relax. 10. Sat Kriya. Sit on your heels, stretch your arms above your head so that your elbows hug your ears. Palms together. Start chanting “Sat Nam” emphatically at a steady pace about 8 times every 10 seconds. Chant the sound “Sat” from the tip of the navel and the solar plexus, and draw the navel up towards the spine. On “Nam”, release the navel. 3-7 minutes. To finish: Inhale and contract your gluteal muscles as you raise your back up to your shoulder. Mentally allow the energy to flow through the top of your head. Exhale. Inhale deeply. Exhale fully and apply MulBandh with a held breath. Inhale and relax. 11. Relax in easy pose or on your back with your arms at your sides and palms up.

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Kriya for elevation
Kriya for elevation

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Kriya for elevation.

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kriya for elevation.

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