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Join me this week for my step-by-step Korean skincare protocol using Sculplla and Dr. Hydrtox to reduce the look of those deep lines! Today, I am only focusing on our Korean beauty products. Korean skin care products are known to be the cream of the crop in the beauty industry, and these products reflect that in every way! The Complete Korean Skincare Protocol: Dr. Esthé Moisture Cleansing Gel: Hydrotox GlowMax Daily Skin Renewal System: Dr. Esthé Hyal-Moisture Solution Ampoule: Caviplla Premier Caviar & O2 Multi Serum: Time Master Pro: Sculplla Promoter Repair Cell Moisturizer: Sculplla H2 Repair Eye Cream Promoter: Sculplla H2 Repair Cushion SPF 50: Sculplla H2 Stem-Cell Mist: JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! Follow us on Instagram: Join our FB group: CONTACT US TO SUPPORT! Speak directly to our skin care experts – Give us a call! (916)249-2121 – Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time

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Korean Skin Care | Step-By-Step Sculplla Protocol

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Korean Skin Care | Step-By-Step Sculplla Protocol.

le mieux bio cell rejuvenating cream.

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24 thoughts on “Korean Skin Care | Step-By-Step Sculplla Protocol | Overview of the most detailed relevant contents le mieux bio cell rejuvenating cream

  1. Linda Virgilio says:

    I’m a ‘you do you’ gal! So no judgement from me. I do and have done botox and filler in addition the fabulous skin care products. I have found (for me) that gravity wins over my filler results. So I don’t use filler anymore (except for a bit in my lips). So I’m lifting, massaging, RFing, MNing, and LEDing! It’s fun! It feels great! And I’m worth it! ❤️ The devices from Amazon (I’ve bought those too) are junk. They are ineffective toys. Save and invest! The TMP is holy grail for me. I just turned 60, but few can guess my age. Jeana is a great teacher! 😘

  2. 1383rm says:

    Hi Jeana. Can I use RejudCare Synergy 2CRM+ with the Sculplla Cavipla system? This product has Vitamin C & E- skin balancing Anti-wrinle serum.

  3. Ilka Siegmund says:

    Great video!!! Thank you! Just wondering, I have the M.G.F. Renewal Solution. Can I use that instead of the Hyal? Thank you!

  4. Beth Anderson says:

    Can you use the is clinical cleansing complex or neogenesis cleanser, neogenesis recovery or osmosis stemfactor, is clinical active serum, the caviplla serum, then the promoter repair cell moisturizer or the sorrella blueberry moisturizer? 26 years old and going through the last couple months of pregnancy, skin is very sensitive to breakouts and prone to dryness.

  5. carley renee says:

    so with the time master pro, you don’t have to use the promoter collagen gel for the glide? you can use pretty much any serum or mist?

  6. Dan S says:

    your products are way too expensive…the upcharge on those things must be terrible…for what you charge a person can purchse a full body sculpting 40k or 80k 6 or 8 in one machine with RF, cavitation and the whole nine yards..or a microcurrent machine and for all the products you used cost a person could buy both!..sheesh! Also. is that stem cell mist and other products you are using creulty free? From what I have seen in many countries they do not have any respect for their animals and other creatures…

  7. Martha Stewart says:

    I was looking at the system on your website and I see that the Sculplla Promoter Repair Cell Moisturizer is no longer acne safe. I’ve never used it but was very interested in the system when I finish up other products I don’t have a big problems with acne just some products will cause a breakout. What do you think?

  8. Lisa Vento says:

    ok, my daughter is a diabetic and what i do know is that if you do not put AIR BACK IN THE BOTTLE that you TAKE OUT, the vacuum can be way too much…so…?

  9. Amanda Wormer says:

    Just wondering- since I don’t have the TMP, can I use my Curve on the ultrasound setting to get the cavi to penetrate the skin better?

  10. Judie Barr says:

    hiJeana, I am new to your channel and I am 72yo. can. you recommend cleanser and vit c products

  11. Carolyn Brackett says:

    I spent a lot of money on Sculplla and had no results at all. Be cautious before spending money on these products.

  12. Sue Mcconniel says:

    I thought I heard you say Sculplla used on its own does amazing things so you were doing a straight up demonstration on how to use the Sculplla system, step by step with the TMP.
    Yeah you mentioned other things in the beginning but then I heard Sculplla on it's own….too many products for me. My skin seems to do better with less, so.

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